Note: I wanted to try and write a story of a Yandere!Sakura, since Yanderes are amazing an possessive and I think Sakura would make a great one. :3 So heres a warning if you don't like yuri or gore, please don't read.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters.

The smell of smoke filled the air, it's think black color clogging the hall ways stretching out like vines. Despite the smoke, the sprinkler system never turned on, the flames slowly worked their way up and through the building devouring it all. It's light illuminated the dark sky, slowly burning the courtyard and benches creating an eerie lighting on the school building.

It was all such a joyous occasion for the lovely pinknette as she stared outside the secondary window in the school. Her right hand was pressed firm against the cold glass, strands of pink hair shadow her eyes, her pink plump lips turning into such a sinisterly frightening smile. She turned around slowly looking towards a figure sprawled out of the ground, from underneath the hair a light green eye glimmered.

With her long slender legs she slowly made her way towards the unmoving body, humming slightly. Stopping over the body, she bent down over it, tilting her head slowly her hair moved out of her eyes. They were crazed looking, bright green eyes that held possessiveness over the shallow breathing bluenetter below her.

Such pretty midnight blue hair pooled out around the girls head, oh how Sakura just wished to pull her fingers through to feel the softness, but she couldn't not yet. Glancing at her beloved face, she notice the slight glimmer the ivory pale skin made in the moonlight holding a slight pink tint on the cheeks. Lovely red lips tempt her to taste the girls sweet vanilla taste once again, to have their tongues tangle in a battle for dominance, but that can wait.

Her beloved Hinata looked so much like sleeping beauty, so pretty, Sakura couldn't help but stroke her face. Frowning slight as she traced the bluenettes eyelids, it was a shame to her that they were not open, for her Hinata had such pretty eyes. Giggling she remember the first time she saw them.

It was another day of school like any other, when she meet her beloved, her and Ino were in a such a heavy debate that day.

"Hey Ino-pig, move that's my seat!"

"I don't see you're name on it forehead!"

Both girls growled at one another pressing their foreheads together, pushing each others head back while giving their best death glare. Surprisingly the two were best friends, even though they couldn't stand to be in each others presence sometime. They were in such a heavy combat of name calling that they didn't notice a blonde boy walking up to them.

"Hey girls, I know I'm hot but you don't need to fight over me."

Both girls turned their head towards the grinning imbecile , Naruto, the two girl's clenched their fists heat sisling off of them. Naruto took no notice to this, his bright energy clashing with their darker energy, it was only when he noticed that he open his eyes to look at the girls, his faced pale instantly backing up a little.



Taking their fists the two females connected them to both sides of the poor boy's face, sending him sprawling backwards. He landed on a desk in the front with a bang, letting out a groan he picked his head up. Sakura and Ino stood there in front of him glaring down at him with daggers, their dark energy surrounding them.

"Who. would. fight. over. you. idiot." the blonde and pinknette stated out.

Letting out a whine, Naruto grumbled, "I was only joking." Picking himself up off the desk he rubbed his back, sore from the collision, "why are girls so mean, can't they be nice, I thought they were suppose to made from sugars and spice and everything nice, not devils and spice and everything cruel!"

"ha, that will be the day!" a voice shouted out.

All three of them turned their head towards a grinning Kiba seated upon the desk of a sleeping Shikamaru. Shino stood beside him lean up against the wall reading a small insect book. Jumping off the desk, Kiba slam his hands down on the other before him.

"I mean think about it," the dog boy started out, "all the girl's in our school, are just crazy! I mean they all secretly have devil horns, I mean even our upperclassmen, TenTen and Temari, can be big bitches them selves," raising a fist in the air he screamed out," WHY CAN'T THEY BE CUTE, SHY GIRLS!"

Tears started to fall out of his eyes, "I mean, you all you get is punch when you try to be nice to them, why can't they be sweet innocent angels! I mean I would love for a girl to blush when you check her out, not get pissed off and call you a perv!" falling to his knees he threw his hands into the air, " Please, if your out there, GIVE ME SOMETHING!"

"Kiba, you were dumped again weren't you?"

Rolling her eyes at the seen in front of her, Sakura head back to her seat no longer wishing to here Kiba go on about his uneventful love life. She already had her love, all she needed to do was prove that she was his only, smiling she glanced over at Sasuke. He was so handsome to her, the way he looked and his personality, it was amazing.

She had liked him ever since the second grade, he was just so mysterious and everything it excited her to no end, it didn't matter how many fan girls he had, they were meant to be. Well it didn't matter how many other girls thought that, she would just have to wait for him to see. Pulling out her notebook she started to doodle out what their kids would look like.

"Alright class, take your seats," Iruka shouted out, "Kakashi is sick today, so I'm filling in for English class today, so please, take your seats."

Everyone shuffled back to their seat, the sound of chairs scrapping against the floor sounded out mixing in with the people chatting away. Sakura didn't pay attention nor do she look up when the door open, she was lost in her own little world, she didn't even notice the blue haired girl walk in. She completely ignored the teacher when he spoke, drawing little stick figures of her and Sasukes family.

"Sakura," Iruka called out.

"Yes?" the pinknette looked forward towards her teacher, taking a slight gasp at the slight before her.

In the front of the class stood a tall, bluenette, she had a big chest that was noticeable even with the blue blazer button all the way, letting the white shirt and red tie to be seen. A knee length blue skirt, covered her long milk white legs, with white stocks covering the rest but a slight area below the knees. But even with nice long legs and a big chest, that didn't distract Sakura to much from the face, red trembling lips, tainted pink cheeks with the dark locks to frame it. This girl looked like an angel to Sakura, it made her heart go skyrocketing through the roof, it didn't help with he stomach jumping either.

"Sakura are you listening?"

"H-huh," Sakura shuttered out, glancing over at her teacher.

"I asked if you were listening to what I said," Iruka stated out.

"N-no, sorry Sensei," Sakura sputtered out slightly red, "I didn't hear you."

"I said you will be escorting, Miss. Hinata Hyuyga around the school,"he spoke out while rubbing his forehead with his index finger, slight annoyed that he had to repeat himself, "she's new here and won't know the way around the school, is that alright?"

Looking back over to the bluenette, Sakura smile, her green eyes meeting Hinata's, it was a stunning color, it reminder her of the moon.

"Yes, Sensei, I understand."