Chapter 3: Nanami's Happiness

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I've always just been the observer.

That side-character.

Everyone's confidant.

The match-maker.

Yes, that's me Nanami Tenchi, always the walk-on character never the heroine.

Today was one of those days, my best friends: Miyu and Aya, cancelled on me. We were supposed to go to karaoke, but they both had boyfriend problems. Namely Miyu, had another fight with Kanata, not that it was the bad kind, it was more like the healthy kind, that just bring them closer in the end, plus Aya and Santa's predicament on "not getting enough time for each other, since they're both busy with their own lives", but I don't think they'd break off just like any other couple who go through the same predicament.

I could've asked Christine or Nuzomu to come with me, but then, those two always go home together, I didn't want to feel like a third wheel.

I sighed.

When will the day come, when it's me who's going to be the one who'll ditch her friends, for lovey-dovey moments with my own boyfriend?

I adjusted my seating position, my legs started to feel like it was going to get numb, from sitting for too long, leaning back against my chair, I stared at the ceiling, and I saw nothing but a cream colour and textured tiles. "What am I doing with my life?" I finally said.

I heard footsteps coming, a shadow loomed over me, so I looked to my right just to see Ogawa Narumi-sensei. His hair was dark and unruly, with thick glasses that covered his green orbs. I don't want a scolding right now, thank you very much, I thought.

"Tenchi-san, shouldn't you head home? The sun's about to set." He said, with a stern voice.

Great. Just great. I just said that I didn't want another scolding.

Oogawa-Sensei was the maths teacher, true, he was young, and had that mysterious aura around him, that made some of my girl classmates swoon over their heals when he replaced our previous math teacher that day 3 months ago. I just wanted to give all of them a good slap across all their, weird fantasies. He. was. a. teacher. for. crying. out. loud.

What the hell were they thinking?

This wasn't some boring shoujo manga.

This was Nanami Tenchi's boring life.

"I was just about to head home, Oogawa-sensei." I said, trying to fake a smile.

He raised an eyebrow, his face read: Oh really?

"Sensei, ain't it a bit late, you should be heading home now." I said, trying to avoid his gaze, for a moment I was caught by the deepness of the green pools of his eyes. Damn it, Nanami, those girl's are starting to get to you too.

"I can't possibly leave, knowing that one of my dear students is being much too stubborn to leave before me, what on earth are you even still doing here Tenchi?"

Of course, what exactly was I still doing there? Why didn't I go yet?

For some reason, today of all days, a feeling overcame me.

To stay here, seated, contemplating. Since I know that I wouldn't be able to do it at home till the wee hours of the night, because of all the noise in my small house, with my younger siblings always playing pranks on everyone.

"Well, um..." I started to mumble, I couldn't give a concrete answer, and I couldn't say that I just really needed time alone, so I stayed behind, and I lost track of time, he'll think I'm so loser/emo chick or something!

"Well, you could say that I was waiting for my friends, but they kind of cancelled on me." I scratched the back of my head, trying to sound convincing. Well, it was sort of true anyway.

But all I heard was a sigh. "Tenchi-san, whatever the reason is, just get your butt off the chair and start heading home."

"I don't think that's a good use of words from a fragile student like myself." I said, jokingly.

Then I saw a vein pop out on his forehead, "Hurry Tenchi, or I'll make you do extra work, since you love school so much." He stares at his watch, and starts to count "10...9...8...7..."

Unconsciously I started to pack all my belongings, and headed straight for the door and into the girl's washroom. Surely, Sensei won't follow me all the way there!

It was nearing 8 pm, so I finally left the washroom and headed for the school's gate. It was getting really dark, and I just couldn't believe I spent such a long time contemplating on my sad life while sitting on the toilet (Yes, I was just sitting)

I am me, the walk-on character of any shoujo manga.

That girl who sits near the middle and not that seat near the window.

The one with really short hair.

Everyone's best friend.

Although from the corner of my eye as I left the building, I saw a shadow. A man with unruly hair, and thin glasses, so I stopped, and starred at the figure.

"Sensei?" I said.

The figure walked closer.

I stepped back a bit, feeling a bit nervous.

"Didn't I say you needed to leave at once, and yet you dare disobey my orders?"

"It wasn't like you needed to wait for me to go outside, you're such a creep Oogawa-sensei!" I said, but right after I realized what I just said, and looking at the reaction it left him, I unconsciously covered my mouth.

This is just great Nanami, you did it again!

And then that's when I saw it, the slight pinch of red on both of his cheeks. "What on earth! I'm just doing my job, how could I possibly just let one of my students wander off so late at night? I was worried, so then I simply had to wait for you!"

"Then you really are a creepy teacher!" I said with conviction. Damn, he was lucky, that he was good-looking or I'll definitely just run away... but then I ended up running away anyway. I couldn't help it, no way was I going to let him see my face, it was the 1st time a guy ever said something as nice as that to me.

10 seconds haven't even passed and I could feel that sensei was behind me, running at least the same speed as me, suddenly I felt a tight nudged from my sleeve, which indeed caused me to stop.

We were both panting (well, we were running like there was no tomorrow), his eyes looked straight through me, which caused me to turn to a darker shade of red.

Damn this. Damn this. Damn this.

He looked at me, directly into my eyes, and right then and there, I hoped that maybe I wouldn't the side character no more.

"At least let me walk you home, all right?"

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