Chapter 1- Approaching a planet

The elder Legendary Bladers are invited to NASA, to investigate a mysterious planet on another galaxy. The younger Legendary Blader protested. "Why we should stay in here?" Kenta moaned. "Yes, please! We sure we can help!" Titi said. "I can help you if you are confused with the space map!" Yuki also give an idea. "Young ones, stay in here." Kyoya says sarcastically. Ginga, Aguma, Chris, Kyoya, and Dunamis walks toward the rocket. "So… any idea so we can join them?" King asked. "Gee, I have one." Yuki said.

In the backroom of the rocket… "Ugh, you know there are so many supplies here!" King moaned. "But, I know this is a good idea!" Yuki said. "Provide some space, please!" Titi says. "Hey, quiet! Later they hear us!" Kenta reminded the three.

When the rocket starts to enter the atmosphere… "Entering the atmosphere! We must bring some oxygen supplies!" Yuki says. "There it is!" Kenta found the box of helmets and suits. "How to open it?" Titi asked. "I found some clanking materials…" King says.

BANG! CLANG! BANG! GRACK! Very noisy clanking noise was heard from the main cabin. "I hear a sound. What is that?" Aguma asks. "It is from the backroom!" Dunamis exclaims. "It could be them!" Ginga pushed the door. He found Yuki, Titi, Kenta and King dressed in an astronaut suit.

"Kenta!" Ginga exclaims. "King!" Aguma says. "Yuki!" Chris says. "Titi!" Dunamis exclaims. "We already tell you to stay there, right?" Kyoya says. "Um… It's a boring day in there!" Yuki answered arbitrarily. "So I want to have an adventure!" King says. "Well, well, well… OK, so you have joined our errand without permission. So we will let you to have a free adventure!" Dunamis moaned lowly. "Hooo-ray!" the younger Legendary Bladers exclaimed as the elder Legendary Bladers are annoyed.