Long Lost, But Loved

Kaze Kyoku dipped her head to Takayuki senpai as she passed the blonde, and he smiled and dipped back.

"Good morning, Kaze-chan."
"Good morning, Takayuki-senpai."
"You were telling me you looking through your files, right? How did it go? Did you find anything?"

Kaze nodded and grinned brightly.
The files he had been talking about were her birth certificate; she was trying to find out if she'd been adopted or not.

"Yes. I wasn't adopted, so you're my half-brother, and Mira-senpai, the new kid is also my half brother."
"I see."

He smiled and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Well, I'm happy."
"Me too, onii-chan-senpai."
"Onii-chan is fine."
"Okay then!"

And they parted ways to go to their classrooms.

Later that day, in the Munakata house, Mira was preparing dinner for him and his father.
Tonight it was fettuccini alfredo.
Mira hummed softly, hoping Kyousuke would come home soon, and thinking about the papers his mother had shown him earlier that day.

So… That Kaze girl is my sister…?

His thoughts were interrupted when a pair of arms and the smell of his father's cologne drifted around him.

"Good evening, my little Mira-angel."
"Good evening, papa."

Mira grinned and stirred the pasta, not wanting to make it burn.
A soft kiss was pressed to his cheek, and Mira laughed.

"So, Mira-angel, did you find anything out about your sister?"
"Yes. Turns out she goes to my school too."
"That's nice… Is she pretty?"
"Yes. She's nice, too. But she looks nothing like you. More like mom."
"…I see."

Kyousuke let go and sat down at the table, reached out as far as he could reach and clawed at the tablecloth.
Mira laughed again and set the table for both of them.
After getting himself and his father some dinner, he sat down and pouted childishly.

"Ne, ne, papa, it would be nice if we invited Kaze-chan. She is my sister after all."
". . . . Okay…"
"Papa, she won't steal me! Calm down."

The purple-eyed boy patted his father's hand as it clenched into a fist.
Kyousuke grinned and looked up at Mira.

"Whatever you say, Mira-angel."

Shaking his head, the teen went to the phone.
Before he could dial his mother's house, though, the doorbell rang.
Kyousuke jumped up and opened the door, then turned to Mira with a grin.

"Seems like Kaze-chan knows, too."

The blushing girl was ushered in, and Mira tried to make her feel at home with a smile and a hug.
Kyousuke just grinned and ruffled her hair a bit.

"So… You heard about us being your family, nya?"

Kaze nodded.

"Yeah. I…"
"Papa, we could let her live with us, ne?"
"Mira-angel, calm down and let her finish."
"I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I don't really know what to say. I just… Thought I should see you."

Kaze looked at Kyousuke and Mira, and tried to smile through her nervousness.

"It's fine! I'd totally like a sister, you know?"

Mira smiled and looked at his father.

"Fine. She can stay with us if she likes."
"Oh, yes, please! Ano… Mira-onii-chan… Takayuki-onii-chan said hello."
"Sweet! Okay, where shall she sleep?"

Mira jumped up when Kaze nodded and pulled her along to his father's bedroom, where he and Kyousuke sometimes slept.
Kaze looked around blushing.

"I-I'm sleeping with you. . .?"
"Of course. I wouldn't mind."

Kyousuke appeared at the doorway, put his hands around Kaze and Mira.
Mira giggled and hugged Kaze and Kyousuke.

"Just don't take up too much space, ne?"

Dinner was forgotten, and they spent the rest of the night…. Totally Rabu-Rabu. (Lovey-dovey)