Let me tell you something; I am only up to chapter 79 in MAGI, but I almost lost this idea before I decided to just write it out and make this story an AU – with (lame) twists and some of the original story-line happening.

Warnings: Alternate Age! Aladdin, AU! Aladdin, Alternate Universe – Dark, Character Death, Angst, Blood, Overpowered! Aladdin, Gray! Aladdin, eventual Slash.
Pairings: eventual! Judal/Aladdin.
Summary: His Universe no longer needed him as his duty was finish for it, but another needed him to replace himself when he passed on too early – and it caused shock when people saw the brave twelve-year old being replaced by an older one with jaded eyes dressed in red, white and black.

chapter zero

A young boy of the tender age of twelve felt his magical reserves tremble before snapping – and Aladdin felt fear, but also peace when he saw the light inviting him and telling him his friends will be fine as another Aladdin will take care of them for him as his duty in his realm was done. Therefore, he fell with a slight smile on his face.

Shock ran through everyone when they saw the boy drop, body a clammy pale as sweat ran down his forehead – the Wisdom of Solomon distorting before a bright light blinded everyone and caused them to throw their arms in front of their face. They all remained that way until they heard an annoyed grunt.

If they were shocked before, what they saw almost made them all choke on their own spit – this excluding Judal, Sinbad and Ja'far as they eyed the man excited (Judal) or weary (Sinbad and Ja'far).

There stood older, more mature Aladdin wearing white Arabian pants with two patches – one red, one black on both sides of the pants with red shirt that had long black sleeves that hid his arms and hands and wore red, pointy Arabian shoes. He also had the same turban with the same red jewel and hairstyle that the younger Aladdin we – used to wear.

Evidence that this was not the same Aladdin was the fact that his half-lidded azure-colored orbs without much emotion in them as they stare at the fallen body of younger Aladdin – the long scar on his face showed he fought for his life and almost lost his left eye.

"… A - AlA-Aladdin…?" Alibaba choked out, his eyes going back and forth between the smaller, dead body with a unique hair color of blue to the bigger, taller alive body with the same hair color.

It was then that everyone remembered they're in battle, and the black, disgusting creature that was once Alibaba's childhood friend vanished in plain sight before reappearing behind the third Prince of Balbadd to strike him down.

The blonde-haired prince could only watch in horror before horror turned into resignation, ignoring the startled yells for him to move out of the way – he was going to die for his country, he could only hope that his people would live through this.

That is until its hand made contact with a powerful barrier that shocked the creature and made it fly into the air when words came from the direction of the two Aladdin's.

"That is MY candidate, you disgusting parasite," The tone the older looking Aladdin spoke sent shivers down spines. "And… you have the cheek to try and harm him while I am around?"