Chapter 14: Nightly Talk

The herd and all the hyraxes were soundly asleep except for Carrie who was once again, having a nightmare.

She dreamt that she was in a dark crimson forest as she was frightened by the dark and eerie scenario.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Carrie called out in fear.

Soon she turns around to find the blooded hairs of her family on the ground.

"Oh my god" Carrie gasped in horror as she runs off in fear.

As she runs through the crimson forest, she can hear her name being whispered in an eerie echo.

"Leave me alone" Carrie cried as she kept on running.

Soon she bumps into someone, It was Sid.

"Sid! What are you doing here?" Carrie asked.

"I heard your cry and I came to see if you're OK" Sid replied.

"We better get out of here! This place is dangerous" said Carrie.

Soon Sid and Carrie started running as they got out of the crimson forest.

"Whew! We made it Sid" Carrie cheered.

She waited for Sid to reply but all she can hear was silent.

"Sid?" said Carrie as she turns around to find Sid gone.

"Sid? Sid where are you?" Carrie whimpered.

Suddenly she turns around to see Victor grinning evilly at her.

"Your precious sloth can't save you now" Victor growled and lunges at her.

Suddenly Carrie wakes up in panic as she looks around to see that she was still in the Hyraxes hideout.

She then sees Sid snoring as Carrie sighs in relief and soon got up to have a drink from the waterfall.

As she got to the waterfalls and took a sip, she then walks to the edge of the waterfall as she sits near the water and watches the night scenario outside.

"I am grateful that Sid let me stay with the herd...He seems like the only one I can rely on...Well of course there's Ellie and Shira, But Sid, I kinda like him, Sure he has a lisp and he sometimes clumsy but he's such a nice guy and quite friendly to talk to" Carrie thinks to herself.


The pink sloth turns around to see Sid standing near her as she said

"Oh hi Sid, what are you doing here?"

"I woke up to find you were gone" Sid replied.

"Oh OK" Carrie nods as she looks away.

Sid then notices Carrie looks a bit depressed as he sits next to her.

"What's wrong Carrie?" Sid asked.

"Nothing Sid" Carrie replied as she looks down to the ground.

Sid knew that something was wrong with Carrie as he sat next to her and puts a paw on her paw.

"You tell me anything Carrie, I'm here for you" Sid comforted her.

Carrie looks at Sid as she then sighs

"I just miss my family Sid, It's not the same without them"

Sid nods as he understands how Carrie feels as he said

"I'm so sorry about your family Carrie"

"Thanks Sid" Carrie quietly thanked.

"Do you...wanna talk about it?" Sid asked.

"No" Carrie refused.

"Carrie, You must talk to us about what happened, It's not healthy to keep something like this private to yourself, You'll just end up hurting yourself" Sid explained.

"Sid, I just lost my family nearly three weeks ago, I'm really ready to confess it yet" Carrie sadly replies as she looks away from Sid.

Sid was quiet for a minute as he then said

"If it makes you better, I'll wait till you're ready"

Carrie looks at Sid and said

"Thank you"

"Ah it's no problem" Sid chuckled as he shrugged his shoulder.

"No I mean it, Sid, Thank you so much for everything, You were always there from the beginning when I was in this herd" Carrie explained.

"Awww, Glad to be your friend Carrie" Sid replied as he blushes.

Carrie then pulls Sid into a hug and replies

"Best friends"

Sid smiles at that and returns the hug. When they parted the hug, Sid smiles at Carrie as she giggles


"I'm sure your family are proud of you" said Sid.

"Thanks Sid and I bet yours are too" Carrie replied.

Unfortunately Sid didn't thank her or even replied, He just looks down in sadness.

"What's wrong?" Carrie asked.

"My family...never liked me" Sid sadly explained.

"What?" Carrie gasped.

"I say they-" Sid started.

"I heard you Sid, I meant what do you mean they never liked you?" Carrie interrupted.

"They never cared about me even after I was born, They hated me" Sid sadly replied.

"But why Sid? There's gotta be a reason for that" Carrie replied.

"I'm a screw up to them" Sid sighed.

"What?" Carrie gasped in horror.

"I was nothing to them but a freak, an accident and a screw up" Sid sadly replied.

"That's horrible" Carrie gasped.

"Well...I used to believe them until I met the herd" Sid replied.

"What did they do to you?" Carrie asked.

"My family keeps abandoning me. They always migrated without me. You should have seen what they did to me one time" Sid replied.

"What did they do Sid?" Carrie asked.

" time, they got up early, and quickly tied up my hands and feet, and gagged me with a field mouse, and barricaded the cave door, and covered their tracks, and went through water so I'd lose their scent" Sid sadly explained.

"Oh my goodness...That's so horrible! How dare they do something like that to you?!" Carrie angrily replies as she felt pity on the sloth and hated for Sid's so called family.

"Well I found again but they said they miss me but...even I knew it was a lie and then they abandoned me again..." Sid replied.

"That's horrible Sid" Carrie sadly said.

"I know...But then again, That's how I met Manny and Diego a few minutes later and ever since then, we became a herd" said Sid.

"I see...Well I feel sorry for you Sid, You deserve better than what they did to you...And looking at you now with the herd, I say you have" Carrie replies as she smiles at Sid.

"Thanks Carrie" Sid thanked as he hugs Carrie.

The pink sloth just hugs back and soon they went back to sleep with the rest of the herd.

Well Carrie is so sweet and kind towards Sid

What will happen next?

Stay tune to find out