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The atmosphere was heated. Lust and passion clouded the room and the smell of sweat and sex overpowering. To Dean and Castiel though, this was a normal night. After a long boring day of continuous research and the occasional hunt both angel and hunter loved to settle down, getting funky if the mood was right, which it usually was.

Dean and Castiel always took turns since the angel thought it unconventional to always be the one on top. Though Dean didn't mind, loving how his lover could be all possessive in the bedroom. Still, to please his angel Dean would agree. So when Castiel asked him to be on top tonight? Hey, he didn't argue.

That led them to where they were now. Lying naked in bed, Dean pressing soft gentle kisses to his angel's neck, hands wrapped around the latter's waist, rocking their bodies together in slow rhythmic movements. The friction being created between the two men's wet members caused moans to escape both their lips.

Dean's cool breath was tickling Castiel's neck and sending shivers down the angel's spine, dark cerulean wings quivering with the effect taken on his grace caused by that singular breath on his skin. It was an unreal and an amazing feeling, just the way Castiel loved it when his human topped.

Dean could feel the throbbing of the angel's cock against his hips, hear the panted moans escaping the latter's lips and the shudders running through the wings that were mounted on Castiel's back, the feathers ruffling and puffing out in quick movements that made the experience even more intense for the hunter. He moved his lips from the angel's neck, tongue trailing up smooth skin to a rough stubbly jaw, teeth grazing the sandpaper like texture, nipping at it gently. He trailed his hands up Castiel's chest, fingers sliding over every line of muscle along the way, finally settling on the soft tender bumps of flesh that was the angel's nipples. He took one in between his fingers, rolling and pinching it delicately 'till the soft flesh began to harden, satisfied by the loud heavy moans escaping the latter's lips.

"D-Dean, that feels – so good."

Those words were music to the hunter's ears. Nothing made the hunter happier than hearing that he was pleasing his lover just right.

With that in mind Dean let his hands travel down Castiel's chest, again feeling all the muscular lines of abs along the way, only stopping when he got the slants of the angel's hipbones. He squeezed the skin, not too tight but enough to earn a pleasurable gasp from his lover. He dug his fingers into the skin, feeling his fingers sink into the slants and between the ridges, the angel's whole body shaking from the pressure.

"Do you like that Cas?" He asked, and the sharp intake of breath was enough response for the hunter. He moved his other hand to Castiel's throbbing wet member, squeezing it lightly causing the angel to jump, a breathy moan escaping his lips. "You know, I love it when you moan like that. Tells me I'm doing it right," Dean chuckled, giving Castiel's cock another squeeze, this one harder causing the angel to his buck hips, moaning loudly.

"D-Dean… please," Castiel begged, hips bucking up for more touch. The feel of the hunter's hands on his manhood was too much, his grace bubbling with hormones, wings trembling. If Dean didn't continue, things could get difficult.

"Oh baby, just like that?" asked Dean, running a finger along the base, rubbing the pad of his finger along the tip. Castiel's back arched and his hips rose up off the bed, pants and moans making their way out of his tightly pressed lips. Dean smirked. This reaction was why he loved being on top. Cas was just so adorable, always begging for more and relishing in what he got.

"Dean… more… please," Castiel panted. He nipped at hunter's lip, in return he got a hard pump to his cock causing his hips to automatically snap forward straight into Dean's hand, pre-come leaking out at the tip in a heavy drizzle. He threw his head back, wings flaring wide as numerous swear words in Enochian rolled off his tongue.

Dean continued to pump his angel's cock in his hand. He could feel the pre-come leaking from the wet member with each menstruation, dripping from in between his fingers as more came in a matter of seconds. The words that Castiel was chanting sounded magical, especially in that deep, lust filled voice of his lover.

"Wow Cas, if only I could understand what you're saying, I'd be real turned on," Dean laughed. Deep down he knew the angel was speaking in Enochian, his native language. Dean really wished he could hear Castiel say whatever he was saying in English. He knew it'd be hot. He grinned, pumping harder at the angel's cock.

"Dean… fuck… uh… yeah... ah… Dean... harder!"

Dean was shocked, though he grinned, knowing his angel must have changed to the English language to follow his request. It made Dean's cock jump and throb. His angel was swearing in English, just for him. It was all too surreal. Dean could feel himself becoming hard in a matter of seconds.

"Oh baby, it turns me on when you curse like that," Dean said, voice low and seductive. He brought his other hand up to one of Castiel's trembling cerulean wings, grabbing a fistful of feathers in his hand and rubbing them together heatedly, tugging at them in rhythm to each pump he made to the angel's cock.

"Dean… f-fuck… uhah… harder… Dean… ah… please… uh!" Castiel whimpered, hips bucking erratically, head thrown back and back arching up off the bed. His wings were trembling, shaking, ruffling and puffing out all at once. His grace was pulsing waves of heat through his being, all of that heat building up in the pit of his stomach.

Dean could feel Castiel's cock spasm in his hands, the sign that his angel was close to coming. A few more pumps was all it took, his lover's cock letting loose his milky seed all over the hunter's hand, back arching all the way and words of Enochian tumbling from his lips. By the time the orgasm was over and Castiel was panting hard Dean could feel his own cock throbbing and twitching uncontrollably.

Seeing his lover reach his peak like that had turned him on.

"Cas, roll over," ordered Dean, voice laced with lust. He couldn't take it any longer. He needed to fuck his angel. Now!

Castiel looked into the hunter's dilated pupils, seeing how the usually shining green orbs darkened to a glazed over deep emerald. He nodded, rolling over so he was lying on his stomach. He felt Dean's hands on his back instantly, then the feeling of Dean clambering onto him. A shiver went down his spine when he felt the hunter's cool breath on his neck, turning his head slightly to the side just to get locked into an intense emerald gaze. Dean's lips curled into a smirk and Castiel felt his grace quiver inside him.

Damn. Dean looked real sexy right now.

"So Cas, what do you want me to do to you?" Dean's voice was low, so seductive it had Castiel's cock twitching, aching to be touched again. He was about to answer with a foul, dirty request but as Dean dipped his head, catching his lips in a kiss, it was quickly forgotten.

Dean's tongue darted along his bottom lip, a silent plea that was begging the angel to let him in. Castiel parted his mouth enough for Dean to slip his tongue in, almost instantly the latter's tongue began to massage his own. He moaned into the kiss, feeling the hunter's hands skimming down his sides 'till they gripped his ass, tight. Dean pulled away from their kiss, lips breaking apart with a loud sloppy sound.

"Okay Cas, you know what I'm going to do. Just relax, you got it?" whispered Dean softly, tracing gentle patterns on the angel's ass cheeks with his fingers.

Castiel just nodded in affirmation, the feathers of his wings ruffling.

Dean smiled, planting a kiss on the back of Castiel's neck, slipping a finger into the angel's entrance. Instantly he felt his lover's muscles clench, tightening around his finger. He thrust the finger in and out, the muscles slowly loosening and the entrance opening up. When the entrance was wide enough he added a second finger, thrusting both in deep, crooking them at just the right time to hit the angel's prostate.

"Oh… Dean… ah… that feels… uh," Castiel panted. Dean's finger knead into him while thrusting in and out, crooking at just the right spot and making his grace pulse with ecstasy, wings quivering and leaking blue liquid grace from their depths. When Dean added the third finger he felt a fiery heat surge through him, gripping the bed sheet in fists and bucking his hips up, all three fingers travelling deeper inside him.

"Cas, I think you're ready buddy," chuckled Dean, fingers slowly pulling out, already feeling cold from the loss of heat. He ignored it though, bringing a hand up to rub into the angel's feathers, collecting liquid grace from their depths and slickening his cock with it. When his cock was fully covered with the stuff he lined it up with Castiel's entrance, bending over the angel and whispering comforting words in his ear before pushing in slowly, cock instantly becoming sheathed with his lover's silky heat.

"Uh… Dean… fu-fuck… ah," were the only words Castiel could muster as the hunter's hard cock slid into him, muscles closing in and tightening on the thick member. He breathed through his nose, letting it out in short heavy pants as Dean slid out, hammering back in with so much for force that the sound of slapping skin echoed off the motel room walls, deafening the angel's ears.

"Fuck Cas… you're so… tight," panted Dean, pulling out of Castiel halfway then slamming back in again. The angel arched his back, hips rising off the bed as Dean's cock hit his prostate, causing the hunter to moan in ecstasy, gripping the angel's ass and thrusting faster.

Castiel didn't know which way was up or down as Dean pounded into him. He could literally see stars every time the hunter hit his prostate, wings puffing out and trembling as he screwed his eyes shut, gripping the bed covers like his life depended on it. Every thrust made a loud ear splitting noise of skin on skin, the slapping sound the only thing the angel could hear apart from his and Dean's ragged pants and moans.

"Dean… fuck… ahhhuh… yeah… harder… uhDean! He panted breathlessly. He could feel his grace coil, the heat rising and settling in the pit of his stomach every time the hunter thrust in. Before he knew it his grace felt like it had exploded inside of him, wings shaking with intensity and his true voice ringing through completely as he screamed out Dean's name, reaching his peak and spilling his milky seed onto the bed sheets below him.

Dean felt his angel's body shake, feel Castiel's muscles tighten around his cock, the silky heat so powerful that Dean came right there on the spot, releasing his load in his lover's ass. He thrust in a couple more times, hitting Castiel's prostate right on the spot, both men gasping breathlessly before Dean pulled out, rolling off his angel and falling back onto the mattress.

Castiel was too tired to move, just lying on his stomach and breathing heavily, wings slumping. He opened his eyes, glancing over to the hunter who was lying beside him. Dean's eyes were glazed and staring at the ceiling, chest rising and falling rapidly as he gasped. Castiel smiled, moving his wing and sliding it under the hunter, curling it around his human's torso like a feathery blanket.

Dean felt something soft on his chest, looking down to see his Castiel's wing draped over him. He turned to the angel who had his eyes closed, grinning happily and stroking the feathers of the wing covering him lovingly. He closed his eyes as well. One thought running through his mind before sleep took over him.

My Cas...