Title: Kaleidoscope Hearts

Author: Starry Dendrites

Standard disclaimers apply. So please don't sue me. I am but a humble fanfiction writer. OTL

A collection of drabbles, the contents would range from different genres (well I hope, it would. It'll mostly contain light stuff though) and it wouldn't be just about Kanata and Miyu... but I can't promise that it isn't mostly about them. Yes, you are free to shoot me.

Chapter 1: The Thing About Our Relationship

Oh and it starts again.

I looked at him, then I noticed he was already starring. It wasn't like I was feeling nervous or anything. On the contrary, I felt like exploding, I felt the heat on my face reach all the way to my ears.

Then he laughed...again.

He's not making this any easier for me, I wanted to both be eaten alive by any passing mythical, monster creature or whatever and the be granted the privilege to slap him across the face. But all I did was curl up into a ball, just to cover my face. I'm always like this.

"Someday, I'll hire an assassin to kill you, then maybe I'd feel much better about myself." I said, not really sure if he understood anything I said. I felt like I was just mumbling.

"And that statement was said with a 'maybe', so I still have a chance of living my life till 80 or more" I could almost hear him smirk from where I was. He was always like this.

"You're a fool. An arrogant fool." I looked up, only to see his chocolate orbs. We were kind of at the same level of vision. For a moment I thought he started to sympathize with me.

But I was wrong...again.

He had a cocky smile on his face, and said. "Well at least I don't write an entire grocery list on my left arm." Then he laughed.

"I'm not as smart as you, Kanata, you should know that I have a hard time remembering such things without guides." Seriously, this man, is so... so... infuriating.

"But most people, will have the convenience of paper to do so."

"But you know that I might lose the paper!"

"Then what if it rained, then your improvised list would fade away instantly, or would just be unreadable." His eyes pierced through me, what's with the sudden serious atmosphere? Was he worried? I didn't know, but it was weird for such a simple reason.

I stood up, turned around so I wouldn't be able to see his face. "Well I'm sorry, for being the stupid one, dear Lord of all-things-right-and-practical, I am but a SIMPLE girl."

He sighed, stood up then I felt his hand on my shoulder. "Miyu... Look, you know it isn't always like that-"

I shot back at him and said, "Not now, I am quite busy, Kanata, I must resume to my grocery shopping, now that I had just wasted 10 minutes of my life, if I could be at the store by now. Just go home and I'll just call you then we shall resume our talk from there." I hurriedly left him, I didn't even get to see the expression on his face. Well I didn't want to, or I might just chase after him... like always.

When I got back to my house, I saw Kanata standing by near the entrance. His hands crossed against his chest. "Have you come to redeem yourself, Saionji" I said with conviction.

"It's up to you, do you think I am going to?" He's always like this. We're always like this: our prides clashing against each other's.

"Then what else is a reason for this, then?" I pouted.

He started to walk towards me, he shot up his hand near my face. I Love You. The words written on his palm said, I just ended up laughing.

"Don't your palms sweat constantly? what if it would end up unreadable." A subtle change on his expression, this time he was read all the way to his ears.

"Hey it's the thought that counts." He said, as tucked his hand into his side pockets. His face still a bit red.

I felt the bags I was carrying feel heavier, so I just let them fall on the ground. Just so that I can give him a hug.

I can't say that our relationship is a perfect one, nor can I say that we have it bad either. I think it's just us and our...really bad interpersonal skills... or something? I'm not all that sure.

It's always like this.

"I love you, too"

We have such weird relationship, I know.

Sorry for the pace of things... It's bit too fast, huh? Well everything is but a drabble. So I guess it was expected? I'm not sure, but I hoped you enjoyed it, I haven't written anything for a while now, so I feel rather rusted, I may need help so don't be afraid to leave a review.


Starry Dendrites