A/N: Prompt number: 6

Prompt name: Hours

Shoot, what can I do with this one?



What a dreaded word when someone is in surgery, no matter how minor it is. Iris paced the waiting room. She sighed. Why was Cilan so stupid sometimes? Why did he go about using some acid that could eat right through his science table? He should have been more careful!

"Cilan, you dumbass, ugh… I can't believe you did that!" She kicked her foot across the floor. Suddenly, the doors of the waiting room opened and he was in a wheelchair. Cilan grinned nonchalantly. Iris blinked at the bandage around his foot.

"I made it," he joked, pointing to his bandaged foot.

"This isn't funny!" Iris argued. "Why were you acting so stupid!"

"Iris, do you want me to pass my chemistry exam or not?" he shot back. "Do you want me to be a chemist or not?"

"Y-yes…" Iris admitted.

"Yes, it does mean I might have to work with dangerous chemicals, a lot of jobs have risks, Iris."

"You promise me you'll be more careful, so I don't have to wait hours for you?"

"I promise." He grinned. "I promise I won't be tired and drink a bunch of Red Bulls while working."

A/N: I can imagine Cilan becoming a chemist and doing something dumb. I wanted him to be crazy.