"Sam what's going on in there? Zoe get over here!"

"What's wrong?!"

"It's Sam! The door is locked and she just screamed."

"Sam if you can hear me say something!"

"What's up?"

"Sam's in there and it's locked!"

"Try and see through the blinds!"

"They're shut… wait I can make out something…"

"What is it?"

"Let me see… oh my god. Someone's in there with her!"

"Are they… on top of her?!"

"Get the police, now!"

Sam could hear their voices but could no longer make a sound because of the hand clamped over her mouth. His rotten breath was making her eyes water as he leaned in close and stared at her with the most ferocious look he could muster.

A part of her was relieved to hear the familiar voices camped outside the door; another part of her was terrified. She had crossed the line and now she was going to pay for that decision.

While one of his hands was busy silencing her the other was exploring places it shouldn't and making her flinch at every movement. His face twisted into a vicious grin as he noticed her obvious discomfort, making her squeeze her eyes shut.

As his hand continued exploring tears began leaking from the corners of his eyes once more which he wiped away with a forefinger, placing as much pressure on her face as he could.

A bang on the door by Zoe bought them both back to the present, and to their predicament.

"The police are on the way!" She shouted at the door.

Sam closed her eyes in relief but as it turned out this was to be short lived, for the next few minutes would prove to be the making or the breaking of the situation.

For a moment he stayed still, pressing down on her with both his mind and his body. Her instincts were telling her to move but there was nowhere to go. He was obvious thinking about what to do next, but still didn't appear to have much of an idea as he laid on top of her.

His body was beginning to prove to heavy for Sam, as she began to find it difficult to breathe through her nose with the hand still clamped on her mouth. Just as it got to a point where Sam thought she was going to be choked to death he took back control of his bodyweight and hauled himself up off of her.

He stared down at her for a moment with a curious expression on his face, his hand still grasping her face tightly. For a moment he looked like a lost child, innocent and almost a little scared but this expression soon changed.

"You better keep your mouth shut, got it?"

Sam stared at him in defiance, but the grip he was on her face was throbbing at this point so she gave a stiff nod, hoping that this meant he was going to take his hand off of her mouth.

A few seconds later and her prayers were answered, she took a large breath through her mouth and several more to get rid of the slight dizzy sensation that had been creeping up on her for that last few minutes.

Her relief was short lived.

The next thing she knew she was struggling to breathe once more as she placed a hand round her throat and hauled her up onto her feet with the other. He stood behind her, forcing her to face the door.

Her arms hung limply by her sides, her hands tingling slightly through lack of oxygen. She did try and raise them to meet his hand on her throat in a vain attempt to prise his fingers off of her but she was weakening fast. All her strength had been spent in the initial struggle.

Sam forced a few weak breaths down her airway, but they helped very little. She could feel his mouth close to her ear, his rotten breath once again circulating around her nose.

"You're going to tell them not to come in here, or I will you."

Sam nodded once more, willing to do anything to get his hand off of her throat. She felt the fingers relax as soon as she nodded, and soon found herself free to take in as much air as she needed. A jab to the ribs with a couple of stiff fingers reminded her of her of her task, and the arm wound around her waist was more than strong enough to trap her where she was.

Her ears finally tuned into the fact that Zoe was banging on the door hard enough to knock it down and hollering her name. Sam's voice to several moments warm up enough to make a single sound, for the hand around her throat had pressed on her voice box slightly.

"Zoe." Sam rasped too quietly for anyone to hear.

In her ear he let out a soft snarl and gave her another jab to the ribs, warning her of his impatience.

"Zoe." Sam said slightly louder than her normal speaking voice.

"Sam, is that you? What's going on in there?"

"Zoe don't come in here, or h-he'll kill me." Sam said as fast as she could.

As soon as she did so the hand was back on her throat almost immediately. She coughed and spluttered for a moment before adjusted to the lack of air once more.

"No one's going to come in." Zoe said in the most reassuring voice she could muster.

"Zoe! The police are here!" Called Linda from some distance away.

Still he and Sam heard it, and almost as soon as the word 'police' was mentioned Sam felt the hand around her throat slowly begin to tighten…

Since you guys couldn't seem to wait for next weekend, I got up an hour early this morning so I could leave you with a third cliffhanger… Enjoy!