Disclaimer: Why would J.K. Rowing waste her life on a fanficton website?

Summary:A drabble based on a word a day.

The word is taken from A. Word. A. Day.

Billet-Doux: A love letter.

Dear Angelina,

I loved going to the ball with you. And Bill has already hexed me twice for talking about out first kiss in The Three Broomsticks too much. He's just lucky I don't talk about your birthday present. . .

Ange, that was the best term I've had since George and I shaved on Dumbledore's beard. I'm about 98.7% sure I love you. And I'm about 94.6% sure you love me back. So I'm going to marry you. You don't have to agree now – I'm just warning you in advance.


Fred. xx