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My eyes fluttered open and felt impossible pain in my entire life. I sat up too quickly and found myself in a bedroom. I recognized this to be my room and no one doubt about it. I screamed and someone dashed into the room.

I felt his arms around me, but it wasn't helping me. I clung onto his arms and trying to breath the pain away.

"GET MOM! I think the baby wants to be out now!" I started to recall what Jazz taught me, breath in and out for the pattern to keep air flowing nicely.

Vlad nodded and rushed out of the room. I screamed for my life more than I could ever count.

Someone rushed into the room and helped me walked over to another room. I can tell it's Jazz and she knew what was expected of her. For the longest moment of my life, I was in no mood to do anything that sound stupid. Mom hurried to join in and dad didn't come in due to awkwardness. Vlad joined my side and allowed me to squeeze his hands, but he felt no pain. Jazz made sure I was in a proper position.

"You're doing good, sweetie." She faced to Vlad, "Please removes his clothes, Vlad, and covered the front."

Vlad stammered, "Why-why don't w-we use my power to remove the baby?" He suggested.

Mom froze at his suggestion. It was more reasonable to do things, but she hurried back into her position to gather the equipment she thought best.

"We will do that at the end, but if we remove the baby right now. It could danger the baby's life." She started to gather those jelly cream thing, "We need to see how much he's dilating right now." Mom insisted.

Vlad nodded without going against her and did what she wanted. Vlad placed the blanket on my knees and mom rubbed the cream on my stomach. She began to do her scan while I screamed in those severe kicking pain. I thought the first day when I felt the little one kicking. Vlad decided to take me out on the sixth month of my pregnancy and it was mainly a private cabin. We were snuggling up at the fireplace and he was soothing my stomach that day. I was about to fall asleep on him and all of a sudden, the baby kicked when Vlad stopped soothing me. I jumped awake and stared at my stomach. Vlad was confused and I told him what happened. He was glowing happily to hear that. I was feeling our baby moving and it was amazing. Vlad placed his hands onto my stomach and we waited. A minute passed and he felt it as well, we cried excitedly and decided to call everyone what happened. We were so amazed at the feelings we felt, a whole new excitement I never thought possible, and adored our baby.

Mom was reading the computer, but Vlad and I kept our eyes away to keep things as a surprise. We had a choice to find out or not, but we wanted to be more than anything surprised. Jazz soothed my arm, knowing I can feel her there, and I felt bad for Dad. Danielle, on the other hand, I was too concern for her involvement. I tried to struggle to keep the scream inside me and looked at Jazz.

"Go to Danielle. She has to be confused, Jazz, and I think you can explain it better than I can." I smiled, groaning from the pain.

My core was blasting up the cooling towards my body and Jazz nodded. She kissed my forehead and went to find Danielle for this situation. Danielle noticed when I was five months pregnant and she didn't exactly understand much at the time. She thought I was just heavy and Jazz and I ended up trying to explain things to her about hybrid's ability to have children without involving sex. Let's just say the bees and the birds story doesn't really help out much. We tried using the method of when someone loves you enough, love will turn them in a child. Of course, that is until after marriage. Danielle understood little of it, but she accepted what she got out of our explanation.

Mom kept watching the monitor on me and seeing how much everything. There's so much kicking during thing and I had an instinct of wanting to get this out. Vlad tried to keep me calm, but that didn't really help out much.

"Mom! The baby," I panted, "Wants to be out now! I feel that urge!" I groaned and trying to breath for my life.

"You're five centimeter dilating, Danny. In about an hour or so, the baby will be ready to come out." She said.

I groaned at the fact I had to wait that long? How long of a centimeter was it again? Jazz mentioned in the beginning that it's ten centimeter for dilating. So, that means…I spent an hour with the first five dilating and there's no doubt in my mind it was going to be a long time. For once, this was so much energy I have spent in my entire my life. It made me feel like everything I put was effortless and that giving birth was more work that is effective on me. The longer I was here, the more worn out I seem to be. My eyes turned over to the man who loved me and never left me since we met.

"I love you, Vlad," I smiled lightly.

He smiled down at me, "I love you too, Daniel."

I flinched at the sudden kicked, "What happened after I passed out, Vlad?" I was too curious.

Vlad sighed, but he wasn't pleased about with Malo has done to me. In fact, I don't remember getting dressed at all today. Did Vlad cover for me?

"Malo remained unconscious and you passed out. I bought you home safety and cleaned you up. Of course, you were out for a day and a half. Of course, I was confused about the cinnamon smell on you." Vlad had a funny confusion look when he stared at me.

I chuckled and tried to hold the pain back, "Yeah, Malo was…giving me a bath and smeared cinnamon everywhere on me. It was either that or peppermint. I really don't know what he does with peppermint." I mentally shuddered at the very idea.

Malo got what he wanted and it was feeding onto my emotion. He wanted a relaxed human and sex-carving mood turned on. Once he released me from his power, I had no choice. My memory triggered a scene…

"How did you know of Malo?" I grunted a bit from the power kick of our baby inside me.

Vlad sighed, "He somehow gained control of me, but I fought hard to be free. He did so much to relax me, but once he tried to claim me as his…I snapped and took it against him. I was only fifteen years of being a hybrid ghost, I was stronger than him, and showed him who was boss." His head shook, but he stared right into my eyes, "But when I came home and your sister told me you disappeared to deal with a ghost. She saw you saved two citizens, but felt confused why you went with the ghost. She described the ghost and I was not going to let a ghost claims you. You're mine, Daniel, not his." He hissed.

It was like falling in love again and I squeezed his hand with both of my hands. A gentle smile to comfort him.

"I'll always be yours, Vladimir Javier Salvatore Masters." I squeezed a little tighter.

I'd always be his forever and knowing how much we mean to each other. I refused to let that go.

"Danny, we're ready to retrieve the baby. Are you and Vlad ready to meet the little bundle of joy?" Mom announced and checked in with us.

After hearing that, I was eager enough to jump right into action and Vlad chuckled. Mom moved all the equipment out of the way and Vlad headed over to my huge bumps. Surely enough, I was happier enough to know I won't miss this huge weight on me. Vlad's dark blue eyes met my blue ocean eyes and being prepared. Mom stood by and we watched the very miracle at work.

Vlad's hands turned intangible, entered through my stomach to the womb, and felt like hot meals inside my stomach. He was being careful how to pick up our child, breaking the umbilical cord without damage either of us, and slowly pulled the newborn.

The soft screaming explored into our eardrums and that we know that our baby was living. Vlad smiled as he made the blood mess phased through our baby. He came up to me and my arms prepared to meet the little one. Before I knew it, I was happy to have this very child.

"He's so beautiful, Vlad." I wept and cuddled softly with our son.

Vlad placed his arms around us and we adored our son countless of times. It was easy enough to see Vlad and my face in our son. He screamed, but calmed down as he recognized who he was with. His eyes fluttered opened with bright violet eyes. Just like mom's eyes, he has his grandmother's eyes. He doesn't have any hair yet, but I couldn't wait to see what hair he has when he gets older. He blinked at me and his eyes led over to Vlad. He saw his father and curiously wondered.

"He's beautiful as you are, Daniel." Vlad kissed my forehead, "I'm proud of you, Daniel for giving us a son."

Mom came up and saw her grandson. She awed at the sight of his eyes and how much of resemblance there was. A family of love and life inside a bundling of joy. I used my powers to clothes him and he was giving those curious look. I didn't blame my son for learning so much, he was suddenly born into a new world, and we spent our time looking at him with every details of him.

"Vlad, what are we going to name him?" I asked.

He smiled, "His eyes remind me of Amethyst."

I already began to imagine calling him Amethyst and how lovely it was. I grinned at the sound of the name and Vlad chuckled at my reaction.

"I love it! Amethyst Madison Fenton-Masters." I completed the perfect name.

Vlad loved the name and started to announce it officially. Mom made sure I was cleaned up before anything else. I was free to get back onto wearing my clothes with my powers and she went to get everyone. Everyone joined into the room and meets the newest member. My friends came over just an hour ago and I had no clue. They were all so involved and spent time taking pictures and complimenting. I never let Amethyst out of my arms and wanted to sleep with him. Vlad didn't mind and took us to his home…actually, our home.

He made sure our son was in between us and we slept the night on October twenty-ninth of two-thousand and thirteen. We were so happy to have a starting family and so much to go through. For now, I was happy enough to be Vlad's. To be his' forever and that our child is the proof of our love.

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