Summery: Adopted from Aliengirlguy: In the heat of battle, Ratchet is badly injured. Just before he dies he meets a mysterious, green-eyed teenager, and things will never be the same for the two ever again. Slash.

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Warnings: slightly bloody.


Chapter 1: Battle in the Rain

The sky was a mass of seething grays and blacks as biting cool winds whipped around over head and down below, throwing curtains of pummeling ice cold rain into the faces of human soldiers and Autobots alike as the near dark of the late afternoon torrential downpour swirled around them as streaks of weapons fire and the crack of guns filled the storm pummeled grasslands around them.

Ratchet swore in Cybertronian and English as he shook off a small waterfall of water as he surveyed the battle scene. It had been 12 hours, Earth standered, since the three new arrivals to Earth, all Deceptecons, had crashed into the grass plains in Saskatchewan Canada, in another bloody country then the home base of NEST. It had been hard battle since their arrival. It was just fortunate that the decimated buildings around them were that of an abandoned ghost town so at least there weren't any civilians they needed to worry about.

Screams of soldiers filled Ratchets audios.

Bodies, blood and debris flew past his helm, the poor souls already dead.

Ratchet, with his team of human soldiers, along with Sideswipe and his newly arrived twin Sunstreaker, were battling with everything they had, but the three Deceptecons, Strika the indomitable General of destruction, Brawl, the Missile happy loudmouthed Artillery Gunner, was shouting gleeful insults at everyone as his missiles blew another crater were soldiers had been standing.

The twins were currently occupied with Thundercracker, the second of the seeker trine, dodging laser fire and shooting there own laser cannons while the blue jet dodged out of the way.

Ratchet was diving and weaving through all the weapons fire, both enemy and friendly as he gathered wounded soldiers and brought them to the relative safety of a sturdy old saw mill. Ratchet was tending to another solider, another face, another organic that was seeping blood from her nose and mouth as he attempted to stabilize her. He was so focused on his work that he didn't see Thundercraker's missile.

The impact was devastating.

He was sent flying into the air several feet from his patient who was most likely dead from the explosion and sent crashing into a dilapidated building. His back panels were nothing but a slagging ruin. He couldn't move. His internal diagnostics and self-repair systems had been to badly damaged. Ratchet lay there, struggling to remain online. The rain continued to pelt him. Everything seemed eerily silent. He knew that his audios must have been damaged which explained the quiet. The rain had, if possible, come down harder. His vision was beginning to blur…

He hurt, so much… The pain was overwhelming!

Ratchet could vaguely make out Sunstreaker's golden hyde taking down Brawl before they were swallowed from his sight by the storm. He cursed at his inability to move.

Then a fog seemed to build up, obscuring the rest of the fight, almost as if the weather were trying to mask the carnage around him in a silvery mist. By this point the rain had suddenly stopped.

Ratchet lost the energy to struggle, to even curse his lot. His vision was beginning to go. He could feel his spark slowing, then stuttering in his spark chamber.

Something moved before him, only a few feet from his face.

A slim human boy walked out of the mist that enshrouded the battlefield.

Ratchet could only stare, vaguely surprised.

He looked young, maybe 14 or 15 years old. His skin was pale; and hair was a wild mane of dark black that framed an almost fey like countenance, a lightening bolt scar was prominent on his forehead. He was dressed in a simple pair of ragged blue jeans and a to large grey t-shirt. It was a civilian.

He vaguely wondered were the pit the kid had come from, this was no place for a civilian!

He tried to tell him to run, to leave, that it was too dangerous, but his vocals didn't have enough energy.

The boy stopped only an inch from his face. Instead of looking frightened, which was the norm that he had come to expect from humans upon first encounters, he merely cocked his head curiously.

Ratchet couldn't help the pained keen that managed to finally rip from his vocals as his body spasmed in pain.

A light touch, so gentle he barely felt it. He focused his fading vision on the scruffy haired teen that was quietly patting the space between his optics.

Then he spoke softly.

"You're pretty beat up, but don't you worry, you just pass out now. I'll take care of you."

He wanted to mock this reassurance. What the pit could this small human male do? The last thing he saw was his large green eye's as darkness finally swallowed him whole.

Ooo ooo ooo

The next thing Ratchet became aware of was onlineing in his own Medbay, with Sunstreaker and Sideswipe grinning down at him.

"Hey Bigbot! The Hatchets online!" yelled Sunstreaker, making Ratchet groan as his apparently now fully functional audios were rudely assaulted.

Pushing the grinning twins away, the Medic sat up on one of his own berths.

Optimus stood in front of him. At a nod from their leader, the twins skedaddled out of the medbay, which was surprisingly empty.

He frowned, hadn't he just been in a devastating battle? Where were the wounded? How long had he been offline? As if reading his thoughts, Optimus placed a servo on Ratchets shoulder plate.

"You have been regenerating for the past 24 hours my friend," Optimus Prime explained, noting the confusion on his faceplates.

"You, and the human soldiers that were injured were found unconscious by those that were left from the fight after the twins managed to drive the three Deceptecons away."

Ratchet frowned in confusion.

"What do you mean 'were' injured?"

Ratchet then took real note of his condition. He should be much more damaged then this! But his fully functional internal diagnostics were telling him that he was indeed healthy, in fact he was healthier then before the battle!

He shook his head uncomprehendingly.

"This is insane. I don't understand...I can't be…I mean I was…"

"…Dieing?" Optimus supplied with a sigh.

"You are not the only one, a few of those who awoke a few hours ago claimed to have been in the same state before they all went dark. One solider even claims to have had both his legs crushed by Strika and yet, there is not a single scratch on him, let alone a broken bone, and Sideswipe saw you get hit in the back by Thundercraker's missile. It doesn't make sense," Optimus shook his head, "but however this happened, I am glad that I did not lose you my friend, and that the death count is significantly shorter then it could have been."

Ratchet was stunned to silence. The normally gruff medic had experienced a lot in his long lifetime, but something like this…it didn't seem possible!

Then a memory intruded on his thoughts.

The boy.

"Was there a civilian male amongst those pulled from the battle? He would have been young and smaller than Sam," Ratchet asked.

Optimus raised a brow ridge curiously and answered.

"No, there were only the soldiers and our own men. There was no evidence or sign of a civilian, why?"

Ratchet explained what had happened in those final moments of consciousness. When he was done, Optimus looked thoughtful.

"This boy," Optimus said thoughtfully, "might have escaped during the heat of the battle, it would have been easy enough to do with all the chaos as a cover. He has seen us, this is not good. We need to find this boy, perhaps he can shed light onto what has happened. However, I believe the Military should stay uninformed for the time being, old friend. We do not need unneccassary complications with finding this boy."

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