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Chapter 1— Confusion in the morning

Morning came to Halloween Town and every (diurnal) creature awoke to get ready for a new day. Everyone, that is, except two ghouls, who were still sleeping peacefully at the Pumpkin King's mansion.

Jack yawned as the sun rays entering through the window hit him in the face. He slowly opened his eye-sockets—and groaned tiredly. He had never liked the mornings; they always meant a new day of planning the same old thing had began...

But, somehow, he felt different waking up today. He felt.. renewed. For some strange reason.

He lazily moved his gaze from the ceiling to look down—only to meet with a shower of chestnut hair falling down his chest. He stared blankly at the girl lying on top of him.


He noticed her arms were wrapped around him, and he was holding her protectively as well.

What was Sally doing here? Why hadn't he noticed she was here? And, more importantly, why in the world were they both naked?

He gasped as this realization hit him, jumping up and effectively untangling himself from her—and promptly falling off the bed.

The loud thud (and surprised yelp) had woken up the girl in question, who yawned and stretched out sleepily, sitting on the bed. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she had a double take—this wasn't her room.

Whose was it, then?

"S-Sally..." a male voice called from somewhere beneath her. She crawled to the side of the bed to see who it was, and found Jack lying there, fumbling to cover himself up with what appeared to be a part of his suit (which wasn't really on him to begin with).

She gaped at him for a moment, before realizing she was naked as well and hurriedly covering herself with the sheets. Jack blushed slightly, as he had caught a glimpse of the upper part of her body before she could conceal it.

"Jack? Why- What happened?" she asked, a hint of fear in her voice.

"I- I don't know, Sally..." he replied, just as lost as she was.

"Do you.. remember anything that happened last night?" she asked in a mousy voice.

Jack fought to remember with all his might, but the last thing he could come up with from the previous night was when he and Sally were talking at Spiral Hill. Then, there was just blackness, as if he had done nothing else.

"No... The last memory I have is you and me at Spiral Hill..." he said, holding his head in slight pain from the effort he just did.

"Yeah, that's what I got, too..." the ragdoll answered, holding her head as well and wincing slightly.

An uncomfortable silence rose between them as each pondered what could the events of last night be and why couldn't they remember them.

Jack wondered what the hell could they have done for them to end up sleeping together, and the closest possibility sprang up to his mind immediately. 'Well, since we were naked…' He shook his head fiercely to get rid of that thought, blushing as he did.

'Absolutely not!' he thought, alarmed.

He was a gentleman and there was no way he was going to think that he did that with a girl he'd just admitted his feelings to. And, c'mon, this was Sally he was talking about! He seriously doubted she was the kind of girl that would do something like that the same night they had their first kiss.

'Maybe we just went to sleep without clothes...' He tried to convince himself of that, but there was still the question of why exactly had he brought Sally to his house last night.

Sally, meanwhile, was more just than a bit confused. Why, in the first place, was she sleeping in Jack's house? And why, more importantly, were they both sleeping naked? Wasn't that the whole purpose of homes and clothes, for one to use them? Just as she finished this thought, though, Jack spoke up from his place on the floor.

"Uh, shouldn't we get dressed now, Sally?" he asked, a drop of uncertainty in his voice.

Sally brought her gaze back to him. There, sitting on the floor, looking down, and with his slightly blushed cheekbones, he looked strangely adorable, even if he was the Master of Fright. She giggled softly to herself, before nodding and starting to look for her clothes.

'That's weird. Why are they in the other side of the room?'

Temporarily forgetting there was someone else with her, she walked up to them calmly and began dressing.

Hearing the noise from her footsteps, Jack curiously looked at her—and just as quickly looked back to the floor, blushing furiously. He tried to focus on looking for his own clothes, which turned not to be so difficult. His jacket and shirt were lying on top of the nightstand (why..? Just- You know, he didn't want to know), and he had previously used his pants to cover his lower body. Now the only thing missing was his underwear. He scanned the room as far as his eye-sockets could go from where he was on the floor (He definitely didn't wanted to stand up and look for them, lest he caught sight of Sally's naked form again.), but he didn't found them. This frustrated him, because now he couldn't even begin to dress and with Sally in the room that was a little more than just an inconvenience.

"Are you dressed yet?" Sally called to him, peeking over where he was.

"Um.. No. I, uh, can't find my underwear," he replied, a little embarrassed he had to admit that out loud.

"Oh." Sally said, blushing slightly, "I'll go make some breakfast, then. Are you hungry?"

Jack nodded meekly. In reality, he was starving. The last thing he had ate (or he remembered he had eaten) had been before the 'taking over Christmas' incident, and that had just been a snack. He didn't felt thirsty, though, which was odd.

And he felt awfully tired too, but that was another matter...

Sally smiled and walked out of the room, heading downstairs, where she supposed the kitchen was. When Jack was sure she was completely gone, he took his clothes (He had found his underwear near the place where Sally's clothes had previously been.) and began getting dressed. When he was done with that, he rushed down the spiral stairs, anticipating the meal his dear Sally would prepare.

So.. I bet you weren't expecting that, of all things. xD I know, it's crazy, and I even feel sorry for doing that to such a sweet and innocent couple as Jack and Sally, but as I said, it's just something I came up with and started writing about. There is going to be some fluff later on, though. :)

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