Walking down the streets of London alone is not a smart idea. Especially when there's kinshin about...

She walked swiftly, trying to catch up with her mother who was long gone, tears streeming down her rosy cheaks, her long curly hair flying around. Running faster, looking frantically for any sight of her mother she tripped and crashed into a wall. Dead end. A whimper escaped the young girl's lips as she saw a dark shadow curl round the entrance to the alleyway. A desperate cry was heard as a large, menacing figure appeared, growling, long claws clicking at the sight of another meal.

"Mmm, children's soul's are my favorite!" It drawled.

"Don't hurt me!" She cried, hiding her face, thinking of her mother, her home, dancing...Anything that would make the monster dissapear from her mind. It drew closer, snarling and licking it's lips.

Pearing through her fingers, she saw the monster get closer and closer. Clenching her fists and shutting her eyes, her whole body tensed as she prepared for death.


She felt nothing. Opening her eyes she saw a tall figure blocking the monster from her. It was a boy, most likely in his teens with a sword for his arm. Why was he protecting her? She cowered, pushing herself into the dark corner, hoping it was just a bad dream.

But this is no dream.

The blade sliced across the monster, and it cried out before dissapearing from sight. A small ball of a firey red colour was floating in its place, giving off a small light which enabled the girl to see the boy more clearly. He had bright blue hair, with a pink streak on the right side of his head. His eyes and chest were covered with bandages and he had multiple scars across his body.

He reached out to the floating soul and shoved it into his mouth before holding his hand out, smiling kindly to the scared girl.

"Let's go, shall we?" She grinned and grabbed his hand and he swung her onto his back, her girlish laugh warming his body. He jumped up onto the roof of a nearby building and they left the scene to a new life...for both of them...

What do you think? This is like a prologue to the story. It's based on two OC's me and my friend Charlie made. Reviews are appreciated! ^ ^ ~RadioKidd x.