Welcome to my shorts collection. These are all from my tumblr (smshorts). They are a random collection, mostly of requests that I receive via Tumblr. So, I hope you enjoy!

Title: The Bridge

Theme: Slight AU/Drama

Characters: Usagi, Mamoru

He leaned over the railing staring into the river flowing below, his dark hair blowing in the breeze. It was quite wide and very deep; he could see the strong current moving quite fast. The boy took a shaky breath in, glancing around to make sure no one would witness what he was about to do. He was in a pretty secluded area of the city, and saw no one. Slowly he pulled himself onto the railing.

He looked again at the water below him. He needed to do this, he couldn't stand living anymore. Tears crept into his eyes as he thought about his parents; or what he remembered of them. The accident had happened when he was still quite young, shortly after his fifth birthday. He had no photos or any other mementos to remember them by. A social worker had been allowed in to grab some clothes and basics to take with him to the orphanage, but he himself wasn't allowed to even enter the home. One of his Uncles had control over all his parents' property and refused to give any of it to him. None of them wanted him, and so they handed him off for the state to take care of him. What was left of his family hated him, and he hated his family.

Not that life at the orphanage was any better. He was always a quiet boy, which didn't help him in the rough and loud setting he was thrust into. In the nearly ten years of living there he had made no friends, in-fact most of the kids thought him strange. He didn't know why but everyone seemed afraid to go near him. Even the care takers kept him at arm's length, only talking to him when necessary. He had little memories from before the accident so he couldn't remember if he had friends then; somehow he figured he didn't. He was alone.

He figured it was all the more reason he should jump. He had wanted to take his life for a while now, since he started overhearing some of the adults' call him 'unwanted' and a 'burden'. He had finally made up his mind and came here to carry out his plan.

He played with a zipper on his pocket, building his courage to jump. He wondered how cold the water was – it was only spring after all. He then decided it shouldn't matter; he hoped his death would be quick enough that he wouldn't have to feel the extremely cold water surrounding him. He then started to think about the rivers depth; would he hit the bottom hard enough to break a leg or his back? Or was it deep enough that the water would break his fall?

Before he could decided which option he would prefer, a small voice called out to him. "What are you doing up there?" He turned slowly, making sure not to fall into the rushing water below before he was ready. He didn't hear the girl walk up to him, but there she was, about three feet away from him, leaning against the railing he was currently standing on. Her hair was in little ringlets, two little balls on the top of her head. She looked much younger than him. She looked so innocently at him; He couldn't tear his eyes away from her.

"I…Leave me alone I'm busy!" He yelled at the girl, suddenly wanting her as far away from him as possible. She didn't budge from her spot though, and just continued to look up at him, her blue eyes shining.

"You look sad…" She said, reaching her hand for his, "Please come down."

The boy sighed, 'what an annoying girl… She's never going to leave is she?' "I'm not coming down; I told you I'm busy! Now leave me alone little girl." He winced internally at his coldness towards her. He knew she was only being nice, and here he was being rude to her. He sighed again.

"What are you doing? Are you looking for something?" She asked, ever so innocently, not seeming to notice his harsh words before. "I can help you find it; my mommy said I have really good eyes." She started scanning the river below, as if she knew what she was looking for.

"I'm not looking for anything, go away!" He was getting really frustrated now. Tears again came to his eyes. He just wanted to get this over with, why was she making it so hard. He turned his face away from the stranger, trying to hide his tears from her. He felt so vulnerable around her, he didn't know why. He felt her hand grab his, very gently as if she were touching a wild animal. Her skin was soft and warm. This was probably the kindest and most sincere human contact he had felt since before the accident.

"Please don't cry…" She said; hints of tears in her voice. He finally turned to look at her, seeing that she was indeed crying. 'Is she crying for me? She doesn't know me? Why is she crying…?' Slowly he got down off the railing, the girl never let go of his hand the entire time. She wiped tears from her eyes with her free hand. "I don't like it when people cry." She admitted to him, pouting.

"I… I'm sorry…" Now on the ground he took a better look at the girl. She seemed to be older than he originally thought, probably about six. Her eyes, the tears now gone, looked back at him curiously.

"Are you still busy?" She asked, tilting her head to one side. She tightened her grip on his hand, her hand feeling tiny in his, even if he was only a few years older.

The raven haired boy shook his head, "No…" He was surprised by his own answer, but he knew inside he couldn't go through with his plan now. She was so innocent and clearly had no intention of letting him go anytime soon. He figured he might as well entertain her until she had to leave to go home or whatever.

She smiled at his answer, causing a small smile to reach the corners of his own mouth. She grabbed his other hand, starting to jump and pull him. "Let's go play! My favorite park is just over the bridge! It's a lot of fun. They have a slide and a playground. They even have swings!"

The boy couldn't hold his smile any longer, the girl's eagerness contagious. "Ok, just for a bit though."

The two ran to the park and played until the sun started to set. He felt a little weird playing with her, The girl's mother came to the park looking for her, and the boy watched the girl jump into her mother's arms. She was about to leave before the girl started making a fuss for her to put her down. The young blonde ran over, grabbing the boys arm with a panicked look on her face.

"We can play again right? I love playing with friends" She looked at him again with those large innocent eyes. He wasn't sure what to say. Could he? The center allowed kids to come as far as this park to play; that was how he had gotten to the bridge. But would he be around to play with her? What about his plan? Did she call him a friend? He felt all his resolve crumble as he stared at the girl latched onto him.

"Yes, we can play again."