"When did he come in?" Cuddy asked, panicked, coming towards Wilson, quickening her pace with each step until she reached him and Wilson led the way to where House was with her at his side the whole time.

"They told me he just got in ten minutes ago. I was in the area where they took him, they saw me, and told me what happened."

"Why didn't they page me?" she asked angrily.

"They were going to but, I told them that I would tell you," Wilson hit the elevator button numerous times, trying to get it to come faster but it didn't seem to make any difference. A few seconds later, the doors slid open, and even that felt like it was happening in slow motion.

The doors opened when they reached the floor that House was on, which was a quiet ride down. They were both thinking and worrying silently, afraid to bother the other with the negative thoughts of the worst happening.

Cuddy tried to brace herself for what she might be seeing but she felt herself more angry about it than anything; just when things were starting to get good with them again. Right after she went over to his place and told him how she felt, how she still wanted in the relationship, this had to happen. The anger was replaced with relief when she thought what would have happened if she hadn't gone over there. If the worst did happen and he didn't pull through and he never knew. She sighed to herself; knowing that he knew was a good thing.

The elevator doors slid open and both Wilson and Cuddy stepped quickly out of it. "You're here about House, right?" the nurse asked the worried Wilson and Cuddy storming into her direction.

"Where is he? How is he?" Cuddy asked.

"He's in 1145, as far as I know. He's stable, they just finished with him, it could have been worse. Looks like he got lucky," she said with a half-smile, knowing the relationships that they both have with him.

"Thanks," they both answered, and went down the hall towards the room they were given, their pace quickening eager to see for themselves if he was really okay, or if it was a lie. Cuddy heard House's voice in her head saying those two words she's heard him say so many times she lost count, "everybody lies." She wiped her left palm lightly over her eyes to get rid of the tears she felt forming, gaining speed over Wilson towards his room.

Cuddy reached to open the door and Wilson stopped where he was. She looked at him confused, "you go in first. I'll see him when you're done," he told her.

Cuddy smiled softly at him and walked through the door and closed it behind her before she got a good look at him. She turned to face him, after making sure the door closed all the way, and took a deep breath. He wasn't awake which she was unsure if she was happy about that or not. She wanted to talk to him, wanted to get the details about the accident; but she also, just wanted to enjoy watching his breathing go in and out, knowing he was still alive.

She walked over to where his chart was at the foot of his bed and had every intention on picking it up to read it, but she didn't. Instead, she found herself staring at his left eye that looked bruised, along with other marks on him. She took an uneasy breath when the events of the day before replayed in her head again.

"He's mine again," she whispered out loud to herself. She walked cautiously towards him, to his left. She hated how many times she has seen him as the patient. He isn't supposed to ever be in this bed. He's the one that people come all over the world to see, he should never have to be the one treated. But, he seems to be the one doctor in this place who is in it the most; with his carelessness over his own life, and just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and everything else in between.

She extended her left arm and ran her fingers through his hair. She had her doubts if he was really asleep, but with no reaction to her touch, she determined he really was. She bent down and gave him a kiss on his forehead and turned to leave.

She opened the door and walked out, closing it behind her, walking towards Wilson who was leaning against the empty nearest nurse's station. "He's asleep, but if you want to go in and see him you can. He doesn't look bad," she added trying to sound hopeful.

"What did his chart say?"

"I—I didn't look at it. I meant to but—I think I'm going to sit with him when you are done. I want to be there when he wakes up and just, be there."

Wilson nodded his head, and put his hand on her shoulder and gently squeezed it while walking towards the room and Cuddy found a chair nearby to sit on and wait.

Wilson walked quietly into House's room and looked at his friend. He sighed and shook his head, while grabbing his chart. He's been unconscious since the medics got to the scene, which can raise a lot more questions, is there any brain damage? Wilson looked up from the chart back at House to see if there are any marks on him that would cause concern of any. There were a few cuts and bruises which means there was an impact of some sort, along with the unconsciousness. He sighed, knowing that the nurse may have just been trying to be optimistic, or maybe she was just looking at it for how it was, they don't know yet. From the looks of him, there aren't any broken bones, so it's just the one thing they have to look for, and wait.

"Dammit, House," he mumbled quietly, and closed the chart to leave.

He walked out, and went slowly to where Cuddy was sitting and took the seat next to her, both still looking forward, in the direction of the door to House's room and not at each other. "He's not just sleeping, Cuddy. He never was awake, which means—"

"He might have brain damage depending on the impact," she said sadly.

"Yeah," he answered quietly.

Cuddy inhaled and instead of exhaling, she started crying. Wilson wrapped his left arm around her and pulled her close, letting her lean into him as she cried…