Title: Kitty Kat
Genre: Family, Humor
Characters: Yourichi, Urahara and ?
Summary: Urahara brings home a new member for their family, much to Yourichi's disappointment
Rating: T

Kitty Kat

Yourichi knew trouble was brewing as soon as she heard that the Quincy were back. She had heard stories, but knowing the stories would not prepare her for the trouble that she would find herself struggling to wrap her mind around. Urahara had conveniently left her out of the action and left her in charge of Jinta and Uryu, the children they had taken in. She swore that Uryu was some sort of clone meant to be their daughter, or a Mod Soul created specifically so that they could have a child.

"Yourichi!" Letting out a sigh she went to greet the person who had become her unofficial husband as they were not legally married in the living world or Soul Society and they hadn't had that kind of relationship yet. That may be why he kept bringing things home. Speaking of which... "I brought us home a new little one."

She turned the corner and found her cheek bone suddenly twitching. The thing he had brought home was not little at all. Nor did this thing have a pleased look on its face. No, the thing looked rather displeased. Urahara held said thing under the armpits and spoke up again. "And they happen to be a kitty as well! It's a bonus."

She could see the eyebrow of said thing twitch in annoyance and she was surprised that said thing was putting up with the man's antics. She waved her hand at said person. "Ignore him Grimmjow. I believe that is what your name is. He's got a very weird fetish when it comes to anything dealing with me."

"Yeah... but I'm not a kid."

Urahara had a sulking look on his fac.e "But you're a kitty kat."

"And what does that have to do with you bringing me home to be a part of your stupid family."

Yourichi let out a deep sigh before transforming. She then sat their licking her paw. She glanced up to look at the blue haired Espada. "Well?"

The reaction was a jaw dropped and eyes that were glazed over. She then transformed and received an answer of said Espada getting a nose bleed and nearly passing out. She walked over and patted him on the head. "Yeah, yeah. His behavior is rather creepy."

Urahara's pout deepened. Seriously, what was it with child geniuses anyway? They seemed to have a knack for being weird in one manner or another, and that included the child taicho of the Gotei Thirteen, though he was the least strange of the ones she had met.