A large group of teens sat around a large lobby, bored out of their minds. They were all just sitting on some couches or chairs trying to find something to do. Some were snoozing, some were making out, and some were trying to make out but a certain CIT kept denying it. After around ten minutes of pure boredom Heather stood up.

"Okay, come on guys! We need to do something!"

"I hate to say this but that white girl is right." Leshawna added.

"Well if you have an idea I'd love to hear it! We can go out, it's storming out there!" Courtney sighed in annoyance. It was true; the weather was getting out of control. Rain poured loudly on the roof of the 'resort' for the teens. They wanted to go home, but Chris told them that their contract stated that they would stay at the resort for around two weeks after the competition. At first it was actually pretty cool. They had a large pool, beautiful scenery, and amazing bedrooms! It was heaven…until the weather went whack. Then Chris and Chef left saying that they had meetings with some agents.

"We could talk about our feelings!" Lindsay cheered. Beth was the only one who actually agreed.

"How about TV?" Owen asked.

"Oh like we've never thought of that. The storm is blocking all of the connection." Noah answered sarcastically without looking up from his book. They were about to go back into awkward silence until Geoff had an idea.

"I doubt Chris got himself a cheap TV!"

They all looked at each other before sprinting off to Chris' suite. His room was about the size of a regular house. The bed was so gigantic that all the teens could fit. They turned on the TV to find it…having no reception. The teens groaned and were about to get up.

"Wait!" Harold cried out and grabbed the remote from Geoff. He clicked a few buttons and they found themselves on Chris' saved clips. They were old tapings of shows from when the teens were around 6. *"American Idol, America's Got Talent, X-factor?" DJ read out.

"These are all from way back." Katie noticed. Chris had put up titles for each of the clips. One was 'biggest fail in American Idol history' and another was 'dancing couple fails epically on Dancing with the Stars'. After searching through the videos they found one that got Justin interested.

"Wait I actually remember that one!" He cried out and pointed to a certain video. It was titled "Amazing kid singer" with a picture of the judge's shocked faces.

"Yeah, that was like the only one I could remember. My mom watched the show and showed me this kid! This kid was awesome!"

The teens looked at him, since when did he talk so much?

"We have to watch it!" Sadie cheered and the others nodded their heads too. Considering Justin's reaction, the kid had talent. Only one of them didn't; it was a certain colorful mohawked juvie punk.

"N-no way dudes that's lame." He tried to sound like a boss but stuttering didn't help the image. Courtney, who was cuddled up next to him, looked at him.

"Come on Duncan! You can't tell me that you aren't curious to see the kid!" Duncan rolled his eyes.

"Look I've seen this before because my mom forced me to watch it, and trust me the kid isn't good." Though no matter how much he tried to change their minds they played the tape. Right before it started Duncan excused himself, saying he was going to go look for some food. The others rolled their eyes and watched the tape with excitement.

"Welcome back to American Idol! On this special we've been going out of the US and headed for Canada. Boy did they have some…interesting acts." It shows small short clips of people singing, terribly, and the judge's disgusted faces.

"It seems that Canada has no talent, but we have our last audition for the day." The camera flashes away from the host and to a small boy who looked around 6. He had black hair that partially covered his sparkling teal eyes. He was wearing a black T shirt, cargo pants, and black vans. The girls all cooed at the adorable little singer.

"That is the cutest guy I have ever seen!" Beth smiled. The girls, even Eva, nodded!

I can't believe Duncan thought this little guy has no talent, Courtney thought.

The host walked up to the little boy who didn't notice him at all.

"Hey little guy! Are you ready?" The boy looked up at him and smiled. He nodded his head enthusiastically and said," You know it!" The girls all giggled and cooed at his reply. He melted their hearts into gooey melted pieces!

"What's your name little fella?" The host asked while placing the microphone near the boy.

"Duncan Mason!" He answered with excitement.

The teens on the bed gasped and Harold paused the screen. They all exchanged looks and in perfect sync they shouted," Duncan!"