LES: Well, here it is. The final day of Kataang Week. The main theme of this particular story is something that I think a good portion of the fandom has forgotten with The Legend of Korra: that even though Aang has passed and Kataang is not in the series, Kataang lives forever. As I've always said, no matter how much or how little they show of Aang and Katara's relationship in flashbacks in Korra, even if they show none at all, I will be happy in the knowledge that they were happily married for so long. And, without further ado, here is the final day!

The day has come when our Aang and Katara have children, many cute family moments. Or the day when Aang has to leave… -sniff-

Day VII: Continued…


If you walked up to any random person on the street and asked them who the most powerful Water Tribe healer was, you'd get the same answer every time. Everyone knew that it was Master Katara, the widow of the late Avatar Aang. The talented Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe remained the first and only person who has ever successfully brought someone back from the dead.

A little less known was the identity of the second most powerful Water Tribe healer, but it wasn't much of a surprise when you thought about. She had been trained by the most powerful Bender and the most powerful Waterbender all her life, so it was no shock that Master Kya had all of her mother's talent.

Though Kya, as proof of her being a child of peacetime did not focus her Mastery on combat Waterbending. She could defend herself if need be, but it was in healing that she had her true calling. It was often said that she could reattach limbs, which was untrue. But, anything short of loss of limb and death could be healed by her.

This was why Kya couldn't understand why her healings were having so little effect on her latest and most important patient.

She and her brothers were gathered in the Southern Water Tribe, the birthplace of their mother. They all made a great effort to stay in contact with their mother, but they had not been drawn down to the South Pole for a pleasant visit.

Tenzin and Bumi, both of them having been in Republic City at the time, had received a message from the White Lotus. Master Katara was sick, and none of the treatments that the Healers of the South Pole were doing was working for her. Despite their best efforts, the venerable Water Tribe woman was dying.

Tenzin had immediately contacted his sister and, together, the siblings and their families had flown down to the South Pole with Tenzin. It was quite a group traveling to the South Pole. Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin with their families. Lin Bei Fong was coming as well. Avatar Korra and her friends refused to stay away. Korra, of course, loved her old Master. Not just because of any lingering feelings of love that she got from Avatar Aang, her previous incarnation, but because Master Katara had been one of her few friends while she was training with the White Lotus in the South Pole. Korra's friends: Mako, Bolin, and Asami did not know Master Katara like Korra did, but they came to be a support to their ailing friend.

Though Korra hardly seemed to need it. Indeed, she was the only person on the trip who had managed to remain in a relatively good mood.

They had arrived in the South Pole, and Kya had set to work on her mother immediately. But she soon became sick with the realization that there was very little she could do for her mother. It was just like when her father got sick. Nothing Katara did could help him. It was simply his time to go. Water Tribe healers could heal many different things, but time was still one of the things that no one could cure.

But Kya still persisted. Her normal cheerful disposition was gone as she poured her whole being into the healing in a desperate and futile attempt to save her mother. Once tears started to roll down her eyes, Bumi moved forward and pulled Kya away from their mother, pulling the sobbing woman into an embrace.

"There's nothing I can do." Kya whispered for her family to hear.

Tenzin stepped forward to join his siblings, and then he noticed that his mother was awake now and watching them. "Mother!" He gasped, moving to her side. Within moments, his siblings had joined him. Korra stood back near the wall of the small room. She longed to be up there next to Master Katara and her family, but she knew that this was a time for Katara to spend with her family.

Katara smiled warmly as her children took her side. "Kya… Bumi… Tenzin…" She said, smiling at each of her three children in turn. They had been her world ever since her husband passed away eighteen years ago, but she knew as well as they did that her time was coming to an end. "It's time."

Tenzin moved forward and grabbed her hand. "No, Mother…"

"Tenzin…" Katara whispered, grasping his tattooed hand in hers. "You know that this doesn't have to be a sad time. I don't want you to cry for me when I'm gone. I'm going to be reunited with your father, and we will both wait for our family to join us in the Spirit World, along with everyone who has gone before me."

"We know, Mom, but we still don't want you to go." Kya said tearfully. "We love you."

"I love you too." Katara replied. "From that moment that you were born, you became the world to Aang and I. We love you with all our hearts, and we will continue to watch over you from the Spirit World." She gazed at her three children. "But there is someone missing. Where is Korra?"

Korra jumped at the mention of her name and stepped out of the shadows. "I'm here, Master Katara."

"Well, stop standing in the shadows where I can't see you and come over here." Katara said kindly. Korra did as her old friend asked and moved closer to the bedside. As Korra moved closer, Katara's eyes drifted above her shoulder, and Korra knew very well what she was looking at. Ever since she had mastered the Avatar State, she had been more aware of spiritual matters. Korra could feel Avatar Aang's presence in the room, and she knew that Katara could feel it too. "You are the only person in this room with a smile on their face besides me. Would you care to let my sons and daughter know that there is nothing to worry about?"

Korra nodded. "Avatar Aang's spirit is here in this room right now. He's eager to be reunited with you."

"I know he is." Katara sighed. "Eighteen years I've been without him. I've held on this long because I know that's what he would have wanted. He would have wanted me to watch over and protect the new Avatar as I once did for him." She smiled at Korra. "You don't need my protection any longer."

"Mom…" Bumi began.

"And you don't need my protection any longer either." Katara smiled at her children. "All three of you are grown, you have your own families and your own lives. Aang and I raised you to the best of our abilities, but that is over now."

"You and Dad were the best parents we could have ever asked for." Kya said, smiling sadly. "I love you, Mom." She leaned down and kissed her mother's forehead.

"I love you too, Mom." Bumi said, leaning down and giving his mother a kiss as well.

It was Tenzin's turn. It was clear from looking on his face that he was making a conscious effort to be strong. "I love you too… Mom." He kissed her as well.

"I love you, my babies." Katara whispered. "But it is time for me to go now. Time for me to see your father again…" She closed her eyes and never opened them again.

It took a few minutes, and everyone stayed close as they waited for the old Waterbender. Soon her last breath left her body, and Korra burst into tears. Before anyone could comfort her, she had burst out of the room and back into the waiting room where the rest of her friends were waiting for her.

"Korra!" Asami gasped, having noticed when she came back into the room in tears. "Has it…?"

"Master Katara is gone." Korra sobbed, but when she looked up at them, she was smiling through her tears.

"Are you okay?" Mako asked, alarmed. He felt for sure that she gone into hysterics.

"I'm okay." Korra said, wiping away the tears and still smiling. "Master Katara got exactly what she wanted. She's with Avatar Aang now. I can feel his overwhelming happiness. They are together again."

Even though Katara was married to the Avatar, she'd never been to the Spirit World herself, though she'd heard Aang describe the sensation of going to the Spirit World many times before.

Aang was right. It is like floating. Katara thought to herself. She no longer had a body to weigh her down, so she was free to float anywhere she wanted. She could be anything she wanted and be anywhere she wanted. She was like a mist with a consciousness.

And then she felt a touch, a hand brushing through her soul, and she was able to pull her form together. As she grew more solid, or as solid as the Spirit World allowed, the hand that had brushed her consciousness was still there, caressing the skin on her face and her hair as it formed.

She did not open her eyes. She did not need to. She knew who it was. She knew him by his touch. She had never forgot his touch even after eighteen years of separation.

She breathed a single word, a name. "Aang."

"My love." He replied. She finally opened her eyes and met his gaze. She nearly began to cry with happiness. It was Aang, her beloved husband. He did not look as he had on the day of his death, but rather like he had in his fourth decade. Katara glanced down at her hand and knew that she was still the same age as she had been when she left.

"Why do you get your youth back?" Katara asked.

Aang smiled at her. "I don't care what you look like, Katara. But you can have your youth back as well." He changed before her eyes, suddenly appearing as a twelve year old, and then a twenty year old, and then looking as he had in his final year, before reverting back to forty years old. "You don't have a physical body anymore. You can look like anything you want to."

Katara nodded and concentrated on her form. It took a few moments, but she was able to rearrange herself so that she matched his age.

Aang smiled at her. "My beautiful wife… I've missed you so much, Katara."

"I've missed you too." Katara replied, leaning into him and kissing him. Aang wrapped his arms around her and gathered her against his chest, returning the kiss passionately.

They could have kissed for an eternity, but they eventually pulled away from each other, smiling. "But we're together again. And, now, we have all eternity to be together."

"All eternity, huh?" Katara smiled. "Not nearly long enough." And they kissed again, one of the first of many that would be shared over their existence.

Eternity was not nearly long enough.