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Warning: There will be yaoi, cussing, lemon, violence, and mpreg.

For good five years, being Danny Phantom has never been easier than I ever thought in my lifetime. It was hard to control my ghostly powers and not exactly simple to explain to my friends and my sister, Jazz. They have been there and had my back when I needed them to, but my life has been a total mess. If it weren't for Sam's obvious point out on practicing my powers often, I would have never gotten much control. Tucker helped me out during my awkward puberty time, especially when I accidentally had ghostly wail with voice breaking change and man, I totaled my car. It took five weeks to get that car fixed!

Jazz managed to help me pass high school in her last year of high school and managed to survive a lot better. Mr. Lancer was breathing down my neck overall, "you skip, ditch, miss class, you come in for detention for one hour to make it up" sort of crap.

So, being Phantom hadn't been easy when ghost shows up and last year, I discovered a new power…duplication. It was like…why couldn't have I learned this before? It would have helped me out so much in the beginning of high school and secret identity cover. I was able to use it during last two years of high school and oh, yeah, at my café job. I finally felt happier to keep a job while fighting ghost, until I can't keep a ghost out of the café job.

Here, people come in for their typical hot beverage and one of those small dessert as snack. We held brownies, cookies, and bread that are like really sweet tasting with cinnamon flavor on top of it. I take the customers' order once they sit down and of course, something changed a few days ago. A man, who has silver hair with a suit came in, ordered honey coffee with pecan cookie, and just reads the newspaper. Every time he came in the room, it felt a new atmosphere and I tried to check to see if the man overshadowed, I checked by his eyes.

Oh, man…his eyes was deep blue and something about his eyes has caught my attention the most. I was confident it wasn't a ghost shadowing him and considered the man to be a regular customer by day three. He came in and I smiled to see the man here.

"So, your usual order, sir?" I asked.

He set his newspaper on his lap, "Yes, please, could you make the coffee extra-large and an extra cookie please? I'm not going anywhere for a couple of hours, so I might as well relax for today.

I blinked a couple of times and nodded, "Sure, I'll make sure of that. Anything else, sir?" I smiled.

His head shook and gave back a smile, "No, that is all. Take your time on the order," He kindly gave a small nod.

I gleefully smiled and wrote down his usual order as I headed over to the behind the counter worker to take care of the order. My ears picked up the bell chimes which I can always hear half a mile away. My head turned over to the customers and my heart dropped instantly. Well…my core. My heart died when I went into the ghost portal.

I turned away and hurried over to my customers that finished up on their cookies and handed their receipts. Suddenly, an arm rested around me and felt a rough kiss onto my cheek.

"Hey, I miss you, baby. Now, are you comin' over to my house tonight or what?" He asked.

"Dash! I told you, we're over! Now leave." I hissed.

He groped me closer and forced me to sit down at the empty table. His supposed 'buddies' joined along with us.

"Oh, hell, we're not over, Daniella. You're mine and don't you ever forget it. Besides, I don't remember saying we're done for good."

I growled, "You know I hate that!" Honestly, I'm a man and he treats me like a slutty girl, "We're over, Dash." I rushed out of his hold and went over to the counter.

I took care of the silver hair man's order and set them down for him. I smiled at him and he nodded for exchange of thank you. I felt my ex's arm leaning on my shoulders.

"Fine, baby. If it's the nickname, I'll stop. Now, would you come to my house tonight or what?" Dash begged, roughly.

There was an alarm going off in my head and I decided to walk away quickly. Dash snatched my wrist and I tried to jerk him off without. My sensitive sensing turned on its alert and I noticed Dash was about to pound me. Aw, crap. Really? While I work and let people see the weak me? My eyes shut quickly and prepared for his typical hits. I waited…waiting…nothing was happening.

"Get your damn hands off my boyfriend. NOW." The man…protected me?

My eyes opened and saw my new customer defending me? Dash glared at the man and the silver hair dude held my ex's fist. Dash did what the man asked and the suited man yanked Dash at least a few feet away. Dash's buddies hurried over to make sure he wasn't hurt or anything. The man came up to me and he made sure I wasn't hurt on my wrist or my neck due to Dash's brutal actions.

"Are you alright, Danny?" The silver hair man asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, but you didn't have to go against him." I sheepishly smiled, "I would have made him missed it."

The man shook his head, "No, you shouldn't have to go through with this. Come on, let's get you out of here and away from him." He glared back at Dash.

I stammered, "I-I can't. I'm working-"

"-I own the company. I'll cover for your job. Come on, Danny. You need a day off since you've been working here for more than three days obviously." He insisted.

"Stubborn, aren't you?" I blinked.

He chuckled, "Well, I want my boyfriend in safe zone for his work. Come on, I'll take you to my work and if you find a job you like, it's yours."

I sighed, "Fine." I wasn't too sure if this was a pretend or to keep Dash away.

Honestly, this man has attracted me more than ever. He had a mysterious appearance on him and he softly held my hand while holding a cup of coffee in the other. We walked out of the place and Dash had his eyes against my spine. One thing for sure, I knew it wouldn't be the last time I'd see him.

The man, who's been my customers for more than three days, has gotten me onto my day vacation out of nowhere. He owns the café I worked at? It would make sense why he came to check in his business, but why didn't he say anything? Or was he supervising or making sure his loyal employees doing what they're supposed to do?

In less than a minute, a stretch limo followed up on the side of the road and the man gestured me into the limo. My eyes widened to find out this man had to be loaded somehow, but I wasn't going to take him for granted. I nodded and hopped into the limo with admiration. The style was very rich modern and comfortable. The silver hair man set down his coffee cup in the cup holder and placed his arm around my shoulders at his comfort.

"Danny, do you know who I am?" The man asked.

I turned to him and shook my head, "Uh, no. If you're on the news or something, I've been studying a lot." I chuckled nervously.

He hummed softly, "My name is Vlad Masters." He hold off for a second, "Ever since Monday, I've been…attracted to you." He smiled.

Vlad Masters….Vlad Masters, it had a ring to it, but I couldn't place my finger on it why. I nodded along.

"I'm Danny." I smiled, "But still don't know anything about you, sorry." I was being honest, I mean…for a superhero like me don't have much time to get into news or popularity or the riches.

He chuckled, "That's fine. By the way, how old are you?"


"And are you comfortable being gay?"

I sighed, "You're going to fire me, aren't you?" Great, I can't get a job without having to worry about being gay or worse, being Phantom.

He chuckled, "No, actually, I'm interested in you, Daniel…mind if I call you that?"

My head shook, "No, but most people call me Danny…except for the idiot ex-boyfriend." I muttered why did I date a former bully?

Vlad hummed out of curious, but did he hear that? Normally, no one can pick it up and wonder if he has or not.

"I supposed he is an idiot because he doesn't care much other than himself." Vlad scoffed.

I blinked and agreed with him quickly. Vlad seemed to be a reasonable man and understanding too.

"Anyway, Daniel, I'd like date to you. Since I first met you at your work the first day, I did enjoy our conversation of Amity Park and its perquisites. For some reasons, I grew attracted to you and wanted you desperately. So, I debated on showing up to your work every day, but I didn't expect you came out of the relationship so suddenly." Vlad explained a lot.

I blinked and couldn't believe I put a good impression for someone to crush on me. Seriously, he's like…my type almost. He's older than me, got fine blue eyes I have ever seen, wears a sexy suit right here, and he's so…stubborn. I had to see his insight on one thing.

"Ah, actually, I've been out of that relationship for a month now and he just has a habit of being an idiot." I chuckled, "So, I'm available to be taken anytime." I yammered, "Um, just curious, what's your perspective on Danny Phantom?" I bit my lip nervously.

Vlad grew a bigger smile to find out I was single and his attention really turned around a lot.

"Hm, I supposed the famous ghost hero is earned by respect by trying to be a hero in the best effort he can. It seems to me he has a past of trying to save others, so he naturally does it to help himself for our world. Honestly, the world hasn't noticed some of the clues when he was 'evil' when his eyes weren't neon green. Of course, it seems to me he likes being a hero after battling to protect people on his own honor." Vlad was serious.

Damn, he's into ghosts…I just knew it. Maybe dating him wouldn't be so bad after all, but I wasn't too sure overall got double identity thing around him. He probably has secrets of his own too…seriously, why does his name remind me so much? Have someone mentioned or blabbed about him so much that I didn't pay attention to? Honestly, it's just a start of summer vacation since I finished sophomore year for college. Maybe I should worry about the job since I need to pay for my education and all, mom and dad have been trying so hard to cover for school, and I really appreciated for their input. Jazz managed to get a large scholarship to cover for at least three years of her college and she saved plenty of money for the last year of college. I wasn't too sure if dating would be an option for me.

"Impressive, not many people like Danny Phantom out of this town." I chuckled.

Vlad chuckled along, "I assumed you're a big fan of Phantom?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I-I mean, he saved my life a million times and I tried to give that back the same."

He admired that, "So, I assumed I passed your little test for dating approval?"

I smirked, "And I already like you more." Honestly, something about him got me feeling a bit thrilling.

His free arm groped me from my waist and slowly pulled me in closer to him. I giggled at his action and his arm rested on my shoulder has brushed my cheek. Damn, he's so good with his hands…whoa, was this a little fast or natural? I hardly know him, but that's what dating is all about. Right? Right? I wasn't too sure.

The limo driver rolled down the back window and Vlad glanced up to meet his worker's attention.

"Please, take us to my mansion here. Daniel here is coming home with me tonight." Vlad requested, "I'm calling a day off today, so I will inform my secretary on this."

The limo driver nodded and rolled up the window back up. Damn, he's taking a day off too? He can do that easily with everything, he does, but he owns a mansion in Amity Park? Gee, am I falling for a rich man who runs a café, has a mansion, and he respects Phantom? Was this a dream or what?

"So, what school, are you enrolled currently?" Vlad picked up some sort of special smartphone in his hand while looking at me.

"Uh, um, I'm attending at New York University."

He hummed, "Impressive, what's your major in your university?"

"Literature, I'm hitting up for journalist or author…I'm still deciding on careers."

Vlad smiled and he let me explained on why I chose the careers because of my decisions. It wasn't difficult to lie for more of the author reason, but at least Phantom gave me a better cover for it. Books were practically in these days and bunch of people were serious into reading. The ride wasn't long and I saw his humongous house, it was almost like a royal palace's castle! The garden work was beautiful and a couple of large ponds in front of the house. Not only that! In his ponds held beautiful fish swimming around. Today had to be a dream, it must be!

Vlad held my hand as we walked into his home. It was like entering to the biggest room of the place. It was so much to take in and complete shocked to see so…real. A fancy chandelier that had diamond, electrical candles, and very lovely pearls to its touch has held the room together, so much white blended with a hint of gold touch. It was a true artwork in this very room. He kept leading me along and I noticed there was a huge staircase that might go up at least ten feet in length or bigger possibly, but much like one of the place that a princess would have a high taste to, and made me admire its detail around here.

We kept walking around, I noticed several relaxing room or living room on how natural wood work has been put into, and so many books to see in this building. I even noticed the fireplace looked so cute for romance and simply imagined doing it with Vlad to snuggle up with. This has excited me the most. He kept walking and I was getting a sneak peek of the place. Man, I knew he was just rich. He had to be a millionaire at least…no, scratched that. A billionaire, no millionaire would have this huge place!

I spotted a large Terrance where it's a perfect place to observe the sunset and seeing the ocean too! He has a beach? Damn, he must have it all in this place somehow. I gulped down, so much to take in, and I hardly figure out who Vlad was when he first showed up. He must have had done something serious or runs many companies from my guess. On the other side of the house, he had a large pool that can give more of a view of the ocean!

Vlad chuckled and held tightly on my hand while we walked. This place so neatened and such a fine detailed to cover its beauty that not many people would see every day.

Oh, my, he had a swirl staircase that was much built with marble stone and a thick and soft carpet to match the stairs perfectly. Such a calming beach colors in a sense. He had an outdoor eating area with the view of the beach and ocean. I could see myself walking up to the possible billionaire in the morning and he's eating strawberry pancake. I'd be so much in the mood to take one of his strawberries to get his kiss.

Damn, he even has a foyer that's meant for dancing and it had a grand piano! I never saw one of those before! It's so cool to see it in person, how much it shines to the reflection, and found the violins on the walls. Does he play both instruments? There was so much to learn from him and his home certainly says a lot about him.

Some of the floors were either made of marbles or fine cabin wood, but man, it really touched up the place beautifully! Everything here, I was able to see us being together and I hated to not make it happen. I mean, I didn't stay with Dash for more than five months and broke up with him last month. Most of my relationships with guys or men, they never lasted for more than five months or less. It broke my heart…what was I thinking?

My hand pulled away from the man and I covered my face. My head shook. No, being Danny Phantom is always first…I can't build my relationship on lies.

"Daniel?" I felt his hands on my shoulders, "Are you alright?"

I tried to pull away, but he held me good. Why do I must repeat a mistake? I was going to end up breaking his heart.

"I-I'm not right for you, Vlad. We can't be together…not what go on in my life." I wanted desperately to have a fight with some ghosts…like Box Ghost.

His hands tightened up, "Please, give me a chance. I don't care what goes on your life as long I still have you. Please…make it work." He begged.

His strength on holding onto me was stronger than most humans could ever do, but he wanted to give us a chance. I hardly know him, but it sounded so…tempting and promising. With my ghost half-life involved my human life. How it has rudely interrupts in practically everything I do in life. Dash would constantly be mad at me about being late or disappearing off in a middle of a date. He never had time or patience or understanding with me. Kwan didn't really give me much of a chance. Valerie hated ghosts or even talks about them, but honestly, I was glad I didn't have to put up with her in ghost fighting crimes. She didn't have the proper equipment anyway.

I kept getting hurt because of them and trying to keep them out of the ghost business, I deal with. I was getting hurt and I wasn't the same, I'm prepared to guard myself for relationship, and backing out right now would be the best thing to do. Before I hurt myself again and Vlad wouldn't let go of me.

"Vlad, we-we can't. Everything I do makes everyone upset, disappointed, and-and I do things unexpected when I can't help it. Please, just find someone else…I-I'm not right for you." That shot me in the heart…to even say it…denying men like him.

He yanked my hands away from my face and held me close, "I won't be mad or disappointed, everyone has their own story, Daniel. I want to get used to you and I won't let you just walk away. Give me a month, that's all I ask."

I tried to look away, but he forced me to look into his eyes. Every single word he said, he meant it and oddly, I felt like wanting to believe him. I stared at him straight and hoped to believe he meant it.

"I-I'm sorry," I managed my own strength against his', "It's better off I don't date anyone for a while…or ever." My feet quickly dashed out of the place.

I held the tears inside of me, not looking back, and knowing what I was doing was the right choice. I was doing what's best for me and that's not getting hurt again.

Two seconds later, I found myself pinned against the wall with Vlad and he caught me. He huffed and seemed afraid for some reason. My body jerked, but he had me down pretty well.

"I'm not letting you go, Daniel. Please…one month." Vlad begged.

My head shook, "No! I'm sorry, but no! Please, don't be like Dash." I begged of him.

Vlad continued to hold me against the wall, but I had no idea what has gotten into the man at all, and I rather not find out why.

"I am nothing of the jerk. I would not hurt you, Daniel. I want to spoil you and get to know everything about you. Take it to a serious relationship between us." Vlad insisted.

Damn, he's stubborn man. I had to fight back now, so using my strength, and pushed him away. I raced out of the building, while he wasn't chasing me, I transformed to Phantom, and flew out by trigger invisibility. I kept flying and hoped he wouldn't show up at work again. If he does, I might have to be careful from now on.

Great, I'll need my sister on picking me up from now on and getting to her right now would be wise to do. It's just really annoying to find myself not wanting to get back into a relationship because of my ghost half. I finally stop being invisible after ten miles away from the beautiful mansion…I daydreamed of him and me and I hated feeling hurt. I hated it when my ghost half interferes, but it's a part of me.

No matter what, it grew difficult to date anyone without having to worry about my ghost half. The others would always get annoyed or practically demanding why I disappeared. My excuses would run out so easily. People began to doubt me…even Dash.