Random Encounters

"We're here to teach you a less-" snarled the Nord, bringing his hands up to pull out his massive two-sided battleaxe. He was cut off by the Altmer stepping up to him and grabbing the straps of his iron armour, pulling it up a little and cutting off his windpipe.
"Not... now!" she yelled. "I have travelled from Solitude to Riften, been attacked by a sabertooth tiger, a pack of wolves, a group of bandits and an assassin! I am not in the mood to deal with you right now! So piss off and come back later!" She dropped the straps and walked away, allowing him to breathe again. His two companions, similarly clad in armour, watched with interest.
The Nord snarled and drew his axe, swinging it around his head and running after her. He was about to bring it smashing down on her head when the Altmer swung a fist cloaked in flames directly into his face. He howled and collapsed. The other two fled without a second thought.
The Altmer bent and removed a folded slip of paper from his pocket marked 'Contract'. She opened it and read the short note, sighing.
"I hate random encounters," she said bitterly, then turned from his prone body and walked away into the brush.

I hate random encounters. So very, very much.