Hi there! It's been awhile since I wrote anything for GrimmIchi, so here it is! Written in one go, barely edited. This is based off a creepypasta I read that just screamed for me to make it into a GrimmIchi.

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I'm not sure if you've ever heard this myth about the "Underworld". Hell, I never heard of the thing myself until my friend told me about it. He also told me it's not a myth at all.

So there is an Underworld. A completely real Underworld. It's rare, but every once in a while you can find a cave in our world. If you wander enough, you can get to the Underworld. It's a beautiful place that's free of war and disease and murder and hate. It's what most people would call paradise.

So when most people get there, they lose their minds after a while from the sheer weirdness of that world. Those that don't will most likely meet up with the sole humanoid beings of the Underworld. They come in male and female just like we do but they don't speak. I heard from my friend this is because they communicate with eachother through their minds.

"Bullshit," I growled at Nnoitra as he grinned. We were leaning over a table as he fed me that crap. I sneered at him and stole one of his fries.

"Yeah, whatever," he continued smiling. "Deny all you want, but Szayel has a pet that came from the Underworld. He told me where to find the entrance, if you want to come."

"Like Hell I want to come," I snorted, taking another fry. Szayel was always starting stuff with him. I didn't want to caught up in again.

Long story short, I followed him through a cave to the Underworld the following Saturday. We ended up in a forest and he turned to me triumphantly.

"It looks just like any other forest," I bit out, still vainly denying the existence of this alleged Underworld. "Give me proof this is the Underworld," I twisted the word with a mocking tone. "And I'll give you my next paycheck."

"I'll happily spend it on my new pet," he said smugly and trudged on.

After around an hour, we stopped on his wishes and he looked around a bit bewilderedly. A cold feeling washed over me at the strange look he gave me. I pushed my blue hair out of my face as I continued observing him with concern. Yes, the guy was an ass. But he was still my oldest friend.

"I'm… I'm gonna go take a piss," he said unsurely and trudged off.

"I'll be here!" I called to his quickly retreating form. He disappeared into some shrubs and I leaned up against the tree, trying to shake off the odd feeling that look had given me. I took a swig from my water bottle and checked the time.

Cursing, I realized my watch had stopped. I shook it, I yelled at it and threw it on the ground. When my bad mood had abated slightly, I picked up the watch. Gazing at the frozen hands, I wondered why Nnoitra hadn't even yelled for an explanation for my fit. It's not like I was quiet about it.

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I shoved the watch in my pocket and went after him. The feeling only grew worse as I walked towards the shrubs. I froze just before I could see what was behind them and realized that the entire time we were there I hadn't heard anything other than our footsteps. There were no insects, no bird calls. I strained my ears to hear anything other than my harsh breathing and failed.

I looked around in a dawning horror at this strange place and saw nothing but trees and plants. There was no wind blowing and I looked up. I could barely see the sky and when I did I went cold again. It was a dark blue. Not because it was late, I knew. There was light still filtering in from the sky, after all. As this all crashed on me, I looked back to the bushes.

In a kind of stupor, I stepped forward and screamed.

Nnoitra was there, that was true. But I was staring at more of him than I ever cared to. My eyes couldn't move away from his body bereft of any of what gave him life. Blood pooled around it and his organs were strewn across the grass.

In a flash, I covered my mouth to stifle any noises. I broke my gaze free and looked around myself in absolute terror. Whatever killed him could still be around. It could still be around and looking for me since I screamed.

I stood absolutely still, breathing as quietly as I could for a long time. While I stood there, I tried not to gag while looking my dead friend in the eyes.

Once I felt safe enough to move, I realized two things. There was nothing hunting me and nothing killed Nnoitra. There was a hunting knife in his hand with blood covering it.

My mind helpfully filled in the blanks and I realized he'd cut himself open and ribbed his organs out himself. I struggled not to be sick over his body until his death washed over me again.

Secure in the knowledge that I was alone and safe, I loudly wept. When the grief abated, just a bit, I began digging. After another uncertain amount of time, I had a hole big enough to fit him and I dragged his still warm body into the pit and did my best to replace the vital organs and cover them with his flesh.

After I finished, I crawled away and vomited repeatedly until there was nothing left to come up. Still dry heaving, I continued sobbing. I bit into my jacket to muffle the sounds, though I knew nothing would find me even if I screamed for the world to hear and waited for years.

When I could finally stand, I turned back to the grave I was erecting for my best friend. I froze at the sight of what had been behind me the entire time. How the hell could I have missed that?

He was chained to a tree and appeared to be asleep though I had been making so much noise. Three things hit in my rapid fire succession.

Holy hell was he hot, he was naked and I could have counted his ribs if I tried.

I approached slowly and carefully looked at the chains. I didn't really mean to, but they broke when I tested their strength. Without them holding him up, he tumbled to the ground. I jumped when his hands reached out to catch his fall.

He looked up with sleepy brown eyes hidden partially with orange hair. I fell to my knees before him in disbelief. He crawled towards me on all fours, looking so confused at his sudden awakening.

The tears started falling again and I placed both of my hands on either side of his head. Bringing him closer, I rested my forehead against his as I cried.

"This is the thing he was looking for. He died trying to find you," I whispered brokenly and the male being (for I had no word to fit such a strange creature) just put his hands over mine.

I pulled myself together long enough to cover… Nnoitra and then I turned to him to find him sucking his fingers. I tried to guess how long it had been since he'd been fed. Shaking off that thought, I helped him up and gave him my jacket, though it did nothing to cover his modesty. He clung to my arm since he couldn't get his feet to cooperate.

I can't believe I didn't realize it at the time, but he had been licking the blood off his hands. My hands were coated in Nnoitra's blood when they rested on his head and his hands were right over my own.

Following a sort of sixth sense, I led him towards the cave that brought me here. He stumbled so much that I resorted to carrying him. When we arrived in my world, he gazed about in awed curiosity. Any amusement I would have had because of his reaction was lost in my grief.

Settling him in the passenger car seat, I thought of how to best hide him. If others knew about him then they would take him from me and invade his world. I couldn't let that happen. With no other choice, I gave him a blanket for his nudity and drove him back to my home. It was dark enough out that I don't think anyone saw me carry him in.

When we were safely tucked away, him on the couch, garbed in my old clothes, I sat down and thought about what the Hell just happened.


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