Hey guys! Welcome to the remake of True Love 1

Why remake? A couple of reasons, I want this to be based after Ice Age 4 and this one is gonna be different from the original True Love 1

I don't own Ice Age and it's characters! They belong to Blue Sky Studios! But I do own this story and the OCs

Enjoy the story my friends!


In a dark and spooky forest on a island, A pink female sloth was running very fast.

She was so scared as she kept crying.

Soon she trips and notices the blood on her paws.

"T-they're gone...They're gone..." The female sloth cried.

Soon she heard growling and howling as she kept on running.

"I can't let them find me, I must keep running" The female sloth thought to herself as she kept running.

Soon she hid in a small burrow that was just her size.

She hid and kept quiet as she carefully peeks out to see wolves stopping and sniffing the air

Just then a female wolf enters as she shouted

"Why are you morons stopping?"

"We can't smell the female sloth, Madam Carlotta" One of the wolves replied.

"Well don't you foold just stand there, FIND HER!" Carlotta angrily ordered.

As the other wolves fled, A larger yet hideous wolf appeared before Carlotta.

"What is the probelm Carlotta?" The larger wolf growled.

"Nothing my dear" Carlotta sweetly replied.

"Don't call me dear! I hate that!" The larger wolf hissed at Carlotta.

"Y-Yes sir" Carlotta nervously replied.

Well come on, We must find the girl...Now!" The larger wolf growled.

Soon Carlotta leaves with the larger wolf as the pink female sloth slowly got up and runs away,

She kept on running away until she bumps into a grey male wolf.

"O-Oh I'm so sorry" The grey male wolf apologized.

The female pink sloth looks at the wolf and she shivers in fear.

"P-Please...have mercy" The sloth begged as tears went down from her eyes.

The grey wolf looks at the sloth as he realizes that she's what the other wolves are searching for as he was part of the group too

At first, The pink sloth was afraid that the wolf will howl to let others go to him but surprisingly the wolf just walks away as he turns back and whispers


And with that, the grey wolf left the pink sloth alone.

The sloth was surprised by this as she wonders why this grey wolf just lets her go unharmed but soon she recollected herself and runs off as fast as she can.

A few minutes later, she found a small cave with a small puddle.

She looks around to see that no one was there and lucky for her, she was all alone.

Soon she washes the mud and blood off of her and then she lies down on the ground, crying as she said to herself

"This is all my fault...My family is gone because of me...I'm so sorry guys...It's all my fault...It's all my fault...It's all my fault..."

The female sloth kept sobbing until she then falls asleep in the cave as the night flies by in the island