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Chapter 5

When they entered the main part of town, they met with a curious sight. Harlequin was running around, panicking with an anxious face that could rival the Mayor's. As soon as he spotted them, he ran to them and was by their side in no more than five seconds.

"Jack, Sally!" he said, panting, "I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"You were? ...And what for?" Jack asked, his curiosity peaked.

Harlequin sighed anxiously, looking as if he was about to say something he didn't want to say.

"Well, I found out something that happened at the party last night.."

"Something about us?" Sally asked.

Harlequin shook his head. "No, it's something else." He took a breath before continuing. "Several people who were at my party have complained about some weird things happening. Well, not them, but people who know them and weren't at the party. Apparently, they have all been having a particular set of symptoms."

"...What are you getting at?" Jack asked, quite nervous by now since he sensed where this was going.

"First, the Mayor told me you were asking about the events of last night, is that right?"

Intrigued, they nodded.

"Oh, this was what I feared..." He looked even more worried at their admission. "You see, everyone has been saying that some of the folks at the party don't remember being at the party, too. I did some research with the witches and they said it was possible they—and you guys—consumed some of their Forget-me-pills, maybe camouflaged in the food or drinks. I'm sorry; I didn't knew."

The couple in question widened their eyes. So that was the reason they couldn't remember. For a moment, Jack had thought they had drunk one too many at the party, but waved it off as out-of-character for both. He had wondered about that since then.

"And what are the exact effects of this pill?" Sally said, ever-curious.

"Well... Besides memory loss of the last 3 hours, they give a slight sense of happiness, and, in some cases..." He cleared his throat awkwardly at what he was to say, "A state of arousal it is hard to fight."

Stunned, Jack widened his eye-sockets to their maximum and his jaw fell open just slightly. That was it. That was the last detail his former theory needed to become fact. He had not only taken Sally to his mansion for compensation, he also did it because he.. No, he couldn't bear to finish that thought.

Still, there was a very slim chance...

"Are you sure we drank those pills?" he asked, a hint of fear and disbelief interlaced in his voice.

"I remember that when you found me, you drank a bit of one of the drinks served in the table. But as for Sally, I'm not so sure, although that if she can't remember a thing, it's almost positive she did consume something at some time in the party," Harlequin elaborated.

The skeleton dropped his head in shame.

Meanwhile, Sally looked between Jack and Harlequin, trying desperately to understand the conversation they just had.

'Arousal'? What was that? Why couldn't she seem to understand anything that she was told today? She decided she would have to ask Jack later, to see if he could shed some light in her doubts.

After Harlequin apologized one more time, they said their goodbyes and the couple headed home. After all the reminiscing of the events last night and the consequences he would have to face for them, Jack was really tired.

As for the matter with Sally... How could he? He still couldn't believe it, and not even the fact that he was under the effect of a drug could comfort him. He was the Pumpkin King; he should have some control over himself.

He was not looking forward to the talk he would have to have with Sally later on. From the looks of things, she had not understood what transpired the previous night between them, so he would have to explain. There were repercussions for what had happened between them, he knew this, and 'the talk' was only part of them.

He had always imagined he would have to explain that matter to someone in an awkward talk someday (maybe his kids.. Not that he had ever imagined he would ever had children before, but now there was this with Sally...), but he never would have thought that someone could be his girlfriend.

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