WARNING! This fanfic will contain explicit sex of an erotic sci-fi homosexual nature (USUK). It will also have graphic violence and swearing. You have been warned.


Chapter One

By Pixiedust291

For Iprie-chan


"Look, you bloody pile of antique junk! I'm trying to save you! Now let me in!" Arthur grabbed his throat as he gasped for air. He only had a few moments left before the oxygen would run out. The air toxicity on the ship's second level engineering deck was at critical level. The thick smog and foul smoke clogged his lungs. "Bugger are you listening to me!?" He slammed his broken hand against the speaker console, regardless of the pain. As if responding to the hit the ship's lights went completely out, leaving him in darkness. "Shit!" Arthur quickly typed in a key code to kick start the back up generators. The safety light illuminated everything in a light blue glow. "Do you hear me?!" Arthur screamed again into the consol. "This is Beta Captain Arthur Kirkland of the British Empire!"

"I hear you, Beta Captain." The ship's tired and feminine mind-voice shimmered with a touch of regret across the intercom. "You do not have clearance for access. Only the nav-pilot and Alpha Captain have-"

Arthur fought to calm his breathing and pulsating heart. "They are both dead! As well as everyone else on this bloody vessel unless you give me control so I can help them! They will board us and you'll be blown to bits!"

"I am already... scrap." Crushing agony and electronic interference colored the ship's voice.

"No! You can not give up! You're not dead yet damn you!" When the ship did not answer he swore and combed both his hand through his short blonde hair. Even in his enraged sate he still was mindful of his cat ears. He could already feel the normally folded appendages were standing on end do to his stress level. Something crashed into the ship and slammed Arthur to the ground with a hard bang. Sheer stubborn will and deep terror forced him back to his feet. He ignored the itch of the tears sliding down his smoke smeared cheeks. Even after everything he could not save them or the ship. He turned and bolted down the deck for the operation ladder. No, it could not end like this! How had the damn pirates even gotten past the lock code?

He climbed the ladder to the main level and then began to run down the hall. He was halfway to the control pit when the alarm want off, a loud blaring bell that caused him to clamp his hands around his ears. Still barefoot, wearing only his uniform pants, he stumbled to the side and leaned against the wall. He heard voices and footsteps. He turned toward the commotion at the end of the hall. Three men came into view. Their vastly different clothes and lack of military rank ornaments proved them to be what they were, pirates. From behind them he saw two more men push another man down a corridor.

Arthur had only a moment to see it all: Prince Francis of France, fully dressed and blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back, was being taken by the pirates. Their ship had been given the honor of transporting the Prince to the Empire of Brittan in hopes that he would find the princess, who he was arranged to marry, acceptable. The whole marriage had been concocted for the basic reason that tensions between France and Britain were at an all time high as of late, more then usual. It seemed that ever sense the different countries had discovered space travel and had sought out their own respective planets that the old and lost traditions that had been dismissed on earth had started making a come back. Arranged marriages were now quite common. Arthur gritted his teeth. He needed to save the smelly Frenchman otherwise his whole planet would descend into war.

The pirates were all wearing wrap-around mirrored visors over their eyes, and Arthur had just enough time to realize what that meant, but not enough time to do anything about it before the flashgun went off and blinded him. Flashguns and bombs were a favorite of nearly all pirates- they blinded the victim, but not permanently. With a proper advanced surgical lab one's eyesight could be restored in moments. Without treatment the temporary blindness lasted between five to six weeks. It incapacitated without lowering the trade value of any commodities. Even knowing it was coming the sudden burning to the back of his eyes and the loss of sight was unbelievably disorientating. Arthur stumbled backward and fell against the wall once more. Pathetically he used it to hold himself up. He kept blinking- some part of his brain demanding that his eyes work, but there was only blackness. The blaring alarm stopped, leaving his ears ringing.

"Is he the last?" Arthur's cat ears perked toward the voice. The accent was thick, heavy, and dripped dominance.

"According to our intel, yes." A second voice, also heavily accented, replied. However it seemed to Arthur that that voice had a bit of trouble pronouncing r's and l's.

They'd already taken all the men on the ship or probably killed them without setting off the alarm until this very moment? What the hell! How was that even possible?! He had his bearing's back now. Arthur pushed away from the wall and moved to the middle of the hallway to give himself some fighting room. They may have taken all of his men but they were about to find out this Brit would not go down quite so easily. The fact that none of them were behind him would make it easier, though he didn't expect the pirates to fight fair.

He heard an amused chuckle "Oh, I see. He wants to fight." came the gruff voice.

"No Ludwig, please!" A new a slightly breathless softer voice called out. "Please, there is no reason to fight." Arthur guessed that last sentence was directed at him. Arthur smirked as he heard someone step forward. "Just calm down and-" Nice of the chap to speak up so he knew where to direct his attack.

Arthur hit him with a solid kick to the face. He felt his nose break under the curve of his bare heel. Predictably the other one grabbed him from behind. From the sheer weight alone Arthur knew he was a big fellow and tall. Do to his weight it was easy enough to flip him forward over his shoulder. He drove a punch down into his assailant. To him if felt like he missed his nose and instead hit his temple, but it was enough that the man cursed in some foreign harsh sounding language.

He heard other footsteps clanging on the metal floor as they came toward him. Arthur turned and felt several bodies jump him at once. He fought them as best as he could, and he was pretty sure a few of them took elbows and fists to the face. For that, at least Arthur was proud, and the fact that he had done of that with a broken hand had made him practically want to laugh in their faces. Yet still it had ended the way that they all knew it would end, with him pinned to the ground.

"Oh dear god why?" he had heard a soft voice whimper, it sounded like he was crying.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" said the harsh sounding voice, yet it seemed muffled, probably by his hands.

A boisterous, joyous, and almost cocky sounding laugh reverberated off the ship's walls. Around him Arthur he could still hear other men groaning and cursing. The pirates wrenched his arms behind his back and tied force bracelets around his wrists before yanking him to his feet. "You done fighting?" a voice that was so obviously American asked in an amused tone.

Any sense of direction Arthur had after he had been blinded had been lost during the fight. He couldn't see. His body ached all over. His feet and legs wobbled with just the sheer effort it was to stand. He knew he was beat. "Yes," he answered. For now, at least.

"Good." Said the American as he took Arthur's arm and began leading him down the hallway. "I've never had a blind man cause us so much trouble." He still sounded amused as hell. Arthur wished he would have been angry. It felt like the bastard was making fun of him. "I suppose that will teach them to assume too much, especially Ludwig." He continued.

"I was not born to quit," he smirked and added "like the French."

The American's loud laugh came again "You'know none of your men fought like you."

"Bloody wankers!" Arthur wasn't sure if he meant the pirates or his own waste of a crew.

The American apparently assumed he meant them "Yes, I suppose we are."

"How did you get past the lock code?" Arthur asked.

"We had some help with that." The American blurted out.

From behind them the mumbled voice that had trouble with r's and l's spoke "Um, wasn't that to be kept secret."

"Oh crap it was wasn't it." said the American. It amazed Arthur that each man apparently had a different accent. As they walked he tried to place all of them. Figuring out where they were from would help him get a better picture of what they looked like in his mind. The American was obvious, and could look like anything so Arthur skipped him. The harsher voice had sounded angry so... German or Prussian? He tried to recall the language he had heard earlier. No, it was probably German. The soft voice... it had sounded vaguely American but had not been so acoustic to his British ears. Canadian perhaps? That left the voice that could not pronounce r's and l's. He had to be Chinese or Japanese, and given the fact that he didn't stumble with English as much he was probably Japanese. Arthur's mind boggled. An American, a German, a Canadian, and a Japanese man were all pirates?! What was this the pirate version of 'It's a small world after all'?

Regardless of what the American had said, Arthur already knew. Someone had to have given them the code. There was no other way they could have gained access to the ship so quickly and quietly. The question was, who? Which one of his men had betrayed them?

The ship was small. Even blind, Arthur recognized the rout they were taking. The American led him to the airlock, which meant he was taking him off his ship and onto the pirate ship. Arthur wished he could see it. He wondered if it looked like a usually grade A space craft or if it was some rusty peace of junk the pirates had come by. He guessed it was probably the latter. He heard the door close behind them, then a wave of cool air washed over Arthur as another door in front of them was opened. The pungent and putrid smell of feces assaulted his nose, causing him to shrink back. The American urged him forward "Sorry about the smell." He said as he led Arthur across a large, echoing chamber. "Our last job was taking a herd of mint bunnies to your home planet. I'm not sure we'll ever be able to get rid of the stench."

Arthur didn't answer.

"You're Beta Captain Kirkland aren't you?" he asked. Arthur could tell the man was taller then him by maybe two or three inches by the direction of his voice. "I thought so," he said when Arthur didn't respond. "Your reputation precedes you. You can obviously fight. Is that why they promoted you to Captain? It's just that I heard you were a nav-pilot before you were a Captain."

Again, Arthur chose to remain silent.

They stopped. Arthur heard a door open in front of them and the American led him inside. Only two steps though, and then they stopped again. It was then that Arthur noticed the sound of the footsteps of people following them had vanished. Where had the others gone? He didn't realize they were in a lift until they began moving. The sudden motion caused Arthur's knees to wobble and he fell sideways into the American, who caught him with ease. "Wow now. You alright?" Arthur pushed away and corrected himself, embarrassed beyond belief. The American chuckled "Do you know you're blushing?" Arthur growled and had to bite his tongue to keep from retorting. It felt like they were going down, but Arthur wasn't exactly sure. Arthur braced himself against the wall and attempted to look less concerned than he really was. His skin prickled suddenly and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.

"You're a Kimonini."

Kimonini were human animal hybrids. It had been around the year 3015 when space travel and existence had really become popular. The science industry had experience a massive income of funding in order to do many different kinds of experiments. One of which had been to see if they would combine human and animal DNA. After many failed attempts they had been successful with a few key species, and thus the kimonini had been created. Their species was relatively human looking except for their ears and tails. They had originally been created to be slaves and pets but do to their vast popularity in Japan, America, and Germany-all for different reasons; they had been accepted into the United Species of Biological Welfare. Arthur supposed the USBW had had no choice on the matter once everyone started viewing kimonini as sexual partners. After all, one couldn't have more then half the population completing with creatures that were not considered more intelligent then a chicken. It still stumped scientist to this day how kimonini were able to reproduce, and how all of their offspring despite the other parent's species would be kimonini. There were five different types of kimonini; domestic dog, domestic cat, tiger, wolf, and lizard. To differentiate between the different kimonini family names had been classified to them. Arthur was a Nekonomimi, a name which had been given by Japenese be more specific he was a Scottish Fold nekonomimi.

Arthur clenched his hands into fists. It was still not unheard of for his race to be bought and sold at slave markets all over the universe. "Thinking you'll get a pretty penny for my arse?"

"No." The American replied, his answer stunning Arthur "My ship doesn't really deal with the whole slave trade unless we have to." Arthur gaped. His ship? So he was the captain? "Actually I was more just saying it because I have never seen one of you before. You're really cute." Arthur felt his cheeks heat up at his words. What the hell! He wished he wasn't so tired otherwise he would punch this American idiot right in his face. "You're blushing again."

"Shut it!" Arthur growled.

He heard the American shift his weight and then chuckle "Tell me Captain Kirkland, are you by any chance an uke?"

The question caught him completely off-guard, first because the term wasn't often used anymore in pop culture, but also because there was only one reason he'd be asking if Arthur's sexual preference was for other men. Arthur's heart began to pound with fear at the implications. His mouth went dry. He wanted to shout no, that he liked ONLY women, but it was too late. Whatever the American had seen on his face was all the answer he needed.

He made a low sound, almost like a purr. "That is possibly the best news I have gotten all day." Arthur felt the man's hand land on his elbow.

"Don't touch me," Arthur said through clenched teeth, even though they both knew the threat had no bite. His hands were bound and he was as blind as a bat in the sunlight. If the American tried anything, Arthur would be powerless to stop him.

"Relax limey," he said "I won't hurt you." It wasn't exactly being hurt that Arthur was worried about. "You know, your stay with us doesn't have to be so horrible."

Arthur swung his head in the direction of where he thought the American was standing and did his best to glare. "Fuck you." It was not his wittiest comeback but he hoped it would make the American back off.

Again that amused laugh "You have no idea how tempting that offer is."

Arthur rolled his eyes "Typical American." The man let go of his arm. Arthur jumped as he felt a finger land and tail along his collar bone. The digit then slowly began to tail down his chest. Arthur tried to move away, but he was backed against the wall of the lift with nowhere to go. It was infuriating, knowing he was helpless to the American, and knowing at some point his own body would respond to the man anyway. The flesh was weak. Francis had proven that to him a few times before. Arthur gritted his teeth, preferring not to remember his moments of desperation and weakness.

"I have to tell you, Captain Kirkland, I find you very... what would the British say? Intriguing?"

"The interest isn't mutual you obnoxious brat."

He laughed again. His fingers reached the buckle of Arthur's pants and stopped. "Think of this little delay as a kind of vacation."

"How do you figure I do that?" Arthur asked in a bored tone.

"Man, you British are always so... melancholy."

"And you American's are sex obsessed morons." Arthur countered.

The lift finally came to a stop and the door hissed open. Arthur was relieved when the American moved away and took his arm once more. He chuckled "You are going to fit right in just fine." Arthur didn't know what he meant by that and he wasn't sure he wanted to know. They stopped again, and a door to the side of them swooshed open. The air smelled of antiseptic and was rather cold. "Here you go, your temporary home."


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