This takes place after "The Wannabe in the Weeds" and "The Past in the Present".

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When Brennan had been notified that Booth had died, Brennan had been devastated. Her best friend was dead and she hadn't had an opportunity to tell him goodbye. He had left her without saying goodbye. Just like her parents, just like her brother. She didn't know why; but, those that claimed to love her always left her without saying goodbye.

She knew she was being ridiculous. Booth had been shot. Pam Noonan had tried to kill her and Booth had stepped between her and Pam taking the bullet into his own body. The bullet that Pam had meant for her. She had tried to stop the bleeding, she had tried very hard; but, the blood had flowed fairly steadily and the pressure she had put on his wound hadn't seemed to make much of a difference.

The EMTs had been at the Checker Box in six minutes and in that time, Booth had lost a lot of blood. Once the EMTs had taken him out of the club and into their ambulance, Brennan had been shepherded into Cam's car and had been driven to the hospital.

When Brennan had arrived, she had been led to the surgical waiting room. Agent Pierce, knowing that Brennan was Booth's partner, had brought her Booth's personal effects to safeguard while Booth was being operated on. While he had been in the ambulance, Booth had told the EMTs that Dr. Brennan was to be given his personal items to keep safe until he was released from the hospital. The EMTs had passed that information on to the surgical nurse involved with Booth's case and she had passed that information on to Agent Pierce when he had shown up at the hospital.

After Agent Pierce had left the room, Brennan had opened the big manila envelope and had pulled out Booth's watch. Looking at it, Brennan had then removed her watch from her wrist and had put Booth's watch on in its place. It was too big of course; but, that didn't matter. It was something that belonged to Booth and it was hers to keep and wear until he was ready to get it back.

Brennan had been sitting quietly, waiting for the operation to be completed when Agent Pierce had reentered the waiting room to let them know that Booth had died. The gasps from those waiting were expected. What was not expected was the reaction of Temperance Brennan. Upon hearing that Booth had died, Brennan had fainted. Those that knew Brennan were stunned. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that Brennan would ever faint for any reason. That isn't who she was. At least that isn't who they thought she was.

Brennan had only been unconscious for a few minutes and once she was alert she and everyone in the waiting room had pretended that nothing untoward had happened. No one was willing to mention it, least of all Brennan.

Once everyone was certain that Brennan was ok, they had left the waiting room to return to their homes to grieve in privacy. Brennan had been driven home by Cam and once she had entered her apartment, she had insisted that Cam leave. Sadly, Cam had done as Brennan had requested.

Finding herself alone, Brennan had sat on her couch, staring at her watch, his watch. The watch that a mere four hours earlier had been on the wrist of Booth. Holding up her wrist, Brennan had held his watch next to her face and had cried.


When Brennan had found out that Booth was alive, she had been furious that she had been so ill used by the FBI. She blamed Booth for not making sure that she had been told that he was alive and that he was merely working undercover. That evening, when she had left the Jeffersonian, she had driven home, retrieved the manila envelope from her apartment and took it with her when she had driven to Booth's apartment to confront him. When she had arrived at his apartment, Brennan had placed the envelope on his kitchen table and had confronted him his bathroom. The confrontation had been very emotional for Brennan and in a way had embarrassed her. She wasn't embarrassed that she had seen Booth naked in his bathtub, she'd been embarrassed that she had lost control of her emotions and vowed to be more careful in the future when dealing with Booth.


After Booth had finally finished his bath, Booth had walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water and had found the envelope with his personal effects. Much to his surprise, his watch was missing. Over the next few days, Booth had tried to get it back from Brennan; but, she had finally told him that she had lost it. She had offered to buy him a new one; but, Booth had decided that the best thing to do was to just go buy a new one himself and to forget all about the entire affair. He'd been shot, mistakes had been made and Booth vowed that from then on he would always make sure that Brennan knew where he was. He knew of her fears of abandonment and he vowed to himself that he would never leave her, no matter what. He would not be the one to abandon her.


When Brennan had fled the warrant that the FBI had issued for her, she had been told by her father not to take anything from her house. Max had told her that he would provide everything that she and Christine would need for the next few weeks while she was waiting for her friends at the Jeffersonian to find proof that she didn't have anything to do with Ethan Sawyer's death.

Brennan had listened to her father and she hadn't taken anything. Except that she had. She had taken the watch that she had been keeping in the bottom of her jewelry box. The watch that Booth was wearing when he had been shot by Pam Noonan. The watch that she had told Booth was lost. The watch that she was now wearing on her wrist. She could leave everything she owned behind; but, she could not give up the watch that Booth had entrusted to her all of those years ago. She had not been able to give it back to him then because she could not bear to part with it. Now, that she had to abandon Booth to protect him, she needed that watch now more than ever. That watch was Brennan's only link to Booth. It represented his trust in her. He had originally given it to her to keep safe and she had done that for over four years. She would continue to keep it safe.


The other day a friend of mine and I were talking about Brennan and the fact that she couldn't take anything with her when she ran from the FBI because she had to keep Booth out of it. He would have noticed if she had taken anything with her to the church. I brought up the fact that Brennan would have probably wanted to bring something of Booth's with her and this story was born. Let me know what you think of it.