Summary: Iemitsu receives an absurd invitation regarding his only daughter and the top Hitman in the world. Fem!TsunaxAdult!Reborn. ColonelloLal and other pairings.

A/N: Instead of Adult!Reborn is it Uncursed!Reborn….? Anyway, this totally popped into my head. Mainly because it would be funny to actually see Iemitsu's reaction if this ever happened…. That and the manga had been giving me a lot of R27 feels recently….

Also, all the arcobaleno are adults or uncursed….

We cordially invite….

It was a nice day, if Iemitsu could comment. There wasn't too much paper work on his desk, no Mafiosi attacking, and yellow rays of sun passed through the neatly cleaned glass windows of his office. The sun illuminated the happy family picture of Nana, himself, and his precious 5 year old daughter. It had been taken over 16 years ago. Now that the blonde man thought about it, Tsuna had just recently turned 21. He had called over the phone to wish her a happy birthday, but Nana had answered the phone and told him Tsuna was out celebrating with everyone else.

To say the least, Iemitusu cried like a baby. He was even ranting to Lal Mirch, who was about ready to stuff peppers (with the same name as herself) down his throat. "My baby girl doesn't even remember I exist!" or "Why doesn't my own cute daughter looooove meeeeeeeee!" He was saved thanks to Colonello.

Iemitsu was able to put it in the back of his mind eventually. Today, he had nothing to do but put his feet up on the desk and imagine his next vacation to the family. Even if the vacation was going to be far from now. It was still a nice day.

"Iemitsu." Lal strutted through his office doors with Colonello at her side. He was carrying a little blonde haired baby. Basil followed in with an arm full of envelopes. "You have mail that's a week old to go through. This stuff requires your attention."

"Cayenne-chan!" Iemitsu was quick to pay attention to the baby girl and even more quick to ignore Lal. Nope. No work today. Colonello handed his baby girl to Iemitsu, being especially gentle. Cayenne, or Cay, liked Iemitsu a lot. He was like a grandpa to her. She showed it by tugging at his shirt and giving him a gummy smile. "I can't wait till my little darling Tsuna gets married and has an equally cute granddaughter as you, Cay-chan. But first Tsuna-neechan is gonna have to find a worthy groom."

Cayenne laughed and Iemitsu sat on his desk chair with the baby on his lap. He failed to notice Colonello and Lal share a 'our boss is an idiot look'. Basil bit his lip and began to stack the mail on his desk. He specifically put the small black envelope a top the rest. Basil had a feeling Iemitsu was about to have a very, very shocked fit. Lal sighed, picking her baby up off CEDEF's boss. "I really do suggest you go through the mail. Colonello, I'm taking Cayenne outside. You two handle him."

Colonello and Basil both looked extremely anxious. They even jumped when the door closed behind Lal. Iemitsu picked up the black envelope, marveling at the beautiful silver borders and the specialized cursive of his name in the middle. It was stamped with a silver sun and the Vongola symbol in the center of the sun. Instead of colored wax, it was actually stamped with melted, especially shaped metal.

Iemitsu was hesitant to break the seal on such a piece of work, but eventually he did. There was a card, exactly the same size as the envelope, inside. It was black with the same silver font.

We cordially invite you to join us in the

Celebration of the Wedding of

Sawada, Tsunayoshi


Arcobaleno, Reborn

On May 20th at 3 O'clock

Vongola Manor

Iemitsu read it over again. And again. And again. And then a few more times. Then, the big huge freak out happened. The mail went everywhere and the desk flipped over, Iemitsu standing up too fast and bumping against it. Colonello and Basil jumped back, avoiding certain death from the heavy wooden desk. The boss of CEDEF was having a mental break down. He was screaming incoherently at his two most trusted men and threatening the life of the 'blasted, black haired son of !#&$ who dared to marry his daughter'.

(In Namimori, Reborn sneezed into his espresso cup. He was sitting, reading the paper, in the kitchen. Just another normal day. Tsuna looked up pass her meal, brows knitting. Reborn shrugged, 'Probably just some pepper'.)

"I-Iemitsu-dono! Please calm yourself!" Basil begged, frantically. Colonello put a hand on the younger's shoulder and shook his head. Iemitsu picked up his cell and began dialing a phone number. He broke the pad, screamed, and reached for the desk phone. He calmed himself enough to dial the house number. It rang twice before a smooth baritone answered.

"Sawada resi-"

"You son of a !#&$! How dare you even #%&^*$ think about laying a hand on my daughter!" Iemitsu yelled, angrily.


On the other side of the phone, Reborn sighed. Tsuna peered around the corner, frowning. The Italian shook his head saying 'nothing'. Iemitsu was yelling a crap ton of insults and threats through the phone. Instead of listening, Reborn placed the phone on his shoulder. "Hey, Tsuna. Your dad RSVP-ed."

"You goddamn little &%$ ! I do not support this!"

"Bye, Iemitsu. I'll see you on the 20th." Reborn watched his bride walk away happily before whispering into the phone. "I'll kill you if you ruin this for us."

Then he hung up. Reborn sighed, cracking his neck at the same time. Iemitsu was over a week late on an RSVP. Tsuna had been in complete freak out mode. She was constantly looking at the phone, biting her lips. Tripping. There was a whole lot of tripping. Their seemingly never-ending supply dwindle to single digits just yesterday. The brunette was just sweating over how 'is father going to be okay with this… I know we asked grandpa ninth instead….but he was busy…. I wonder if he'll show up…. I-'. Good God did Reborn want to shoot himself.

Marrying Tsuna wasn't and could never be a bad thing. But being related to Iemitsu was. Reborn gave another heavy sigh. He turned his head scratching at the hairline under his fedora. That's when he noticed that Tsuna was leaning against the wall, worry marring her soft features. "Is something wrong?"

"How long have you been there?" Reborn replied, smirking. A pair of sun kissed hands grabbed at the small body in front of him. Tsuna rested her chin against the world renowned hitman's chest. It was funny how short Tsuna was. Then again, Reborn mused, she was just a half-inch off the average for Japanese women.

"You stood in front of the phone for 5 minutes. Did father say something?" She asked, slight alarm passing her milk chocolate eyes.

"RSVP-ed. That's all." He replied, non-chalant.

"You suck awful at lying." Tsuna chuckled, wrapping her arms around her lover's waist. When they had started officially dating, Tsuna was eighteen. Not that she and Reborn didn't go out on 'dates'. Dates that the Italian had refused to call dates, by the way. The brunette was self-conscious about touching or all physical contact. Often, questions such as 'is it okay to put my hand their?', or 'Wow… we're holdign hands… is that..okay?', or 'is k-k-k-k-kissing…ohmygodohmygodohmygod…is this f-fine?' popped into her head. Reborn was highly entertained by how flustered she got. (and unknown to Tsuna, he was purposely trying to get her to freak out.)

But now, her arms just fell naturally around the contours of Reborn's body. Happily resting her head on his shoulders while he read a book on the couch while Tsuna played a video game. From their physical interactions to their communication, everything just seemed to work.

Reborn loved Tsuna. It didn't matter why or how or all the other small details that people loved to pick at, it just mattered that it was true. "You know, dear," Goodness, when had he become so soft that he even used pet names, "…some would disagree with that statement?"

"Fine." Tsuna stuck out the tip of her tongue. "You suck at lying to me."

Reborn laughed, "You're dad doesn't approve of anyone marrying his 'adorable-adorably cute and only daughter'."

"…he forgot that we're been dating for four years didn't he?"

"Most likely. Maman told him over three months ago that we were getting married. He threatened me then too." Reborn smirked. Iemitsu and Nana had quite the difference in opinion when they found out that the Italian had proposed. Maman was so happy, she nearly dropped the cooking utensil in her hand. She immediately hugged Tsuna and congratulated them.

Nana had hugged Reborn too and she said, "I know you're already in the family, but welcome to the family, Reborn."

Iemitsu had apparently chosen to completely repress the memory of finding out her daughter was dating the number one hitman in the world. Reborn could relate, he would hate his daughter to date a man as dangerous as him. But Iemitsu's logic wasn't going to stop him.

"He'll come, Tsuna." Reborn drew a circle with his fingertip across Tsuna's lower back. "He's being a baby, but he pull through. He wouldn't miss your wedding day. Even if it was for Vongola. Even if it was for Vongola, it doesn't matter. The whole family is going to be there."

"Don't remind me. If you do, my knees'll start shaking and I'll fall." Tsuna replied, nervously.

"I'll make sure to tell you right before the ceremony then." Reborn chuckled, kissing Tsuna's eyebrow. Tsuna shuddered in his arms. It just made Reborn laugh into the thick brown locks, his fingers tangling through the mess that Tsuna called hair. The smell of oranges filled his nostrils. Tsuna had such a beautiful mess of thick hair. "You smell, dame-Tsuna."

"Heeey," Tsuna whined, jokingly. She got up on her toes and kissed Reborn's jaw line. "You know, we don't have any appointments for anything today. We could just…."

"Lay in bed and cuddle." Reborn finished for his beloved.

"I was thinking more along the lines of sex." Tsuna grumbled.

"Nope. Rules, Tsuna." Reborn chuckled. It was funny to torture Tsuna.

"I know." She humph-ed. "No sex until the honeymoon. Which makes no sense since we've already had sex. A lot."

"Rules are rules, dame-Tsuna." Reborn had to hide his bemused smirk when Tsuna showed visible signs of dislike.

A/N: I guess this can be a two shot. At first I was going to do a full story, but I'm not too sure how much motivation I have… Then it turned into a one shot. Now, I'm being indecisive and I guess I'm going to go for a two shot… yeah…. Anyway, please share your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed the first of (maybe) two.