Coming Around Again

Author's Note: Here I go again, writing yet another story. I enjoyed using the Emmett and Bella pairing so much that I've decided to use an idea that I got from one of my faithful reviewers of "While You Loved Me". Thank you goes to jessa76 for giving me the idea for this story. I hope that you all enjoy this. I will be switching POV's between Emmett and Bella throughout the story but I think that the Prologue should be how the Cullen-Swan deal initially took place from a 3rd person POV.

Plot: Emmett McCarty Cullen is the heir of a multimillion dollar hotel chain and loves living his life to the fullest, and this includes sleeping his way through the female population. Bella Swan, however, isn't that lucky. Her father is an abusive drunk by night and a low-end bed and breakfast owner by day. Emmett's father, Carlisle, wants to buy out the Swan B & B to add to his ever growing hotel line as a sort of weekend getaway but Charlie Swan is not an easy negotiator. Not only does Charlie Swan want Carlisle's money for his small bed and breakfast, he also wants his son to marry his daughter as part of the deal. Desperate for the little slice of Washington that Swan Bed and Breakfast would bring, Carlisle agrees to this and sets everything up. Bella and Emmett do not meet until the day of their arranged marriage and must go through with it and make it last for a year, among other stipulations, or else Emmett gets cut off financially and Bella gets disowned by her father. Watch their explosive beginnings, their first year of marriage, and their journey together. Will they end things after the initial year or will they fall in love in the process? Emmett/Bella pairing, All Human, with other Twilight cast members sprinkled in here and there.

Warning: This story is rated M for language, drinking, drug use, brief bar violence, domestic abuse, mention of rape, and possible lemons in future chapters. Some recognized and loved characters are OOC in this story, you have been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, that honor belongs to Stephanie Meyer. This story is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to upset or offend anyone.

Epilogue- The Cullen- Swan Negotiations

3rd Person POV

Carlisle Cullen was a wealthy business man, having made his millions building a large chain of hotels around the world that sometimes rivaled the Hilton hotel chain. He, however, liked to buy out smaller bed and breakfasts from time to time to add to his growing collections for his customers that wanted a more cozy and homey environment. This was why he was in the little town of Forks, Washington.

Forks, though rainy most of the time, was a peaceful little town with beautiful scenery with a Native American reservation with newly built casinos and beautiful beaches about thirty minutes away. He admired the town, though a bit small for his everyday life.

Carlisle got a tip that there was a quaint and family-owned bed and breakfast that was smack dab in between the reservation in La Push and the town limits of Forks. From what he understood from in informant, the owner was a desperate drunk who would do anything for another drink, and the people who frequented this bed and breakfast had nothing but praise for it, other than the fact that the owner was a complete ass and they wanted new ownership for the place.

Carlisle made his way to the beautiful Swan Bed and Breakfast and walked through the front door, the door chiming letting whoever worked the front desk know that they had a customer waiting. This was something typical for smaller hotels and bed and breakfasts and it was something that Carlisle had no intention of changing if he were to buy it.

A petite girl who stood about 5'5 walked to the front desk with a shy smile playing on her lips. She would be attractive, in Carlisle's opinion, if she were to doll herself up a bit for she had a nice slender body, supple breasts, a nice round yet firm backside, and a pair of chocolate colored eyes that laid on her cute pale face that was framed by what he assumed was long mahogany hair to which she kept pulled back in a ponytail.

"Welcome to Swan Bed and Breakfast, my name is Bella Swan. How may I help you?" she asked shyly.

"It's nice to meet you, Bella. My name is Carlisle Cullen and I was wondering if I may speak to the owner of this fine establishment, your father I assume?" he asked with an eyebrow raised and she nodded before turning and walking back to the back.

A few minutes later a tall man with dark hair and a thick dark mustache stumbled out of the back. Carlisle could immediately tell he was either halfway drunk or hung over and began to have second thoughts about meeting with him that day.

"The name's Charlie Swan, my daughter says your name is Carlisle Cullen?" the man asked, holding his hand out for Carlisle to shake. Carlisle nodded, taking the man's hand in his. "How may I help you Mr. Cullen?" he asked.

"Well, As you have heard my name is Carlisle Cullen and I own the Cullen hotel chain that has hotels all over the world. I wanted to talk to you today about possibly buying this establishment from you." Carlisle said.

"We're not for sale, Mr. Cullen." Charlie said "I'm sorry that you've come all this way, but you are wasting your time." He added turning to leave.

"Mr. Swan, I am willing to make you a more than generous offer for your business. Can we please at least sit down in private and talk about this?" Carlisle asked and Charlie seemed hesitant before motioning for him to follow him to the back, shouting for Bella to man the front counter as they passed.

"I will let you indulge in your little song and dance routine, Mr. Cullen, but this bed and breakfast has been in my family for the past 100 years and I will not give it up that easily." Charlie began, taking a bottle of Jack Daniels out of his desk drawer and pouring himself a glass before offering one to Carlisle. Carlisle didn't normally drink but he indulged to try and get on Charlie's good side because he desperately wanted this place.

"Mr. Swan…" Carlisle began and Charlie held up a hand.

"You're trying to take my family's legacy, the least you could do is call me Charlie, Mr. Cullen." Charlie said, taking a long swallow from his cup and refilling it just as quickly.

"My apologies, Charlie, you can call me Carlisle if you wish." Carlisle replied "As I was saying, Charlie, I really like the place you have here. It's in a good location and it's peaceful yet elegant at the same time. I am willing to offer you one million dollars today to buy it from you."

"One million, you say?" Charlie asked, slamming back the glass again and refilling it.

"Yes, sir. Is that too low? I can go 2 million if you would like." Carlisle asked and Charlie seemed to ponder it over for a minute.

"Let me sleep on it, Carlisle, and I'll get back to you in the morning." Charlie said.

"Please, by all means." Carlisle said.

"You can see yourself out, I'll meet you here bright and early. Have Bella set you up in a room for the night and we'll talk turkey in the morning." Charlie slurred.

"Yes, sir, Charlie. I'll talk to you in the morning." Carlisle smiled and Charlie just grunted, waving him off as he was clearly already buzzed if not drunk.

Carlisle made his way to the front and Bella set him up in a room for the night. Carlisle's stay at the Swan Bed and Breakfast made him that much more eager to buy it from the Swans, it was absolutely perfect. After one of the most restful nights' sleep he had in a long time, Carlisle made his way back down to the small lobby and Bella led him to her father's office. He tried to ignore the tired look in her eyes and the dark bruises on her arm as he walked past her. He briefly wondered what happened, but didn't question her.

"Sit, Carlisle, Let's talk turkey." Charlie said as soon as Carlisle was in the office. Carlisle took a seat across from Charlie and he spoke. "I've thought about your offer of 2 million dollars and what if we went 3?" he asked.

"We can go three million, Charlie, if that is what you want." Carlisle said with a small smile.

"Three million, there's something else I want from you and Swan B and B is yours." Charlie said.

"What's that, Charlie?" Carlisle asked, concerned as to what he was going to say next.

"I've been reading about your playboy son, Emmett. If you want Swan B and B, I want three million dollars. I can be persuaded to drop that down to 1.5 if we were to throw your son into the deal." Charlie said and Carlisle gasped, appalled.

"I will not give you my son for any piece of property." Carlisle snarled.

"No, No, Carlisle. That's not what I meant, don't get your panties in a twist." Charlie laughed. "I'm talking about setting it up to where he marries my Bella."

"He'd never go for that." Carlisle said.

"Neither would Bella, she's too shy and plain for her own good. This may do her some good to get in with the likes of him." Charlie said and Carlisle sat back thinking for a minute.

"Just date?" Carlisle asked and Charlie shook his head.

"No, I want your son to marry my daughter if you ever want your name on this little slice of paradise." Charlie said and Carlisle mulled it over in his head for a few minutes. He hated what he was about to do but he was desperate for this place and desperate times call for desperate measures.

"I'll do it." Carlisle finally said.

"Glad you see some since, Carlisle Cullen." Charlie said reaching out his hand to shake it. Carlisle shook his head at him.

"Before I agree to this, we need to sit down and draw up some very clear stipulations to this deal." Carlisle began.

"You're right, when would you like to do this?" Charlie asked.

"I can have my attorney here within the hour. Jenks is very private and he can cover our tracks so that this part of the deal never gets out to the public. The children will not know of the stipulations until they are married." Carlisle said.

"Deal, you call your fancy attorney and I'll start thinking of what I want in the contract." Charlie said and began writing furiously as Carlisle made the call. About an hour later, Jenks walked into the office and took a seat beside Carlisle with his laptop and portable printer.

"Jenks, nothing that is said in this room is to get out at all, are we understood?" Carlisle said and Jenks nodded.

"When have I ever leaked anything we deal with?" Jenks replied.

"Ok, first, I want you to type up the deal with Swan Bed and Breakfast for 1.5 million dollars. As part of this deal comes the second contract. If the second contract is broken then the first is null and void and Swan B & B goes back to Mr. Swan and depending on how the contract is breached, he will have to pay back the 1.5 million." Carlisle said and Jenks nodded, though confused.

"Ok, so the second contract?" Jenks asked "What's the deal?"

"Charlie, when do you want this wedding to take place?" Carlisle asked and Charlie mulled it over for a minute before looking at his calendar.

"Let's say six months from now on July 16." Charlie said, throwing his hands up.

"Ok let it be known that on the day of July 16th at 7 pm, here at the Swan Bed and Breakfast, will be the wedding of my son Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen and Charlie's daughter…." Carlisle didn't catch Bella's full name, so he looked at Charlie.

"Isabella Marie Swan" Charlie said and Jenks nodded still typing.

"Let it be known that neither Emmett, nor Bella, are to know about the wedding until an hour before the ceremony at which they will both be presented with the stipulations of this contract." Carlisle said. "The first stipulation is they are to be married at least a year. If they do not go through with the wedding or end their marriage before the year is up then in the case of my son, he will be cut off financially from the Cullen money."

"Bella will be cut off from the Swan family completely." Charlie said and Carlisle looked at him thinking it a bit of a harsh punishment but bit his tongue.

"Breaches of contract?" Jenks asked and Carlisle nodded.

"Children and love are optional with this marriage, as is sex." Carlisle said.

"But they both must remain faithful only to each other." Charlie said and Carlisle looked at him, shocked that he would say that. "I know your boy, Cullen, and I don't want my daughter catching something."

"He has a point, Carlisle." Jenks said with a nodded and Carlisle shook his head.

"Now wait just a minute, how do we know your daughter won't go spread it to someone else?" Carlisle asked.

"PLEASE! That girl can barely talk to a MOUSE, how the hell is she going to give it up to someone?" Charlie asked with a laugh and Carlisle saw his point, nodding for Jenks to add this in.

"Neither of them are to meet before the wedding." Charlie said and Carlisle nodded.

"If they WERE to meet before they wedding, nothing is to be said to either one about what's in store for them." Carlisle added and Charlie agreed.

"Also, they HAVE to live together…either here or close by your family so that we can keep an eye on them. We'll have a private investigator keep tabs on them for the first year." Charlie said and Carlisle agreed

"Finally, both Emmett and Bella leave with whatever they earn during their marriage. Meaning a prenuptial agreement which you can tie in with this contract." Carlisle added and Charlie agreed.

"In our version of the contract, if Emmett is the one to breach the children's marriage contract, then I am to sign back all rights to Swan Bed and Breakfast to Mr. Swan without hesitation or restitution. If Bella is the one to breach the contract, I keep Swan B & B and Charlie is to pay be back the 1.5 million I spent to buy it." Carlisle said and Charlie agreed.

One the contracts were worded the way they wanted them and typed up, both men signed the contracts and Carlisle cut Charlie a check for the establishment, allowing him and his family to still stay there and help run it, until Carlisle could hire a new manager and staff. They agreed that they would not meet up again for anything other than business until right before the "wedding" and went their separate ways.

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