A Cute short little one! The request was what my interpretation of Diana's mention of the King & Queen playing "Hooky" was... which I think is super cute.

Title: Playing hooky

Theme: Romance/Humor

Characters: Neo Queen Serenity/Usagi, King Endymion/Mamoru, & others

*Some minor adult themes*

Serenity sat at her vanity, placing her tiara in a pink wooden box beside her. Her public duties of the day were done but she still had a lot of paperwork and a few meetings to attend. She touched up her makeup and quickly dressed into a more casual but still regal dress all while reminiscing about when all she had to worry about was school and a few youma. Life was simpler when she was just Sailor Moon, and even simpler before Luna ever found her. Now she had to juggle being Queen to not just a Nation but a whole planet – and still be a good friend to her Senshi, and a dedicated wife to Mamoru.

He had taken becoming King better than she did. It was just in his nature. He dealt with more of the International and intergalactic relations and political issues while she took care of matters concerning the people she ruled over. She liked knowing she helped people, but it meant attending a lot of conferences and meetings. Finished dressing she straightened out her skirt, looking herself over in the mirror quickly before leaving her dressing room and entering her adjacent bedroom.

Luna was waiting for her, in Human form, reading from a small book. She looked up when she heard Serenity enter and bowed slightly. Serenity smiled, "What is next on the agenda today?" she asked.

Luna read the list out of the small book. "Next is a brief update with the Education Minister in your office, then a meeting with the Senshi. After that you have some paperwork to fill out but that's it for today."

Serenity rolled her eyes. "That's it? Goodness I need a day off…"

"You can't take a day off from being Queen; sure I can delay your meetings but you have to take care of stuff eventually…"

"I know, I know. You lectured me enough before I was queen I don't need you to lecture me now." The blonde sighed and headed out of her bedroom, her guardian trailing right behind her. Her meeting with the minister went well and she was finished with time to spare before her meeting with the Senshi. An idea popped into her head as to how to spend her little break and she jumped up from her desk. She exited her office and peeked her head into the room across the hall. Her husband's office was empty so she walked down the hall a bit. She cracked the door open just a bit and peered in.

He was there, sitting at the head of a large table with his four Generals around him. No one was talking but they were all reading through piles of papers that covered the table. Serenity opened the door further and silently entered the room, closing the door behind her.

Mamoru head the door close and looked up, seeing his beautiful wife standing there. His generals looked up briefly from their work but quickly got back to it – Jadeite giving the King a smirk. Mamoru placed the sheet he was currently reading on the table and took off his reading glasses, standing from his chair and walking over to his wife.

"Is something the matter? I thought you were meeting the Finance Minister?" He asked, leaning into her and keeping his voice low.

"It was the Education Minister, and I'm done." She looked up at him making the most innocent face she could manage. "I was wondering if you could help me with something though."

The King could see her trying to look innocent but caught a glimpse of mischievousness in her eyes. Smiling he looked back to his generals and cleared his throat about to speak.

"Just go, we'll keep reading through these. You could use a break anyway." Kunzite said, eyes never leaving the paper he was reading. Jadeite chuckled and Nephrite punched him lightly on the arm, giving him a brief glare before turning back to his pile of reports.

"Right, I'll only be gone a few minutes, I'll be back soon." The King said, pushing his wife out the door.

"Only a few minutes… I feel bad for Her Majes…" Jadeite was cut off by Nephrite who pushed the blonde off his chair. The men started arguing and Mamoru quickly left the room, closing the door behind him. Serenity bolted ahead of him, giggling. He smiled and glanced around the hall making sure no one was around before jogging after her. She had almost made it to her office before his strong arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her back towards him. She laughed loudly and he spun her around in his arms, pushing her against the wall.

"Shh, if Luna or Artemis comes out of their office we will get sent back to work for sure." He winked at his now blushing wife, "and that would ruin the fun wouldn't it?" Serenity mockingly locked her lips closed and tossed the key over her shoulder.

Mamoru smirked and started kissing her collarbone, surprising her by the sudden action. He made it to her lips and kissed her, her hands instinctively wrapping around his neck. He deepened the kiss as she pulled herself closer to him.

They finally broke for air a few minutes later and Serenity lay her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her small waist, his nose nuzzling into her soft hair. He didn't want to leave her just yet; he had been doing paperwork all day and really did need a break. He smirked, thinking of all the ways he wished to spend this little break with his wife. He lifted Serenity into his arms, causing her to gasp in shock, and carried her into his office, closing the door behind them.