Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. This new one-shot collection I am creating is based on the theories my brother and I have been discussing about where the final arc of Bleach would go. I held off sharing them because some people do consider this to be a form of potential spoilers, but a few people I know are frustrated with where the Manga currently is going. I doubt they're the only people who need a pick-me-up, so here is 1000 Years: One Shots. Since this is a collection the starting rating is going to be T and if need be I'll bump it up to an M rating. Even if a theory gets disproved later on and I haven't written for it I'll still work with it for this collection.

Title: Killing Shot
Genre: Drama, Crime (sort of...)
Characters: Uryu, Ryuken
Summary: All Quincy kill Hollows instead of sending them to Soul Society, or do they?
Rating: K+
Date Posted: 07/21/12

Killing Shot

The sun set over Karakura town causing a golden light to be spread over to buildings, causing the ones towards the sun set to be a charcoal gray silhouette. A white foot touched down on a certain position in the air before launching the person who it belonged to further along the route he was taking. Uryu glanced around, scanning for Hollows.

"I wonder how things are going for Ichigo in Hueco Mundo?" Uryu kept moving along. "Not that it really matters."

A crackling sound came from the air and his head turned to where a hollow was coming through and Uryu spun around to aim his bow right at the few Hollow that came through. He shot off his shots at the creatures before pausing in the air. He pushed up his glasses as he stopped to think about things. "The pattern of the Hollows have changed? Could it be because of those supposed Quincy that came through?"

The young man let out a deep sigh before turning to continue his patrol. "Was the real reason I didn't go because I can't help the Hollows? While it is true that my job as a Quincy is to destroy the Hollows, I know not all of them do hurt people. I also understand full well destroying the Hollows will also cause an imbalance. While my predecessors believes in killing the Hollows I honestly don't. If I had a way of sending the Hollows over to the other side rather then killing in order to protect people I would."

Uryu turned as another group of Hollows came through, almost as if they were trying to escape something in order to survive. He at first paused instead of taking a shot, his hesitation allowing them to close the gap towards him. "No matter what there is going to be an imbalance. Those Quincy are going to do away with Souls in Soul Society so the world is going to end under their hands."

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a bright light brushing past his head before it slammed into the Hollows in front of him. "Why do you hesitate?"

Uryu turned his head to look behind him to see the white haired man that was his father. He pushed his eye glasses up in irritation. "Who says I was hesitating?"

"If you weren't hesitating then I was underestimating your skill. Surely some of the other members of that man's group can take care of the Hollows instead." The man stated before turning to head on his way to work.

"It is my job as a Quincy to stop the Hollows that are going to harm the people in the living world." Uryu stated. "And you are underestimating my skill yet again."

"Then you were hesitating." The man turned his head back to his son. "Is there something you should be telling me?"

"I have nothing to say to the man whose abandoned the ways of the Quincy and has left the duties up to me alone." Uryu smarted off.

"Let me rephrase what I said. I felt the powers and ability of a Quincy that were not your own. There has also been a rash amount of destruction of the Hollows around here." The man stood where he was, his back to his son.

"Did you know that there was more of us around?" Asked the question.

"I simply figured out that group was dying out like our group." The man stated as if it wasn't a big deal.

Uryu finally turned to face his father. "I am not sure which question I should ask of you, if the reason you don't kill Hollows is because you know this other group may not have died out and you knew the balance could be upset by to many Hollows killed or what you actually mean by another group. Aren't all us Quincy the same?"

"The debate about whether to kill the Hollow or not to kill the Hollow was not just a debate between the Quincy and the Shinigami. It was also a debate that divided us into two groups a thousand years ago. One group of us agreed with the Shinigami, another group did not."

"Then the reason you don't fight the Hollows is because you know that doing so will cause an imbalance."

"No. Just because a Quincy can completely destroy a Hollow doesn't mean that they always do." The man then turned and walked away, making Uryu stop and think about what his father said.

"I'll never understand that man."

~ Author's note – The theory behind this is that while the Quincy can destroy the Hollows completely this is because they choose revenge over justice. First, it was strange that Uryu has killed what amounts to thousands of Hollows before and there was no killing of souls in Soul Society to bring things back into balance. Second, "The Jail" made the comment that the leader of the Vandenreich thought Uryu would be stronger then Kirge Opie. Which means Uryu may be holding back simply so he passes the Hollow on rather then actually destroying them.