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It was so surreal to her being able to stare at her beauty first thing in the morning, her calm breaths of air so close that they mingled with her own. Her pale skin glisten in the light of the sun making her glow lightly. Such a pretty Queen, if she were to ask the mirror whom was the fairest it would have to say her, or else Sakura would have to make sure it wasn't dysfunctional or blind.

No, other person could be as beautiful as the dark bluenette in front of her, with the redden checks and thick eyelashes. There wasn't anyone else in this world who could make the pinkette's heart go into a flutter just from a smile, no one. And she hoped one day it'd be the same for Hinata, her beloved Angel.

Taking her hand she moved a small strand of hair behind the other girl's head, smiling silently to herself. Her sweet Hinata shifted a bit and then open those wonder lavender orbs.

The bluenette rubbed some sleep out of her eyes, while she sat up in the bed shifting it slightly. She rose her arms above her head stretching her body slightly with the cracking noise of a few bones, her top rising up with it giving the pinkette a brief peak of skin. It made her shudder as she bite her lip wanting to touch it, but not wanting to scare her love away. She couldn't let that happen.

Hinata glanced around the room, a confused expression fixed upon her face reminding Sakura of a lost rabbit. What a cute rabbit her love was, she was Sakura's rabbit of course.

It took the dark bluenette a few minutes to realize where she was, and when she did her gaze shift downwards towards Sakura's. Her lavender orbs meeting the other's green ones. And then she smiled that one smile that just took the pinkette's breath away, he one that just made her heart pound and bang on her rib cage threatening to burst out.

"Good Morning" it was a sing music note that made a smile burst out on to the pinkette's own face.


This was how things were suppose to be.

Her fingers were rubbing down at her place, hoping the bother would go away soon as her pink lips let out gasps and moans from her mouth. She could feel it growing near as she pinch and tweaked at her nipple leaning towards her sleeping beauty as she did.

Dipping her head down so close that her breaths of air were hitting off of her loves skin and back into her face, she licked her lips. Kissing down upon the pale woman's throat she trailed down to the collarbone, she then started to suck on that one spot leaving a dark red spot. Her sweet tasted so delicious, like her new favorite candy that she just couldn't get enough of.

It was a shameful thing to do while thinking of her sweet, but she couldn't help it, she never could. Hinata was the very essence of her dreams at night, with that smile and soft lips that just felt so good against her.

Sakura arched her back, her chest touching the sweet angel below her as she released her sinful act. Oh, but what a sin her sweet was, without even trying the girl could just send her into a wild coaster ride of obsessiveness and hunger that no other could. And it didn't help that she had to fend off her sweet from the big bad wolves around every corner.

It wasn't her fault that he got to close. He just need to be taught a lesson, and that's what he got.

Smiling to her self, the brown lifeless eyes just replayed in her mind shivering in pure pleasure from the lesson of that night that lend into so much trouble.