Courtney's POV

Okay, don't panic! Whatever you do, don't panic! What if he gets hit by lightning, or falls in the pool and can't get out!? Okay, now you can panic!

I stared in complete shock as I saw Duncan, the world's biggest idiot, using one of the tables for support. I gasped when I saw his arm facing the wrong direction. Idiot!

Okay I have two options:

I go find help

I go save him myself.

I looked around to see that I was the only one in the lobby at the moment. Geoff and Bridge were probably eating each other's faces, Heather would probably take pictures, Justin wouldn't bother, and Lindsay and Beth were too dumb. Maybe Gwen and Leshawna could help? But I had no idea where they were! After a minute of standing there like an idiot I heard, and heard, lighting crash.

The weather had gotten ten times worse. The wind had picked up to the point where standing up was barely an option and the thunder and lightning were deafening. Duncan would never be able to survive this.

Swallowing up my fear I pushed myself out the doors and crawled to Duncan. Literally I was crawling on the floor like a baby. If we end up dying I am so going to kill him!

Duncan's POV

Okay, think Duncan! I really should have paid more attention in school…never mind. I'd rather die than listen to my teachers drone on and on. The wind had gotten worse; I was practically hugging the table.

How could it possibly get worse!?

Of course life hates me because right after that thought I heard and saw lightening crash. It was the loudest thing I had ever heard in my life. I was pretty much blinded and like an idiot (again) I covered my eyes with my good arm…which was the only thing that kept me up. I quickly fell down onto the floor (AGAIN) and landed with a loud thud. Quickly I grabbed onto the bottom pole part of the table and curled up under it for cover. It was getting harder to see since rain kept covering my eyes, and the lighting was not helping. I looked around to see if I could make a run for the door and found something interesting. Something, I have no idea what, was crawling towards me. It reminded me of a little baby too.

After a while the blurry shadowed figure started to take shape and in its place I saw…Courtney!?

She was around five feet away but I could tell that she could barely see where she was. Instincts took over and I launched myself from under the table to her. I forgot about my bad arm and used that to push off the floor. Pain shot through it but I ignored it. The only thing on my mind was Courtney.

I had to save her; I would never live with myself if I let something bad happen to her. It took a few seconds but I managed to reach her just in time. I grabbed her around her waist and 'carefully' dragged her back under the table. I wasn't going to risk her life by trying to go through this storm. I pushed her close to the bar to make sure that she was farthest from the storm and faced her. She was clutching the bar for dear life and was shivering. Her clothes were drenched and were pressed down onto her. Her usual tamed hair was matted down and covered her face.

Carefully I stretched out my hand and brushed the hair out of her eyes. She opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me and smiled with a calm face. But I could tell it was all fake. I knew Courtney way more than any of these people and knew that her act was all fake. She always put on that fake "bossy attitude" on purpose. She only trusted me with that secret and I never told anyone. Not many people to tell anyway.

She tried to say something but I couldn't tell hear her. I placed a finger on her lips and shook my head. She shook her head, being stubborn, and leaned in to my ear.

The only thing that I heard was "eye". I looked at her in confusion. She tried again but still failed. She was cute when she failed…or succeeded…or at any time.

After us just crouching under this table for like ten minutes the weather started to let up. It stopped raining and the thunder and lightning disappeared. I gaped at the change of scenery and crawled out from under the table. She followed and sat down next to me on.

"I was trying to say eye of the storm genius." She informed me after a minute of silence.

"What?" I asked in confusion. Storms had eyes?

"Being in a private resort with no TV doesn't tell you when a hurricane is coming." I was still confused on the whole eye thing though.

"What's the eye of the storm?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes but answered," The part of the storm where it gets calm. This reminds me, we need to move in now." She helped me up since my arm wasn't helping and we quickly made our way inside.

"Why do we need to go in?" I asked. I had just faced a hurricane; the least I could get was sunshine or something!

"The eye of the storm is like the halfway mark. That storm isn't over yet." Right after that it started to rain lightly. Then it got harder and the sun disappeared again. The storm came back; at least I was inside this time.

I noticed that she was still shivering, and so was I.

"We should dry off." With that we both held hands and made our way to the showers. Let me tell you; showering with a messed up arm is not on my 'to do' list. After what seemed like forever we both finished and met back in the lobby with fresh clothes.

We sat down on one of the couches they had and she cuddled up to me.

I tried to wrap an arm around her but winced in pain. Right; still had a broken arm.

She noticed my wince and got up.

"You need a cast on that." She pointed out.

"Well unless you see a doctor around then that's kind of impossible."

She glared a little and said," I think I know someone who can fix it."

She led me down a long hallway and knocked on one of the millions of doors. I have no idea how she knew which one was which. I had to hold back a groan when I saw Harold open the door.

"Where have you been? Gosh, we've been looking for you too forever!" He scoffed. I would have punched the kid, but my arm…no never mind I would still punch him with my broken arm. I wanted to kill him! He was the guy who ruined Courtney's chance at winning, and got her kicked off! Courtney was the only thing from stopping me. She seemed annoyed that she had to do this, but she still did it.

"Harold, we need your help." She hissed out. I could tell it took all of her strength to not jump the nerd.

"Why should I help you?" He glared. She was about to lunge for him but I beat her to it. Using my good arm I shoved him into one of the walls with my good arm.

"Because if you don't you'll be going out in that storm next." He sighed but nodded.

He looked over at my arm and understood. He led us into his room, which of course had posters of comics all over. He grabbed a large medical kit from under his bed that was bigger than my suitcase. He opened it and pulled out a bunch of stuff. I wasn't paying attention after that. He measured my arm and put on a cast (which I have no idea why he had one).

While he was fixing on the cast he asked me a question.

"You said I'd be the next one going into the storm. You guys were outside?" He surprised me and Court with the concern laced in his voice.

She nodded her head and looked away. He looked at both of us with concern but went back to fixing my arm.

He gave Court the information and told us so kindly to get out.

We made our way back to the lobby and cuddled again. It wasn't that easy with a cast but we managed.

After a few minutes of just hearing the rain and thunder she spoke into my ear.

"Why did you go outside?" She had to lean in really close for me to hear.

I shrugged and looked away.

"Just because you used to sing doesn't mean you still aren't my bad boy." She smirked at that. I smiled at her for a second and leaned in for a kiss. She stopped me half way.

"You never answered my question."

"I shrugged."

"Duncan you are such a smart ass. Why did you go outside? Was it that embarrassing?"

I thought about it for a second and then nodded. She laughed a little and stopped talking. After a few minutes I noticed how empty it was.

"Where is everyone?"

"Either looking for us or in their rooms."

After a long period of silence I leaned in again and she agreed. (I'm not going into details!)

"Did you see my audition?" I asked after we broke apart.

She shook her head. "We paused it after we found out it was you."

"Do you guys want to?" She seemed shocked.

"I'm sure I can get everyone to meet back in there in twenty." She offered. I nodded and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled happily at me and walked off
to get the others.

The whole time I thought about what had just happened. My little stunt could have killed her. Just one strike of lighting, one pound of thunder, one lash of wind. She could have been gone forever, and it would have been my fault. I was furious with myself. I had almost cost her her life just because I was embarrassed! I'm supposed to protect her, not kill her! I…I think I love her.

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