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It was so surreal to her being able to stare at her beauty first thing in the morning, her calm breaths of air so close that they mingled with her own. Her pale skin glistened in the light of the sun making her glow lightly. Such a pretty Queen, if she were to ask the mirror whom was the fairest it would have to say Hinata, or else Sakura would have to make sure it wasn't dysfunctional or blind.

No, other person could be as beautiful as the dark bluenette in front of her, with the redden cheeks and thick eyelashes. There wasn't anyone else in this world who could make the pinkette's heart go into a flutter just from a smile, no one. And she hoped one day it'd be the same for Hinata, her beloved Angel.

Taking her hand, she moved a small strand of hair behind the other girl's head, smiling silently to herself. Her sweet Hinata shifted a bit and then opened those wonderful lavender orbs.

The bluenette rubbed some sleep out of her eyes, while she sat up in the bed shifting it slightly. She rose her arms above her head stretching her body slightly with the cracking noise of a few bones, her top rising up with it giving the pinkette a brief peek of skin. It made her shudder as she bit her lip wanting to touch it, but not wanting to scare her love away. She couldn't let that happen.

Hinata glanced around the room, a confused expression fixed upon her face reminding Sakura of a lost rabbit. What a cute rabbit her love was, she was Sakura's rabbit of course.

It took the dark bluenette a few minutes to realize where she was, and when she did her gaze shift downwards towards Sakura's. Her lavender orbs meeting the other's green ones. And then she smiled that one smile that just took the pinkette's breath away, the one that just made her heart pound and bang on her rib cage threatening to burst out.

"Good Morning" it was a sing music note that made a smile burst out on to the pinkette's own face.


This was how things were supposed to be.

So, why was it that her sweet princess was being comforted by someone who wasn't her. Hinata was her's, not this man's, so why wasn't she over here letting Sakura tell her everything will be okay even though she was the one to cause the pain.

It was like her blood was on fire, as her green eyes burned with pure loathsome for the thing next to the bluenette. Her hands trembled with the need to squeeze the man's neck, but she kept them occupied with digging her nails into the wooden sleek desk. She knew she was leaving nail markings, yet she couldn't seem to care it was the only thing to keep her rage within her body without charging forward at that .. . .that ungrateful son of a bitch who dared touch her sweet.

"It's alright Hinata," the brunette male tried to soothe her angel, "I understand, losing Naruto was a terrible loss but you need to smile for him. He wouldn't like to see you this way."

If her blood hadn't been on fire before now it was just boiling over with pure contempt for the man. Why the hell would he bring up that insolent pest, all he did was get in the way of her and Hinata's love for each other. He had to go, his lost wasn't terrible, it was the greatest thing to ever happen. That idiotic blond was just trying to use her Hinata to get to herself, what a lost cause that was.

In her opinion Naruto got what he deserved, and the best part about it, is she felt no remorse to the simpleton's death. All she had to do was wait for Hinata to understand what she saw and then it would be the two of them just like it should be. But not with people like this idiot telling her the lost of Naruto was a terrible one. No, she doesn't need to hear such lies coming from his mouth. Maybe it was time to say goodbye to Iruka-sensei.

Her eyes darken into a deadly glare, when she saw her sensei place his hand on top of the sweet bluenette's shoulder in a comforting way. He shouldn't touch her, he shouldn't touch her repeated in the pink haired girl's mind as her breathing grew harder and harder. This stupid, stupid male shouldn't touch what was her's, not her Hinata. No, not her Queen, her love. She was hers!

The last string seemed to break as soon as her Hinata- Her HINATA- gave Iruka a heart warming smile of thanks, a smile that should have been hers! Something warm seemed to fall down Sakura's chin as a metallic taste filled her mouth, curiously she took her finger and brushed over the warmth. Pulling her hand away she glanced down at her fingertip which was stained with crimson liquid, her expression a passive one as she looked at it.

Grinning softly, she couldn't help but imagine it as her sensei's blood that stained her finger tip. She even let out a soft giggle as her grin seemed to grow slowly as wicked thoughts plagued her mind. Pushing herself upwards, Sakura wiped the remaining blood from her lips, and walked forward to the front desk where Hinata was being comforted at.

"Sensei~" She merrily called out smiling warmly to the man, " can I talk to you later?"