I was down at the market with Oh. In one hand I was carrying a list of what my mother needed me to grab and in the other was a basket to carry the items. I was staring at the apples, deciding which were the best when I heard Oh suck in a breath beside me. Looking up, I saw a crowd of people dressed in dark clothes. In the center was Tahno, his hair falling to one side in luscious waves.

"Mother of spirits," He whispered in amazement. "Probending champion, Tahno. This is one of the best days of my life." He looked at me, expecting my agreement.

I shrugged, reaching for an apple. "I suppose." He's the Fire Ferret's next opponent. A year ago I would have been freaking from just the sight of him. Now, I felt nothing.

Oh knew this, too. His jaw dropped. "You're kidding me, right?"

"I know you," Tahno said, appearing with his arm around two girls. "You hang with those Fire Ferret losers." He talked slowly, in a way that gave me chills.

"Maybe," I said, not looking up from the fruit. I grabbed another apple.

Oh began to talk to Tahno, when he raised a hand and cut Oh off. Tahno's fingers curled under my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He was inches from me when he whispered, "You're their sister."

My breath was caught in my throat. "Wh-what makes you think that?" I wanted to look away, but his fingers still held my face up.

"A little birdy told me. You know," he said, leaning close and whispering into my ear. "There are no rules about spending nights with other competitors' sisters." His breath was hot against me skin.

I jerked away from him, dropping the basket and stumbling back a couple steps. He laughed a sickening laugh, throwing his arm around the girls again and turning around. "Tell the uh-vatar I said hi," he called over his shoulder as he left.

Oh seemed disappointed the whole walk back. "Who knew my favorite bender of all time would turn out to be such a jerk," He murmured, kicking rocks.

I held the basket with both hands. It was full and heavy. "I just hope the Fire Ferrets kick his ass."

"Yeah, well if he says something like that to you again then I might just have to kick his ass myself," Oh said.

At home, Oh helped me unload all the groceries before heading back to his own house. Mother was gone to help her friend move, and father was at work. I had the house to myself, and took my time doing chores. Once I was done, I sat on the couch with nothing to do. For once, training in the basement didn't seem very entertaining at the moment. I decided to go visit Korra.

I took a boat ride to Air Temple Island. No one paid much attention as I wondered around looking for Korra. I found her meditating under a tree. She didn't hear me approach and jumped when i called her name. "Oh, hey Shai," She said, standing up. She was wearing Air bending clothes, but with the sleeves rolled up. "What are you doing here?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I had nothing better to do and I haven't seen you in a while."

She smiled. "Thanks for coming. I'm supposed to be meditating, but it's so boring. I was almost asleep."

We both laughed. "Yeah, congratulation on making it to the finals."

We began to walk. I don't know where we were walking to, but we were walking. She grinned at me. "Thanks. We barely won though." She frowned. "I guess you know what happened with Bolin."

I nodded. "Hows he doing?"

Korra gave me a genuine smile, her eyes sparkling. "He actually seems to be doing pretty good."

"I'm glad," I said. "And what's going on between you and Mako?"

"Oh." She fiddled with her hands, looking. "I don't know." She looked up at me. "Come on, let's get some lunch in the city."

We got some fire nation cuisine and sat at the park, eating it. "I love spicy food!" Korra exclaimed, munching down on the food. She changed before we left and was now wearing her usual water tribe outfit.

I took small bites, but spice wasn't my favorite. "Right..." I put down my food. "So how's training?"

She looked up at me. "Oh, uh, its going good I guess."

I raised a brow, expecting her to continue.

Korra sighed, leaning back on Naga. "Air bending sucks."

I laughed. "Still can't get it?"

"No!" She crossed her arms. "Not a single measly puff of air!"

"Don't worry," I told her. "It's a stupid element anyway."

She gave me a small smile. "How's waterbending?"

"Good," I lied. "Been training with my waterbending master everyday." Another lie. It's been several days since I've seen Moki.

"That's awesome. Maybe some time I can give you some pointers."

"That'd be so cool!"

She frowned. "I can't today though. Actually, I have to leave soon. We got extra probending practice."

I stood up, stretching. "Alright, well I'll see you at the tournament tonight!"

Korra punched the air. "Yeah, those Wolf Bats are going down."

"Korra will you do me a favor?"

She stopped and looked at me. "Sure, what is it?"

"Kick Tahno's ass."

She smirked. "Will do. Southern Water tribe style."

She began walking away, but paused. "Wait, did you hear what happened this morning?"

I walked over to Naga and pet her head. "Uh, no. What happened?"

"Amon." She said his name with distaste. "He threatened to ruin our tournament."

My eyes grew wide. "What? How?!"

"Told the council to stop the match or else."

"That's insane...well did they?"

"Hell no!" Korra said. "We went over there and talked them out of it. Actually, Chief Beifong talked them out of it."

Chief Beifong. I met her at the party I think. She had the scars on her face and grey hair. Or was that someone else? No, I'm sure that was her. I met a lot of people that night, but she had an unforgettable face. "Really? I would have never guessed her to be a probending fan."

"Me neither. But she swore to protect everyone at the tournament and take responsibility, so the council is letting the final match continue."

I smiled. "Good! Amon can't rule this city."

Korra threw an arm around me. She was surprisingly tall. "Not on my watch, he wont."

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