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"Jesus Steve we can't keep stalling with this, we need to sit down and figure out in the event that something happens to you or I, who will gain custody of Nathan. He's been here for months; almost a year and we have yet to figure this out. So please sit down so we can figure this out." Danny pleaded hoping that Steve would stop doing the dishes and actually talk to him. They should've changed their wills the moment that Nathan stepped foot into the house, but such as it always was with Steve and Danny, life got in the way.

Steve took a deep breath, not turning from the kitchen sink as he tightly gripped the plate in his hand. Honestly, he wasn't ready for this conversation. He wasn't ready to think about who would look after Nathan if something were to happen to him. "I can't do this right now Danny." Steve said tightly still refusing to turn from the kitchen sink. He heard Danny sigh and stand up, Steve tensed waiting for the moment that Danny put his hands on him. He wasn't ready for this; he was probably never going to be ready for this.

Since the moment Nathan's adoption was official he was Steve's son, there wasn't anyone that was going to love him the way Steve did or do the things with him that Steve did. There wasn't going to be anyone that Steve would trust with Nathan like he did himself (it's purely for the fact that Steve had Danny there to guide him through parenting a three year old). But still Steve wasn't ready to think about Nathan being with someone else. "Babe." Danny gently started deciding to lean his body against Steve's, his arm wrapping around Steve's waist. "I know you don't want to think about someone else raising Nathan, especially when it feels like we just got him; and I know that both of us will do whatever it takes to make sure that we come home to him and Grace every day. But with the nature of our jobs and the enemies we seem to acquire we need to be prepared." Steve sighed and finally turned towards Danny, his reasoning making complete sense to Steve. They did need to be prepared no matter how much Steve didn't like it.

"You're right. Who were you thinking?" Danny smiled softly and reached up kissing Steve softly on the corner of his mouth.

"Honestly as much as I love Mary, I think that Chin would be a viable candidate just for the pure simple fact that he and Malia are married so they could provide him a stable household." Steve thought about it for a moment and it did make sense, Chin would be an excellent option to be Nathan's guardian.

"But then there's also the option of Mary and Chris and Kono." Danny went on applying just enough pressure for Steve to move towards the kitchen table.

"Can't we just pick all of them?" Steve asked smiling hopefully at Danny, who only shook his head at Steve.

"No we actually have to pick someone to be his guardian."

"As much as I want to agree that it should be Chin, he and Malia are trying to start a family and that might be a little too much for them. Mary and Chris could work because she's settling into a new job that doesn't require her to fly across the country all the time and they seem to be getting serious so they could be a good fit for Nathan." Danny nodded twiddling with his pen as he thought about it.

"That's a lot for a couple that's been dating a year, don't you think? Plus there is the slim chance that they could break up and then what would happen?" Danny replied hoping to play devil's advocate. He didn't want to put any pressure on Mary and Chris if they were to approach them with this. Don't get Danny wrong, he loved Mary as if she were his own flesh and blood but he wasn't sure that she was really ready to have this much responsibility. Especially considering that Chris was her first serious relationship in as long as Danny's known Steve. He didn't want to ask that much of Mary.

"She'd be thrilled that we thought she could handle it, I think we should ask her. She's my sister; I would like to think that I know her well enough to know if she can handle this responsibility, which I think she can." Steve replied a severe tightness to his voice that made Danny internally sigh, the last thing he wanted to do was upset Steve this conversation was tough enough as it was.

"Babe relax, you know I love Mary like my own sisters. I'm just saying that she's young and in a semi-new relationship, I don't want her to feel like she has to do this for us. I have no doubts that if push come to ultimate shove that she wouldn't step up to the plate, but I don't want to put that kind of pressure on her. That's why I think Chin is the best option, just because he and Malia are settled in their marriage and wouldn't have to completely change their lives to take Nathan." Steve leaned back and sighed, this was not an easy decision and this back and forth was part of the reason that Steve's been avoiding it since Chris first brought up changing their wills months ago.

"Mary would be hurt if we didn't even try and ask her."

"Look, I know that she's your sister and that you feel as if you have to immediately ask her but you don't. Mary's not the type to get mad about that, she would understand why we didn't go to her. But if you really have to go ahead and ask her." Danny finally conceded motioning with his hand for Steve to call her. Steve shook his head and walked away from the table reaching into his many cargo pockets for his phone leaving Danny at the kitchen table by himself.

Danny watched as Steve paced the lanai his cell phone clutched in one ear as his other hand ran through his hair. Since he was an expert on all things McGarrett, he could tell that the conversation wasn't going as Steve had thought it would and Danny sighed. He knew this conversation was hard enough on Steve; it was never easy having to think about something happened to you after you have kids, but given Steve's history it was probably just that much worse. That's why Danny was trying to make it as painless as possible.

He wanted Steve to feel better knowing that if something did happen then Nathan would be in good hands. He wanted to pick someone that would love Nathan just as much as they did and give him the best upbringing they could. Danny finally stood to make his way out to the lanai to join Steve and possibly make him feel better about this whole situation, but he halted on the way when he saw the family photo hanging behind the desk of all four of them building a sand castle on the beach the first weekend they had Grace after Nathan had moved in. The smiles on their faces were so genuine and the absolute love in Nathan's eyes as Steve sat behind him helping him dump the bucket of sand for one of the pillars brought a smile to Danny's face. Kono had taken the picture when she and Chin arrived for some team bonding.

"That's my favorite picture, the four of us carefree with no worries." Steve replied standing in the sliding glass door. Danny turned and reached out his hand. Steve didn't hesitate and made his way over to Danny wrapping his arms around him from behind his eyes glued to the picture. "Mary said thank you but no. She loves Nathan, but she's not ready to have that much responsibility so you were right." Steve reluctantly agreed squeezing Danny around his waist. "She also told me I was an idiot for thinking that I was required to ask her." Danny couldn't help but chuckle as he turned and gently kissed under Steve's jaw.

"I don't want to tell you I told you so, but I did."

"Gloating is such a bad look for you Danno." Steve lightly joked finally turning away from the picture. They stood there quietly for a few moments before Danny turned in Steve's arms with a look of genuine surprise across his face. "What? Why are you grinning like that?"

"Kono." Danny replied not bothering to answer Steve's questions.

"What about her?"

"She'd be perfect. You know she loves Nathan almost as much as we do and we do owe her a lot. If it wasn't for her it would've taken us much longer to get to this point." Steve thought about it for a moment before he nodded, it did make absolute sense. "I'm gonna call her and see if she wants to come over." Danny replied pulling away from Steve's arms and making his way over to the table where his phone sat. Steve turned and spotted Nathan coming down the stairs rubbing the sleep from his eyes and sniffling.

"Hey buddy, what's wrong?" Steve asked immediately picking him up and rubbing his back.

"I had a bad dream." Nathan whispered, as if he thought Steve would be mad.

"Awe buddy, its okay. Let's get you some warm milk and you can sit with me and Danno for a little bit okay?" Nathan nodded and laid his head on Steve's shoulder. Steve kissed his forehead and walked the short distance into the kitchen. He knew that Nathan was having a tough time realizing that Steve and Danny weren't going to get angry at him for needing them. He was still trying to figure out why he didn't get to see his mommy and daddy but they were working through it with the help of Victoria, who was doing wonders for helping Nathan adjust to being with them.

Steve sat down at the kitchen table with a Sippy cup of warm milk still rubbing his hand up and down Nathan's back. Nathan sipped his milk resting his head on Steve's shoulder. Danny found them like that moments later and he looked at Steve with concern in his eyes. "Bad dream." Steve mouthed looking down at Nathan to see him struggling to hold onto his milk and keep his eyes open.

"Kono's on her way over, is he okay now?" Danny whispered reaching over to smooth Nathan's brunette locks, letting his hand join Steve's on his back. Sometimes Danny wondered what happened in his dreams that kept him up some nights; he wished that he could take away the monsters that haunted his dreams. He wished that he could take away all the pain that Nathan suffered from, so he could be a happy little kid that didn't know the true horrors of the world.

"I'm gonna keep him down here for a little bit to make sure but I think so." Danny nodded and sat down across from Steve holding Steve's free hand, both watching Nathan relax into Steve's warm embrace.

When Kono arrived Nathan looked up and smiled sleepily at Kono when she entered the kitchen. "Hey buddy, what are you doing up?" Kono asked pulling Nathan into her arms when he held out his arms to her.

"I had a bad dream." He replied playing with a lock of her hair.

"Don't worry Auntie Kono's here so the monsters won't bother you anymore." Nathan smiled softly at her and hugged her around the neck. Danny and Steve looked at each other and they knew immediately that they had made the right decision.

"Bed." Nathan murmured into Kono's hair making Kono coo at him and look up at Danny and Steve with a hopeful look on her face. Both looked at each other and nodded watching as Kono carried Nathan up the stairs and out of their sight.

"That right there tells me we're making the right decision." Danny said his fingers toying with Steve's from his position from across the table.

"Yeah Danno, I think so too." Danny tried not to smirk smugly, he really did but he just couldn't help it. "Seriously Danno, gloating is not a good look for you."

"Everything's a good look for me and you know it, you can't resist this hot bod." Danny flirtatiously replied leering openly at Steve, whose response was only to shake and duck his head to hide the smile spread across his face. He loved that Danny could make huge moments like this light to make Steve not think about it so much that he does something impulsive and possibly stupid.

Kono came back down the stairs a couple of minutes later and smiled brightly at them as she sat down at the table. "He is such an awesome little kid, cute too. So what's up? You sounded weird on the phone." Kono started wondering why Danny had called her to come over, she couldn't think about anything that couldn't wait until they saw each other the next morning.

"Um well Steve and I wanted to talk to you about something." Danny started suddenly feeling nervous as to how Kono would react. He looked up at Steve, who shot him a confused look. "We're in the process of updating our wills right and now that we have Nathan, we need to decide who we want to take him in the event that something happens to us and after a long discussion we were wondering if you would be Nathan's guardian?"

"Are you serious?" Kono asked truly shocked, she had not been expecting that one.

"Yes. You were there in the beginning and helped both of us realize what was right in front of us, and you are amazing with Nathan, you seem to draw him out and make him feel comfortable. So it only made sense that you would be the one that took him if something happened to us, if you want to that is." Steve added successfully managing to keep his voice controlled as to not show how nervous he was about this. Kono fell silent for a few moments looking back and forth between Danny and Steve, before her entire face lit up.

"Of course I want to be Nathan's guardian. This is so awesome!" Kono jumped up and pulled Danny into a hug, the smile on her face infectious making both Steve and Danny's faces light up. "Thank you!" She quietly exclaimed pulling Steve into a hug as well.

"Thank you for saying yes." Kono looked at Danny as if she thought he was crazy before lightly knocking her shoulder into his. Steve watched the scene fondly smiling at his ohana.

"Alright well now that you've made my day I'm gonna go and I'll see you guys bright and early tomorrow morning at work, Danny I'll bring the malasadas." Danny smiled and nodded watching her walk happily out of the house leaving Steve and Danny by themselves. Steve stood from the table and held out his hand to Danny.

"You ready for bed?" Steve asked pulling Danny up when he nodded, together they made quick work of making sure all the doors were locked and the alarm was set before they climbed the stairs. They split off Danny going towards Grace's room and Steve towards Nathan's room to check on them, before they switched. Steve grabbed Danny's hand as they walked into their room, a habit he picked up less than a month into their relationship.

Once they were settled in bed Danny wasted no time snuggling up to Steve, resting his head on Steve's chest. "Thank you." Steve whispered trailing his finger up and down Danny's arm.

"For what?" Danny asked moving so that he and Steve were face to face.

"Everything really. You make the difficult things a lot easier to get through. You're amazing like that and I don't know what I would do without you." Steve whispered the sudden onslaught of emotions rocking him to his emotionally stunted core. Danny smiled and rested his forehead against Steve's, they were working on his ability to share his emotions and Danny was thrilled with the progress they were making.

"When are you going to realize that you and I were meant for each other? It's plain to see that you were made especially for me because you compliment me in all the wrong ways but I love you all the same." Danny honestly replied his fingers lacing with Steve's hand and holding them up between them. Steve looked down at their hands and smiled before leaning forward and kissing Danny hard. Danny was right, they were meant for each other; Danny's hand fit perfectly in his, when they cuddled Danny fit just right against Steve's side, and Danny was everything Steve was not and Danny had had Steve's heart from the beginning whether it knew it or not.

I was meant for you

You were meant for me

No one else will do

It's plain to see

I knew this from the start

Each and every day

That you could have my heart

Forever and always

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