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Roads Less Traveled

Chapter 1:

Summer had gone by seemingly in a matter of seconds. With only a few attacks from Xana, the Lyoko Warriors had most of the summer to spend to themselves; except for poor old Odd. Having five older sisters wasn't much fun, and just his luck, his parents had decided that Vanessa should come to Kadic this year due to a few problems of hers. Thus, four Della Robbia family members sat in a cramped SUV filled with assorted colors of black and purple luggage.

"Now Odd, remember to keep Kiwi out of sight, okay? We don't want your gym teacher to get suspicious again, now do we?" Odd's father spoke.

"Yeah, Odd, make sure that mangy mutt of yours stays away from me." Vanessa was rather moody. She wasn't exactly thrilled to be leaving home.

"This 'mangy mutt' has a name, you know." Odd mockingly stuck his tongue out, "And it's not like he leaves my room much anyway."

Kiwi lightly whimpered, "I know, buddy, we'll see them soon." The small dog settled itself back into Odd's lap, "That's my diggity dog! Look V, he's so graceful!"

Vanessa glanced at the animal, noticing it twitch, "Yeah, that's about as graceful as tractor-pulling."

Unable to contain himself, Odd burst into laughter, "Wow V, I didn't know you had it in you! My genius must have rubbed off on you, huh?"

Vanessa scoffed at him before laughing and returning to her window. In the distance, Kadic Academy came into view. What Vanessa had in store for her was nothing like what she expected.

"Bye mom! Bye dad!" Vanessa and Odd waved as the vehicle drove away. In the distance, a familiar voice could be heard.

"Odd!" the sound of Aelita's voice suddenly brought his attention.

"Hi, Princess! How was summer without me, huh?" Odd playfully poked her forehead, causing her to twitch slightly.

"I missed everything about you." she paused, "Except your stupid jokes."

Odd scowled at her, "Yeah, nice to see you, too. Anyway, this is my sister, Vanessa. Vanessa, this is Aelita, my gir-…I mean our distant cousin from Canada! You remember the one I was telling you about, right?" he scratched the back of his head nervously.

Vanessa eyed him carefully before dismissing her brother's awkward behavior, "Yeah, I remember you telling me about her 'natural' pink hair."

"But…it is natural…see?" Aelita slightly tilted her head, revealing that her roots were the same color as the rest of her hair, "And look at my eyebrows!"

Vanessa's eyes widened, "Wow…that's so awesome! Hey Odd, are the rest of your friends this cool?" Aelita slightly blushed at the complement.

"Yeah, V, they are. Except for Ulrich; he's just a pain in my a-,"

"What's that about Ulrich?" the brunette was walking towards the three teens with an apple in his hand.

"Oh, um, nothing buddy! I was just describing how wonderful of a friend you are and how you don't snore like a bear!" Odd snorted and Aelita slightly giggled.

"Alright, Mr. Smelly Feet." Ulrich glanced at Vanessa, "So who's this?"

Vanessa hastily jumped in front of Odd, "My name's Vanessa! But you can just call me V. I'm this dork's older sister." she playfully punched Odd's shoulder.

He stuck his hand out to her, which she took, "Well V, it's nice to meet you. You and Yumi will probably get along well together." He gestured down at her attire.

Vanessa had straight, dyed black hair with magenta slashed bangs that covered one eye. She wore black Converses, magenta capris, a black tank top, and heavy mascara and shimmery magenta eye shadow. She was rather short; about five inches below Ulrich.

Odd spoke up, "Yumi is the gothic Japanese girl I told you about. She's in your grade."

Ulrich eyed him wearily, worrying about what else he had told her about the group, "Well, we shouldn't just stand out here in the heat. Let's go see what room you're going to have."

Ulrich walked with Vanessa and Odd walked with Aelita. Ulrich soon initiated a conversation with Vanessa, "Here, let me carry your luggage." Ulrich grabbed her bags, not giving her much of a choice. Vanessa blushed slightly.

Odd and Aelita trailed behind the pair to start their own conversation.

"Those two seem to have hit it off." Aelita commented.

"Maybe it's because she's actually shorter than he is!" Odd cracked. It was true that Ulrich wasn't exactly what one would call tall.

"And she's scene, too. Just like Ulrich likes." Aelita looked at Odd, "Why does she dress like that, anyway? It's cute, don't get me wrong, but it just seems kind of…"

"Dark? Depressing? The antithesis of happy?"

"Precisely! Wait…did you just say 'antithesis'? Jeez, you've been hanging around me too long!" she playfully flicked his ear.

"Ow! I try to be a good boyfriend, and this is what I get?" he winked at her, making her blush. He made sure as to not answer her previous question.

"Be quiet, you! If you've forgotten, we're supposed to be cousins."

"Yeah, I know. Just think, after Kadic we won't have to hide it!" a smile appeared on the purple clad teen, seemingly splitting his face.

"Hide what?" Vanessa turned to her younger brother, eyeing him warily.

Aelita covered his mouth, "Ha…um, nothing!"

Odd licked Aelita's palm, making her pull away, "Doesn't matter, I already forgot!" He winked at her, letting her know that he understood.

"Another Della Robbia? I'm sure Jimbo will be rather pleased to have a third member of the family at our institution." Mr. Delmas rambled, stamping papers as he did so.

"Yes sir. Jim absolutely loves us Della Robbia's! Isn't that right, Ulrich?" Odd laughed.

Ulrich threw the last bit of his apple in a nearby trashcan, "If by 'enjoy', you mean he wants to wipe you off the face of the Earth, then yeah."

Even Mr. Delmas chuckled slightly, "Yes, quite. Jimbo still hasn't given up on your little gang's 'scheme'. I suppose he'll never learn."

Ulrich, Odd, and Aelita quickly glanced at each other. Aelita spoke, "Yeah, you know good ol' Jim. Always playing detective."

"Quite. Vanessa, here is your room key. The only room we had left was a single bedroom, so I hope you don't have problems with loneliness. If so, I'm sure your new friends would be glad to visit you." He waved his hand at the group, "Please excuse me, now. I have much important work to do."

Vanessa examined her room key, "Room number 112. Anyone know where that is?"

Aelita's eyes shot up, "112? That's the room right beside mine!"

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me." Ulrich complained, heaving the heavy luggage over his shoulder.

Vanessa looked to Ulrich, "You know, I can carry one of those bags if you want me to." Ulrich's face contorted at the discomfort of lugging her bags up the staircase.

"No, no. I couldn't possibly let you carry them." He smiled at her.

Vanessa blushed slightly and turned her head to her brother. Odd gave her a goofy look and glanced from her to Ulrich then back to her. He tried not to make his discomfort about Vanessa suddenly being so open seem noticeable. Aelita couldn't help but giggle at the situation.

"108, 109, 110, Aelita's room, and 112!" Vanessa laughed at Ulrich's childlike attitude.

"Welcome home, V." Odd laughed as Vanessa retrieved her bags from Ulrich, making her stumble a little. She looked around at the room. Teal walls, one wooden desk, one wooden wardrobe, one cabinet, one shelf, and one twin sized bed. The only noticeable thing in the room was a nice vanity mirror that had been placed in all of the female dorms over the summer.

"It's not as classy as my room back home, but I suppose it'll do." Vanessa laughed, sitting her luggage on her mattress.

Ulrich laughed, "Yeah, considering the Della Robbia Estate is bigger than the entire academy!"

Aelita laughed at his joke, but soon stopped as she realized that he wasn't kidding, "I knew you were rich but…really?"

"Yeah, we've got a big family. And with Odd around, we have to have a large stockpile of food." The gang laughed at her joke. Odd was happy that she wasn't so depressed anymore, but was still skeptical, nonetheless.

Odd spoke, "Alright alright, we'll leave so you can get settled in. By the way, Mom said she'd be sending your desktop and your bass sometime next week, so be expecting them. Oh, that reminds me! My parents let me bring my Xbox this year!" he gestured to one of the many boxes that he was carrying

Ulrich pumped his fist in the air, "Sweet! I'll bet you a week's worth of desserts that I can beat you in a match of Halo!"

Odd faced Ulrich with a smile splitting his face, "You're on!" The two teens hurried downstairs, shouting several silly challenges towards one another.

Aelita giggled, pinching the bridge of her nose, "Seeing as though you won't be getting any help from the boys, I suppose I'll help you unpack."

"Thanks, Aelita. So, is it true that we're actually cousins? How come I've never heard of you before Odd told me about you?"

"Yeah, we traced the family tree down and it turns out that we're cousins. It's pretty far back though, so that's probably why none of us knew." She rubbed the back of her head nervously.

Vanessa didn't notice her awkward behavior, "That's so cool! I guess it makes sense; Della Robbia purple and Stones pink. Hair colors like these aren't exactly normal."

Aelita laughed and opened Vanessa's biggest suitcase. What she had expected to be clothes turned out to be quite the opposite. Inside the suitcase were various wires, at least 50 albums from various artists, several guitar picks, and a very expensive looking Macintosh laptop in its own case.

"I'm under the impression that music also runs in the bloodline, huh?" Aelita gawked at the recording materials and musical items.

"You play?"

"I've been told that I quote, rape, unquote at DJ-ing. I'm not one to brag, but the Subdigitals did choose me to be their opening act…twice. And I featured in a music video shot for them, as well."

"That's so awesome! I'm not that in to techno, though. I'm more into post-core kind of stuff. I played bass guitar in my band back in America." she walked over to Aelita, showing her many of the various albums she owned, "August Burns Red, Ten After Two, Of Mice And Men, stuff like that."

"I've never even heard of these bands before."

"I didn't assume that you had, considering you're attire is mostly pink." She paused, "I used to be like you, you know?"


"Yeah…but I'd rather not talk about it." She smiled and continued to unpack her clothes while Aelita arranged her CD's on the shelves.

"Alright, HDMI goes here…Xbox goes here…and walla! Let's do this!" Odd plopped down on his still unmade bed.

"Odd, let's at least unpack your bags and stuff before we play." Ulrich said.

"Come on…" Odd grumbled for a few seconds, before admitting his defeat and opening one of his bags, "So, how are you and Yuuuumiii?"

Ulrich shrugged, "We agreed that we should just be friends."

Odd choked on his own saliva, "You what? Dude, I'm offended for you!"

"Actually, it was a mutual thing. We both agreed that it just wasn't meant to be, you know? I mean, yeah she's cute, but it's better for the group if we don't date. Imagine if we got together then broke up. It would break the whole group apart."

"Yeah…I suppose you're right." Odd lowered his voice to a whisper, "But then again, Aelita and I have been just fine and we've been dating over the whole summer."

"I'm just as shocked that you can keep a girlfriend as you are, good buddy." Ulrich laughed at his joke. Odd scowled at him, but ended up laughing as well, "Speaking of which, is Jeremy still mad about it?"

"I don't really know, I haven't seen him since that last Xana attack. You know, the one where you nearly got burned to death by 'Xana the Firebender'?" Odd grimaced at the thought of the specter hurling fire blasts at them.

"Ugh, don't remind me. Hey, how are we supposed to keep Xana a secret from Vanessa?"

"I don't have a single clue. I didn't even know she was coming until the last minute." he paused, shoving his now empty suitcase under his bed, "She's the only one of my sisters that I get along with, so she might be more willing to keep it a secret if she does find out. Besides, she's been really antisocial since what happened, so she won't be blabbing to anyone."

"Wait, what happened?"

"I think it'd be better if she told you. All I can say is that she no longer trusts guys as much as she once did." Odd's mood suddenly dampened. Although the two were rivals, they still cared for each other in a family type of way.

"I guess I can respect that. She seemed pretty chill when I talked to her, though." Ulrich commented.

"Yes, but you have that effect on all of the girls, if you haven't noticed." Odd gave him his classic smirk. Ulrich kiddingly tossed a pillow in Odd's direction, having it hit his forehead.

"Hey, be careful not to rough up my beautiful face, bro!" Ulrich simply chuckled at his remark before sitting on the newly made bed and turned on the Xbox.

"You playing or not?"

"Woo! A week's worth of desserts, here I come!" Odd plopped down on the bed beside Ulrich and synchronized his remote, "Oh God dangit…"

Ulrich looked at him with amusement, "There's no way I'm getting up to put the disc in. You do it."

"Ulrich, I swear I'll make it up to you if you'll only do this one thing for me." Odd pleaded, giving Ulrich a puppy dog face.

"Nope. I'm way too lazy to get up. Besides, it's your Xbox." Ulrich smirked at him. Odd, still refusing to get up, continued to sit in the same position, facing the gaming console that sat ten feet across the room. After a few minutes of silence, Ulrich puffed and shoved himself up, "You owe me so much."

"I knew you'd do it eventually."

After starting the game, Odd ventured over to the 'Multiplayer' menu, selecting '1v1 battle'. Odd started the game and looked at Ulrich mischievously. The first round went well for Ulrich, who was the Red Spartan. As soon as the round started, he headed straight to the middle of the map to grab the 'Gravity Hammer', knowing it would be of great significance to him. As soon as Odd rounded a corner, Ulrich pulverized him.


Odd whined, "Hey, no fair!"

"Last I checked, the use of Gravity Hammers was still legal." He laughed and started the next round.

Odd came out on top in this round, seeing that he had memorized the map due to hours of continuous gameplay. He played smart, going around the outskirts of the map to reduce the chances of being seen. After what seemed like an endless trek, the blonde finally found what he was looking for. Propped against a rock was a Sniper Rifle perfect for what he had planned. As soon as he saw Ulrich going for the 'Gravity Hammer', he pulled the trigger.


"Oh I see, you camper. You pitched a tent and everything! Good job." Ulrich complained.

"Nuh uh! I had just gotten there!" Odd laughed and started the third and final round.

When the round started, Ulrich decided to take a different approach. Instead of going head on to find Odd, he would wait for Odd to find him. The in-game announcer rang out, informing them that they had five minutes left. Still having not seen each other, they both scooted up to the edge of the bed from nervousness. Finally, Ulrich got what he asked for as he witnessed Odd walk right past him. In a quick jolt of energy, he hurriedly pressed buttons.


"No! A whole week's worth of desserts just went down the drain! How will I live?" Odd shouted to the ceiling as he fell of the bed and onto his knees.

"You know what? You can keep your desserts! Just beating you is all the satisfaction I needed." Ulrich put his hands behind his head and leaned against the wall.

Before the two could say anything else, Jim burst through their door, "What is all this ruckus about, huh? You just got here and you're already hootin' and hollerin'! Why, it reminds me of a time when I played lead guitar for a concert."

Ulrich surprisingly looked at him, "You played guitar in a band, Jim?"

"I, uh…I'd rather not talk about it." He paused, "Keep it down, will you? Please don't tell me your sister is like this, too!" Jim complained before walked away from their dorm without allowing them to answer.

Odd burst into hysterical laughter, "I guess he'll find out when he hears her play her bass!"

Ulrich, too, couldn't help but chuckle, "I can't wait to see his face."

Jeremy's father had just left the Kadic grounds, leaving his son with a Japanese girl that he hardly even knew. It was better than before though; back when he didn't have any friends at all. He smiled and turned his radio up, bobbing his head to the music.

Jeremy and Yumi were walking towards the dorms. Yumi had offered to carry some of his bags, but he only allowed her to carry one. He had matured greatly over the summer, and not just in his attitude. He had grown a few inches, and was now the same height as Yumi. He was still short for his age, but he had grown, nonetheless. His attire had changed, as well. It consisted of a dark orange t-shirt, gray sweatpants, and casual sneakers. He had lost his glasses over the summer and was forced to wear contacts, making him seem like less of a nerd.

"Have you seen the others, Yumi?" he asked. His voice had gotten slightly deeper, as well. It wasn't as deep as Ulrich's or William's, but he no longer sounded like a child.

"Nope, I just arrived on the grounds, myself. I tried to call Ulrich, but his phone must have been turned off because all I got was his voicemail." Yumi slightly scowled at how the brunette never seemed to keep his phone on.

"Speaking of Ulrich, how are you two doing? Like, what's the situation between you two?"

Normally, Yumi would never open up to people. But seeing that Jeremy was a closer friend than any of the others besides Ulrich, she decided to talk to him, "I told him we needed to remain friends."

Jeremy reacted the same way Odd did, by choking on his saliva, "You did what? I'm no expert on relationships, obviously," it was clear that he was talking about Aelita, "but I know for a fact that neither of you actually want that."

Yumi slightly nodded and looked away, "Yeah, but think about what would happen to our group if we happened to break up. Then Lyoko battles would be even more hectic, and I don't want to be the one to put us through that."

"I suppose you're right."

In their conversation, they had failed to notice that they had ventured their way to Jeremy's dorm room. Jeremy turned the door knob and entered. Yumi stuck behind him, laying the bag she was carrying on his bed.

"You need any help unpacking? I'd be glad to." Yumi offered.

"No thanks. I'm sure you want to go see Ulrich and Odd. I'll be over there after I get done packing."

Yumi nodded before exiting the room.

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