Title: Twins
Genre: Humor, Angst
Characters: Bambietta, Toshiro and a few others.
Summary: Bambietta believes Toshiro has mental issues while Toshiro is tired of her leveling things. Of course, things turn out differently then they would both like.

Why are so many people in this world stupid? Granny brought me up mind you believing that we weren't supposed to call people stupid. Mind you, this was always directed at Hinamori who was always calling me stupid. So perhaps it had something to do with not judging people by their intelligence level. That sure is hard when someone thinks that leveling an entire place is a great way to get their point across, namely my division offices along with my paper work.

Yes... I just called Basterbine stupid and have yet to find reason to want to admit that psychopathic bitch is my sister. Hey... she refers to herself as it and despite the fact she doesn't want to appear as a psychopathic bitch she's constantly doing things to make people think otherwise. And no Basterbine, if you're reading my journal I'm not saying that you're a psychopath because you look like your talking to no one when those girls purposefully take up on you.

And yes, I understand that's why so many of the Stern Ritter considered father to be mental but from the jest of it he was talking to a zampaktuo. I talk to Hyorinmaru all the time and you don't see any of the Shinigami calling me a psychopath because I constantly talk to him. I do have to admit before uncle stole him from me I didn't speak to him verbally, but I've developed a major tick now of blurting things out which is why ka-chan got me the journal, so I would have some place to write my feelings down and not have to worry about saying stupid things.

Not only do I think that you would benefit I will personally admit that I have stupid moments. I'll also admit that most of the time I don't think they're stupid moments because the thoughts I have are quite logical in my mind and it's not my fault I think differently. Ka-chan says so as does Ukitake Taicho and everyone else. And yes, I have yet to figure out what that means. And yes... if Hyorinmaru is real that means you can meet him. I'll introduce you some time, but he and I honestly have to be in the mood. Yes, I can manifest him so you can see him. That's one of the requirements for being able to achieve Bankai.

Uncle is a lot smarter then that boy friend everyone calls Bazz-B as if he is some kind of rapper. Oh! Did I sting I nerve there? I have the feeling you're reading my journal. Yes, I know he's not your boyfriend. Yes, I know you hate his guts. Believe me, I would rather you not date him ever as there is a better option for you. I don't know, like Hanataro? I've seen you crushing on him and I know you like him. Just don't go messing things up with him as he's a good friend of mine, though I am unable to admit that publicly due to my rank.

Anyways, Uncle is a lot smarter then Bazz-B. He noticed the symbol on Hyorinmaru's blade and put two and two together about how my attacks were just variations of Quincy techniques. Sounds quite logical really when you think about it. I am so glad I didn't know about Quincy techniques. I think I would have had a mental breakdown had I known things were... well, if I had known I wasn't born on a plane of ice at an earlier point. It was something I needed to question slowly in order to come to terms with.

Moving along, please stop acting like an idiot. It is the worst way to get my attention and will only serve to get me angry with you. I'm busy with paper work and training so I honestly don't have time to play with you like you want and when I do have time you tend to have pissed me off enough that I don't want to have to deal with you are I worry that you're going to want to do something absolutely childish. I may act childish some times, but there is a line I have to draw. Got it?

Yes. People are stupid namely the brother who is afraid to let lose some times. Leveling and destroying things are fun and I know you enjoy it as well. And yes... you are a psychopath because you talk to that non-existent... what ever it is. I must be smarter because I kept my rant shorter.

Basterbine, this is my journal where I can write my personal rants and let off steam. I had the feeling you would be reading it but I didn't think you would be crass enough to actually write something in my journal. Hyorinmaru is a zampaktuo spirit... or spirits as ever since I touched that black pill there has been a second Hyorinmaru in there. And no, that doesn't mean I'm hearing another voice.

Wow! You're in serious denial about the whole mental issue.

I take that back. You think making a fake version of your invisible friend with the ice will convince me? I mean

Bambietta stopped short, feeling as if there was someone watching her. Toshiro's foot tapped on the floor. "Hyorinmaru would like to speak with you. Actually, both Hyorinmaru would like to speak to you. I hope that you're happy about this Basterbine.

The small female turned her head to see a rather tall man dressed in armor and see that someone was trying to hide behind the rather large man. "Hold on..."

"Shiro-chan asked Shiro-chan if you could meet us as well!"

"It's been so long since we've been out to play!"

Two small figures burst into the room. Toshiro's eyes widened. "Wait... I told him not to interfere! I could handle this on my own! Where is Ukitake by the way?"

"He passed out..."

"... so we came out to play."

"Who are they?"

"They're..." Toshiro blinked a couple of times. "They're Ukitake's zampaktuo spirits."

The two rushed over and climbed onto Bambietta. One of them grabbed the pen from her hand and began to draw pictures in the journal while the other pinched her cheeks. "Hey... wanna play big sis?"

"No, I don't! Get off of me!" A sudden influx of energy came out and twins hurried off.

"She's mean! She's mean!" Both chimed in before running off.

"Oh good grief. We have to stop them."

"Why? Aren't we just seeing things?"

"Hell no! Just!" Toshiro shook his head before taking off. "They'll cause a lot of trouble if left to their own devices! And Ukitake's out cold so he can't control them,"

"Yeah... what ever, I'm just along for the ride."