Warnings: Violence, slight lemon, cursing, slight OOC.


One emerald-green eye explored the turquoise sea below. All he could hear right now was seagulls, singing their songs for him. His beloved crew was still sleeping below deck. His eyes perked up from the sea, towards sunrise. It held so many colors in high seas, and you could see when it rose from the horizon, bit by bit. The turquoise sea was now colored in golden rays, waiting for new adventures to begin. But somehow, this man on the deck knew that this day might be even more colorful than the sunrise which lit up the whole sea.


"Get the fuck out of my tavern, cheater-boy!" a raspy voice yelled and soon after, a young boy was thrown out of the door to land on wooden boxes, which shattered from the heavy impact, "You're not welcome anymore, freak!"

The boy who was called recently, and always, a freak, wiped blood from his temple. That was a pretty hard throw, if he might add. The boy groaned from the pain the impact had caused and turned his gaze away from the tavern.

"It hurts so much..." he murmured and tried to stand up from his current position. After a while he managed to get up and start to walk towards his own spot in the alley, quite near the port. The boy loved the breeze from the sea. It felt somewhat warm and had a salty smell to it. His dream was to sail on the high seas, enjoying the sunrise which would light up the whole sea. At least, these were all things the boy had heard from the sailors. But while the boy loved the sea, he despised pirates. Pirates were cruel drunks who weren't interested in what other people thought about them. They were brutal killers. But they had something that this boy didn't have. Something that was called freedom.

"Where do you think you're going, boy?" a tall man with wavy, dark hair and a mole under his eye, asked the fragile boy in front of him, "You do know that if you want to survive and get some money, you better go take care of your clients. They don't like to wait forever for little kittens like you."

"I'm having a damn break, Tyki," he growled back at the man who dared to call him kitten. No, he may look like a little kitten, but from the inside he was like a full-grown tiger with sharp teeth and fangs.

"No seas como ese," Tyki said waving his hands lazily. He liked to speak Spanish, even though the white-haired boy never understood him, "I mean, don't be like that. Come on, you had your break, and you'll get the money once you satisfy your clients. So hurry up already. We don't have all day Allen-chan~."

The boy, named Allen hated his life so much. He wanted to escape it. He would have sex with guys who paid 500 silver coins. With that amount you could barely get half an apple in this town. It was a town which held nothing, but terror in Allen's miserable life. The town, where only rich people lived. Allen didn't have much of a future here. He couldn't leave either. He didn't have any money to spend on things like that and no one, would take him onboard. He looked like a freak with a weird scar on his left eye. Not to mention his mop of white hair.

Allen drooped his head low in defeat and started to follow the Portuguese man towards the inn. It was where he usually took care of his filthy customers. He heard Tyki greet every single man on their way there. Maybe trying to get some new clients for Allen. Oh how Allen wished that they would be a bit more… neat. He didn't know which he despised more, pirates or this hell hole that he called life. Someone would probably call him nuts if he said, that this hell hole is life. A more appropriate word for his life would be prison. A prison you'll never get out of once you've stepped in.

"So… Your next customer likes to get rough so prepare for it," Tyki said once they had entered Allen's private room for his clients. Allen would sleep in the streets in summers but once it got too cold he would be allowed to sleep in his room. But once he slept there, it was only two hours sleep and then he would work again. It was like 24/7 sex-service.

Allen sighed heavily and collapsed on the bed when Tyki had disappeared through the door. He had enough time to get himself clean in the bath and maybe change into some more seductive clothes like corset and women's underwear. Allen hated this. He hated all the woman clothing Tyki threw at him but Allen knew it would drive the men crazy. It wasn't usual to get young boys dress up like a tavern-whore.

"To the bath it is."

After the bath, Allen wore his overbust corset. It was pretty traditional and classic. Hell, it was really sexy on him too. It had wonderful ruffles on the bottom and it was made from purple satin. It had black stripes on the satin and all in all, it looked good on Allen's somewhat feminine body.

Knock knock knock.

"Come in~" Allen purred in sickly sweet voice. Let the show begin.


After having violent sex three times with the same man Allen felt disgusted. He got 500 silver coins from that. He wondered how the man's stamina lasted for sex like that, and three times. Allen winced at the pain in his lower back. He wouldn't be able to take anymore clients and Tyki would be so pissed. It wasn't his fault, Tyki should take more care of his pets.

"So how was it, kitty cat?" Tyki asked from the door and smirked at his limping little kitten. He looked so helpless that Tyki had a mind to rape him right then and there, "How much did you get?"

"500," Allen said and gave four-hundred to Tyki. It was the deal every single time. Tyki would take most of it every single fucking time. Allen wondered when he had last eaten. There weren't many taverns left where he could play poker and get some free cash. Everyone already knew what he looked like.

"Can I please go now? I can't handle anymore cl-"

"Shush Allen. I know you can. I'm sending one up now. I don't know what he likes, but I know he is a bit more rich than the last one," Tyki smirked, leaving an almost crying Allen behind.

Allen didn't want to do this job anymore. A few tears rolled down his cheeks and the door opened without knocking. The man in front of him looked muscular. He wore expensive clothing. He went straight for the action and bit Allen's neck, hard. Way too hard.

"S-st…" he tried but remembered to keep quiet. No matter how much it hurt, he couldn't say anything. Even if he wouldn't be able breathe anymore, he couldn't say anything. It was the rule or no money would come to him. If the client asked for it, it would've been a different story.

He felt a fist hit his cheek, then Allen was being pushed to the floor like a little whore.

"Suck it," the man demanded from Allen. This was the part where Allen felt like puking. His mouth was forced to take all of the man's length only to be gagging from the disgust and discomfort. Allen felt the man's hand grip his hair forcefully. After that the whole length was forced down Allen's tender throat. It was pulled back, only to be slammed back in a second later. Allen gagged, almost trying to get out of that man's harsh grip. It was futile.

"I like your fiery nature, kitten."

Allen felt like he was tearing up from all the discomfort and pain. Another fist hit his cheekbone probably leaving an ugly bruise afterwards. After the long and painful blow job the man finally came in Allen's mouth, making him swallow it all. The man didn't care if Allen choked while trying to do it. He wanted it to be swallowed.

"Thanks, kitten," he said, running his finger along Allen's jawline, "Since you were so… disobedient..." he murmured and gave Allen only 300 hundred silver coins.

Allen couldn't believe his eyes. How the hell was he going to eat today? The man left and Tyki returned to collect his pay. Tyki's eyes were almost on fire when he say the money, causing him to slap Allen across the face.

"What the fuck were you doing!?" he demanded.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean t-", and another "slap" was heard in the inn. Allen's head felt dizzy from all the pain he had, had to endure that day, "I am so sorry, Tyki."

"Get the fuck out of here. Tomorrow you will have ten clients and if you get even one times this amount I will fucking slaughter you. Do you understand?"

Allen fought back his tears and nodded. He was allowed to take a bath and change clothes before being kicked out. This was also a punishment for Allen. If Tyki cancelled the clients Allen wouldn't get his food money and so he would be starving on the street. This wasn't Allen's lucky day, not at all.

After Allen had cleaned himself thoroughly he wore black pants and a white dress shirt. He took his old shoes and went outside, saying nothing to Tyki as he walked past him. Outside Allen took notice of the sun. It was mid-day. He would've worked till sunset, but since he screwed up there was nothing to do. He had no friends or siblings.

Allen settled on his blanket, near the port. He watched sailors preparing their ships for new adventures. Allen let out a silent prayer for them: "Let the Gods guide you on your journey."


"Lenalee! Give me the map will you?!" Lavi yelled through wind.

The sky had started to gather some really nasty looking clouds. Usually women on board was said to bring misfortune, but to Lavi they were merely something to look at. They would sail for months and no women would be seen in that time. So, this was something he came to on his own. Kanda didn't seem to like the fact that there were three women in this ship. Unfortunately Miranda was some sort of… klutz, but since she was Lenalee's friend Lavi warmly welcomed her to his ship.

"Aye Sir!" Lenalee chirped and jogged beside Lavi. She spread the map and gave Lavi a compass, "We are here," she said and pointed to the map with a nod, "Port Royal is the nearest harbor, so should we head there? It's only an hour away and the clouds sure are looking nasty. We have to refill our food storage also."

"Yes I've noticed it Lenalee. Yu~! Raise the main sail; we're heading to Port Royal!" Lavi yelled at the Japanese man who hated to take orders from the red-haired Mr. Eyepatch.

"Raise it on your own you fucking rabbit!" Kanda growled at Lavi, but went to raise the main sail, with the help of the creepy looking Arystar Krory, "I can do this on my own!"

"Don't be like that, Kanda. I will gladly help you," Krory smiled at Kanda. He was always polite and helpful. Lavi was happy that someone like him had decided to join them. "So... Port Royal? It really is a beautiful city."

Lavi grinned from ear to ear, leaving the helm for Lenalee who was enthusiastic as always to control the ship. He walked over to the men.

"Well, yeah. It's the closest harbour after all, don't cha think?" Lavi smiled like a little boy, "Oh and I bet it's full of beautiful women and… Maybe new crew mates!" he yelled and punched his fist in the air. No one would've believed that he was this ship's captain whom everyone trusted. "Oh, and I think we should keep a low profile and hide our flag before we reach the port. You know, keep low profile so that we… You know?"

Kanda face palmed at Lavi. Surely that man wasn't always the sharpest pen in the pencil case.

"We know, baka usagi. It's like in every port we've ever been to. You and Lenalee take care of the food and I will guard the ship so that I don't make a ruckus anywhere."

"Finally, Yuu got it!" Lavi smiled and tried to braid Kanda's hair, "You can stroll around if you want, but you should really act like a human. No ruckus."

"Get your fucking filthy hands out of my fucking beautiful hair or I will chop them off like leaves out of a tree!"

"Take it easy Yuu~ OH OH OH! That rhymed somehow! Leaves out of a tree!"

"Don't call me that!"


Allen perked his head up when he saw beautiful and big ship coming near the port. Ignoring his aching and burning back, the boy stood and walked closer. He wanted to see it better! Allen stopped before the pier and looked at the ship which was currently stopped by the platform. He didn't saw any pirate flags, but the way ship looked like Allen was pretty sure that this was pirate ship. He narrowed his big eyes when a red-haired man stepped onto the platform, a pretty Asian girl following him.

Allen took in the man's appearance: he had fiery red hair and a black bandanna hanging around his neck. The man had an eyepatch covering his right eye, so Allen was pretty sure that yeah, these guys were pirates. But something that really got Allen interested was that single emerald-green eye, which held no emotions even though his lips were curved in care-free grin. He couldn't figure that guy out.

The girl who followed right behind Lavi was some ting of a beauty-queen. This made Allen pretty confused. Why was there a girl on board? She had long hair which was held up in two pig-tails. The color of her hair was greenish black and she had violet eyes, which pretty much complimented her round face and Asian skin tone.

"Should we ask for help from citizens?" Lenalee asked from Lavi, once they were safely off the platform, "Since we don't know the city that well."

"The Great Lavi doesn't need help from the citizens!" Lavi said with an all mighty voice, grinning happily. He looked around and saw a mop of white hair staring at them from behind crates, "Look, they're afraid of us."

"Lavi, it's not every day in Port Royal you see pirate ships, you should know that," Lenalee huffed and walked towards the white haired boy, "Excuse me?" she smiled at Allen who seemed to pale. Lenalee blinked her eyes from the reaction. She was sure there was hatred in his eyes, "We don't mean any harm. We're nice guys."

Allen looked at Lenalee, then he glanced at Lavi. He thought that Lenalee had genuine smile and look in her eyes. That they really didn't mean any harm.

"You're still pirates, barbarians, murderers, and-"

"Hey wait a second!" Lavi whined and flicked Allen's forehead in a brotherly way. He knelt down to Allen's level since he sat on the ground, "We are not like that. Want to come and see? We actually pay for stuff we need and steal from other pirates," Lavi explained to Allen, taking in boy's appearance.

"Are you alright?" he asked, a small amount of concern being heard in his calming voice.

Allen felt something break inside of him. He stared at Lavi in disbelief.

"Did… Did you ask if I was alright?" he asked in confusion. Never in his life had no one asked if he was alright. When Lavi nodded Allen was about to melt. That guy was stranger and a pirate, "Y-yes, I'm fi-fine," Allen stuttered and looked away from Lavi.

Lenalee cupped Allen's cheek with one hand and examined his porcelain skin, which was full of bruises and cuts.

"You know… I can take you to our ship and we can treat your wounds. Is that okay?" she smiled at Allen. Lenalee was sure that her big brother would take care of him easily. Or Lavi's grandfather.

"N-no," Allen mumbled, slapping Lenalee's hand away, "Don't touch me!" he yelled at her, eyes showing nothing more than fear and pain, "Leave me alone!"

Lenalee backed away from Allen and took Lavi's hand.

"I think we should leave him," she whispered to Lavi, "I really want to help him, but we can't cause any ruckus or we'll be hanged. So be a responsible captain and leave the boy alone."

"Lenalady, can't you see? He's afraid," Lavi said, nodding. Of course the all mighty Lavi knew these things. It earned him a heavy sigh from Lenalee.

"Hey kiddo, do you have a home somewhere? It's gonna' rain soon so I think you should go home."

"I…" Allen mumbled and tried to avoid Lavi's gentle gaze as much as he could. He felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment, "I don't ha-have a ho-home," he told them and stood up. "I'll be on my way now. I don't need any help from barbarians like you."

Lavi watched as Allen limped away, to his quiet alley. He shrugged his shoulder and motioned for Lenalee to follow him.

"You know, I kind of felt sorry for him. Port Royal is rich town," he told Lenalee as they walked the streets, "It's not every day you see boys like him here. I mean, people take better care of themselves here, but since everything here is so damn expensive that boy must have a really hard time."

Lenalee followed Lavi thinking about Allen. The boy really looked like he was about to starve. And his wounds, the dried blood and bruises looked really nasty. She had already take a likening to the boy. She somehow felt that the boy was kind of special.

"You took a liking to him also?" she asked.

"Yeah..." Lavi mumbled as they went to a stall that looked like a food storage, "Excuse me, mister?" he asked from the counter, a smile on his face, "We need food to our ship. You bring it to our ship by tomorrow morning and you'll get your pay. We're going to spend three-hundred gold coins."

"Yes sir and welcome to the Port Royal," the man at the counter said with a friendly smile. He didn't seem to care as long as no one robbed him, "Is there something else I can do for you, Mister…?"

"Mr. Bookman," Lavi grinned and shook hands with the man.

"Smith," the man answered back.

"Mr. Smith, do you know a boy with white hair and a weird looking scar over his eye?"

Smith had shivers up his spine at the mere mention of the white-haired boy.

"Yes, I know him. Bit of a weird boy, eh?" he joked and sighed heavily, "I've heard about him from Mr. Mikk who runs the brothel at the centre of the city. If I remember right he is one of the prostitutes. He gets beaten every now and then for stealing food. It seems like Mr. Mikk doesn't pay him enough and the boy doesn't even like the job. The boy is not from the Caribbean, Mr. Bookman. Some people say he was sold as a slave from England. That's all I know."

Lenalee gasped at the story.

"No wonder he yelled at me," she murmured to Lavi who nodded at her.

"Oh, you should be really careful," Smith said with dangerous tone.

"Rumours say that he is a cursed child," he whispered at his guests, "Just like the mermaids."

Lavi held back laughter as the little boy was compared to mermaids.

"Well, the boy might be as pretty as a mermaid, but you shouldn't really judge him if you don't know him personally. I'm not one to say this since I've only talked with him for a while but I assure you, he is not cursed. If he was, why didn't anything happen to us?"

"But that's the thing Mr. Bookman. He has tried to get away from this town with the sailors, but they won't take him even when he offered money. They say that the boy sinks ships the moment he steps foot on them," Smith told them with a nod, "We would be really grateful if he just… went away, but Mr. Mikk has eagle eyes. He sees everything. He wouldn't be very pleased if the boy ran away from him."

Lenalee pouted her lips from slight anger. How dare that man say something like that of the little boy they met awhile ago. She was so sure that deep inside, that boy was worth more than frigging gold or diamonds.

"Listen to me now, Mr. Smith. Where can we find this boy?"

Lavi was surprised to see that Lenalee, who asked to leave the boy alone, was now demanding to find him. It was cute actually.

"Lenalady, take it easy."

"I won't take it easy, Lavi! You said it yourself! That boy suffers from all the pain the townspeople do to him! He doesn't have a home, and he lives with a job he hates," Lenalee was on the verge of crying, making Lavi cringed. This really wasn't Lavi's day.

"Let's kidnap him," Lavi suggested.

"What!? We can't take him with us by force!" Lenalee screamed at Lavi who paled at Lenalee's reaction, "We're not barbarians Lavi!"

"But he doesn't like us, remember?" Lavi laughed, scratching his head. There wasn't really much of a choice if they wanted to save Allen from misery, "And we don't have to use force. We can bribe him!"

The shop owner looked at the arguing pair bemused. These two were going to take that boy away? It was a miracle. Mr. Smith went down on his knees and grabbed a handful of Lavi's coat.

"Please, take that boy away from us!"

"See?" Lavi grinned to Lenalee, "Even he wants us to save the boy from his miserable life. Think about it Lenalady, he can be free as a bird with us."

"I think we should talk about this with our crew, Lavi," Lenalee whispered so that man wouldn't hear them too good. "Even though you make the decis-"

"I've decided. We'll take him with us."


Allen curled into his blanket. It had started to rain heavily and his clothes weren't that good for rainy weather. He sniffed and looked back to the port. The pirate ship had lights inside and he could hear the laughter of the crew. Allen sighed and turned his gaze somewhere else. He wished he could have freedom like that.

"Maybe I am asking too much…"

"Hey kiddo!" a familiar voice yelled a few feet from him.

"Come here," he said and waved his hand cheerily. Allen was socked at first. Did that red-haired man call him? Well he did say "kiddo" when they first met, but…

"Fuck off!" Allen yelled at the figure, sulking by the crates. He sure as hell didn't want that filthy pirate calling out for him. Allen wrapped the old and wet blanket tighter around himself when the figure came closer.

"Awww, don't be mean to me. It hurts," Lavi smiled and ruffled Allen's wet hair, "Want to come to our ship? It's warm inside and has shelter from the rain."

"I don't want anything from you!" Allen yelled again when Lavi came closer. He felt instant discomfort when facing the man in front of him. Even though Allen knew deep inside that this guy wouldn't hurt him, the fear was still there.

"But there is food also," Lavi said with a smirk

"Food?" Allen asked and his eyes lit up a bit. He heard and felt his stomach grumble angrily. His cheeks grew red and he mumbled something that Lavi couldn't catch.

"Come on, I'll carry you," Lavi said and tried to wrap his arms around Allen. The reaction was instantaneous. Lavi was hit by a fragile palm which didn't hold any strength.

"Hey… I'm not going to hurt you," he promised and took hold of Allen's hand, "I'm Lavi, Lavi Bookman. What's your name?"

Allen furrowed his brows and tried to remember.

"I was… Named Allen. Allen Walker. I'm usually called… Kitten…" he said, trying not to cry in front of Lavi.

"Okay, Allen," Lavi said and lifted Allen up bridal style. The boy started to panic, but Lavi hushed and carried Allen to their ship, "I'll tend to your wounds and then I'll get you something to eat. Is it okay?"

Allen nodded and tried to relax. He just now noticed Lavi's bare chest. He had a coat on but no shirt under it. Allen blushed and concentrated on listening to his heartbeat. After a while Allen was laid on the bed in the captain's cabin. He watched every move Lavi made in the cabin. Lavi sat beside Allen with bottle of alcohol and bandages.

"This is going to sting, so hold still," he said as he applied alcohol on some cotton wool. Lavi swiped it gently across Allen's dirty wounds.

"What happened to you?"

"It none of your concern, Lavi", Allen said, flinching at the pain of the alcohol on his wounds, "It's private."

Lavi said nothing when he saw sadness in those silver pools. He took in boy's small figure and beautiful white hair. The scar wasn't ugly, it gave him an exotic look.

"So… Where are you from then?"

"From England," Allen said and huffed, "You knew that already", he added and flicked Lavi's forehead, "I bet you heard from one of the townspeople already what I am and why I am."

"Actually… I didn't quite catch how," Lavi grinned and bandaged Allen's arm. When he was done he put a plaster on Allen's cheek, "Well… You don't have to tell me if you don't want. I mean… Take your time. I understand what it is to have a painful past. My whole crew knows that."

"Your crew?" Allen asked in disbelief. There was no way Lavi owned this crew. That man was too care-free for his own good.

"Yeah, my crew. Welcome to the Black Exorcist, Mr. Walker," Lavi laughed, petting Allen's hair, "So, I'll get you some food here. You must be starving. I'll also try to find some dry clothes for you."

Allen nodded and sat up on the bed. It was pretty comfortable.

"Uh… Lavi?"

Lavi turned around to look at the mop of white hair.


"Thanks," he whispered and hung his head. Allen was embarrassed that he had finally found someone to thank, "Don't go telling people that I'm here, please. I want to go with you, even though… I despise your kind."

"It's okay, Allen. I am sure that in few weeks you'll think differently about our crew," Lavi grinned and went to the door, "We'll set sail tomorrow morning. You can sleep the night in my cabin, on the sofa. I'll make room in the crew's cabin tomorrow if that's fine with you?"

"Yes, that's okay with me," Allen smiled at Lavi. He seemed nice to Allen, "Uh… Is that girl I saw with you also on this ship?"

"You mean Lenalee? Yeah, but don't go drooling on her or her big brother might smack your head off," Lavi warned and laughed at Allen's pale face, "But don't worry. I'll stop him before he does anything to you," he promised to the boy, who Lavi had started to described as an angel in his head, "Be right back."

Allen watched as the big wooden door closed after Lavi. The boy looked around the cabin. First thing he realized was that it was full of books. Allen stood up from the bed and went to the wide bookshelves.

"Wow…" he gasped. Some of these must've been more than two-hundred years old. He didn't dare touch anything since Lavi was being kind to him.

The little angel took some notice of the bed too. It was a French-styled "Loire" bed. It was made from dark wood and looked like it had suffered some sort of damage. It had beautiful ornate flower carvings. Plus, it was pretty much queen-sized. He walked over to the big and wide desk. It was covered in maps and old papers with weird language. There was something about "Innocence". The desk itself had many drawers down the front. It was the most beautiful desk he had ever seen. Lavi had a good sense when it came decorating. The rug on the floor was Persian. It was soft against Allen's bare feet. He had to throw his shoes away so that he wouldn't mess up Lavi's room. It seemed like Lavi didn't use his boots in the cabin either.

"Sorry about the mess on the desk," Lavi grinned and put a plate on it. He gathered the papers and maps, putting them all into separate drawers neatly.

"Dig in. It's all yours."

Allen looked at the plate, wiping drool from his mouth.

"Is this really mine?" he whimpered taking a chicken leg in his hand. It was expensive food. There were potatoes, vegetables, pork, fish, rice and chicken. Allen was in heaven.

Lavi took another chair and sat beside Allen.

"Oh yes, it's all yours. But when we set sail tomorrow I'll teach you, along with other crew mates, what you'll do on our ship. I bet you'd be a pretty good coxswain if I teach you. Tell me about yourself a little. How did you end up in Port Royal?" he asked now that Allen was enchanted with all the food.

"Well… I was adopted on Christmas. I don't remember my birthdate," Allen started and munched the chicken leg in his mouth. He wondered what he should tell, "My parents abandoned me, because they didn't have enough money to afford a child at the moment. So I was placed in some kind of orphanage. Kids used to bully me because I had really low self-esteem. Then this really nice man, Mana, decided to adopt me and I was named Allen. Mana was clown in a traveling circus."

Lavi smiled when Allen told about Mana. It seemed like his whole face lit up. He stayed quiet and listened, but that was when Allen's light mood changed.

"I… I think that's it," he whispered quietly at Lavi, "I'm sorry. I don't really like talking about my past to strangers and since I don't-"

"I understand, Allen. There are things that you have to keep secret. But remember that sometimes talking about your past to somebody, can really helps You don't have to keep it inside. We're family from now on and you'll tell me when you think the time is right," Lavi told Allen, and placed his hand on the other's, "So… Were you part of the circus?"

Allen smiled at Lavi's comforting word, his mood becoming a bit more cheerful when Lavi asked about the circus.

"Yes, I was. It was really fun actually. I got to do acrobatics and assist my foster dad in his performances. I loved being there."

"Oh… That sure is a good skill here if you do acrobatics. Lenalee's pretty good, but Komui always whines about her being in high places. You could work on the masts too if you'd like… Oh… Hold on. How old are you?"

Allen pondered it for a while.

"Sixteen-years old," he told Lavi and smiled his fake smile like always, "Tell me about yourself. Why did you end up being… a pirate?"

"Well… That's a long story, so we'll leave it for other time," Lavi smiled and thinking things about himself, "Well… I'm nineteen-years old so yeah, I'm pretty young to be a Captain, but the crew trusts me. I got the eyepatch when I was a kid. Don't go asking details, not gonna tell ya for a long time," he smirked and ruffled Allen's white hair, "So… White hair, huh…?"

"It's from trauma," Allen explained to Lavi who looked at him with a questioning look on his face. "It is categorised as 'Things I don't like to talk about'."

"Oh yeah, sorry," Lavi said and looked out of the big window behind him, "Who was this Mikk guy anyways? Why do people think you're cursed?"

Allen shrugged his shoulders, but then pointed at his scar.

"See the pentacle?" he asked and Lavi nodded, "You have many history books so you might know what it means to people here. It wasn't really my fault. It was carved on me when I was sold as a slave to Tyki," Allen told the curious pirate, "An eternal mark. To whom I belong to", he whispered to Lavi, "I can't run away. They always find me. Most of the slaves were marked with X-marks on their hipbone, but Tyki had something else on his mind. This is something I can't hide."

"And there we have a problem," Lavi growled, thinking of this Tyki-person who had marked Allen. There is no way that guy would let Allen go away just like that with that mark on, "You'll stay here at the cabin tomorrow until we are at the high seas again. I'll make sure that Tyki won't find out that you're here."

"Really?" Allen asked Lavi, a real smile appearing on his pale lips. Lavi felt like he could melt because of that single smile given to him.

"It's a promise," Lavi said, taking the empty plate from Allen, "Are you still hungry?"

Allen grinned at Lavi.

"Like a wolf."


Allen woke up to the sound of seagulls and sun light piercing through the window. He groaned and pulled the blanket up to cover his eyes. It wasn't long until Allen stood up from the sofa and looked around.

"Where the hell I am?" he asked himself. After he re-played yesterday's events in his head he remembered, that he was on Lavi's ship; Black Exorcist. What name was that anyways? His stomach grumbled from slight hunger.

"Better find the caboose," Allen murmured, leaving the cabin. It seemed like the ship was already moving towards the unknown seas.

"Ah, Allen!" Lenalee smiled when Allen came out from the cabin, "I was just about to come wake you up. We've safely gotten away from Port Royal's area. How was your sleep?"

"Ah… It was good, thank you," Allen said and bowed politely, "Umm… Where is the caboose? I'm hungry… If it doesn't bother you!"

Lenalee giggled and motioned for Allen to follow her.

"Our ship is pretty large and the caboose is at the prow. You're currently at the stern, Lavi's cabin. Here are the rooms for our crew. Lavi thought that you'd roommate would be Kanda, since his other bed is empty right now. Here is the caboose. There is Jerry. He'll make you something for breakfast. Once you're ready, go change your clothes. Lavi put some clothes on his bed for you. Then you can come to the deck."

Allen took in the information he was given and went to Jerry, who was currently making food. "Um… Hello?"

"Well hello you cutie~" Jerry chirped and cupped Allen's head to his hands, "Such a pretty face you have there. You must be the new boy Lavi was talking about~! What's your name hun~? I'm Jerry."

"Allen Walker," he introduced himself, his cheeks burning up from the contact, "Ca-can I get some br-breakfast, please?"

"Oh sure hun. What would you like? I can make anything you want~ Ohohohoho~!" Jerry giggled and tilted his head.

"Well… Can I get some pancakes and honey?" Allen asked. He didn't know what kind of food Jerry could make, even though he said 'anything you want', "A whole lot of them. I'm bottomless pit."

"Sure thing~! Take a seat and I'll bring your breakfast in a minute!" Jerry said and went to cook his breakfast. Meanwhile Allen took seat next to grumpy looking Japanese man who was eating soba and drinking tea.

"Hello, my name is Allen Walker," he said and stretched out his hand for a shake. Allen flinched when the man growled and glared daggers at him.

"Move you fucking hand away or I will fucking chop it off bean sprout!" the Japanese man growled, taking out his katana, "With Mugen, I will end your life if you ever try to touch me with your filthy hands!"

Allen backed away from this intimidating man and coughed slightly.

"Are you sure that kind of language is fit for a woman?" he asked, smiling sweetly at the flaming Kanda, "It is not polite to tell your name when someone introduces himself."

"What the fuck did you just said?!" he growled, pressing Mugen's tip to Allen's chest, "I'm not a woman you damned bean sprout. What are you? Albino?"

"Stop it now, Kanda-kun," Krory said to him,trying to pull him away from Allen, "I'm sorry for his behaviour. This man here is Yuu Kanda, and my name is Arystar Krory."

"It is pleasure to meet you, Krory," Allen said and glared at Kanda, "And I'm most definitely not a bean sprout, Jerkanda."

"What the fuck bean sprout!?"

"Is that really all you can say Kanda?" Allen smirked evilly at the Japanese man who tried to get out of Krory's grasp, "Is your brain capacity that low?"

"Allen, Kanda!" Lenalee yelled from the door. Soon two boys were collapsed on the floor thanks to Lenalee's long legs and hard boots, "Allen, I was worried about where you were," she sighed, "Lavi said that I should keep an eye out for you because of Kanda."

"Thanks Lenalee, but I think I'll manage," Allen said whimpered from the pain in his forehead. No.1 Rule: Don't mess with Lenalee or you'll get hit by her long legs, "I'll eat and come up after that."

"You do that," Lenalee smiled and went over Kanda. She grabbed Kanda's collar with a sweet smile on her face and said, "Leave Allen alone, got it?"

Kanda flushed at Lenalee's actions and turned his head away from her.


Allen sat in his chair and started to eat his delicious breakfast. Honey and pancakes. He had never eaten something like it before. It was so frigging good. Allen scarped the last of the meal to his mouth before making his way back to his cabin. He put on black leather pants (which were pretty tight) and a light blue booty button up shirt. Allen looked at himself in the mirror and blushed. His butt looked more than inviting in these pants. Damn that Lavi. Allen pulled black boots to his knees and looked himself again.

"Not bad…" he murmured and wrapped the sleeves to his elbows. Better.

The angel made his way back onto the deck where he saw Lavi, already waiting for him at the wheel (or helm, which ever one you prefer). His hair was pulled away from his face with the bandanna Allen saw yesterday. This time Lavi had put in some effort and actually worn a shirt under his coat.

"Lavi! What do you want me to do?" Allen asked as he jogged to his side.

"Well, I'll tell you stories in the evening so… I don't know," Lavi laughed with a care-free attitude and ruffled Allen's white locks, "Just kidding. I'll teach you how to a read map", he said and showed the map to Allen, "First you have to learn terminology and the symbol system which we use. It's quite difficult at first, but once you get a hang of it the map will transform into a informative "road map" or something which you have probably used before."

"I'm a quick learner," Allen said quickly, studying the map with his silver eyes, "I'm sure I can do this."

"I'm sure you can, Allen. Anyways, this map here tells you many things; shores, water-depths, shoals and the list goes on and on. It would take too much time to tell you all of them. I have books in my room, so feel free to study them. Do you know how to read compass?" Lavi asked Allen, who nodded, "Well that's good then. I'll show you where we are going and you'll take the helm," he said and put Allen's hand on said helm.

"W-wait Lavi! Don't leave me alone here!" Allen yelled and took hold of his coat, "I'll be the one to blame if we crash somewhere or into something!"

Lavi blinked for a while.

"You've got a point. Okay, I'll watch where you are going, little buddy. Just ask if you want to know something, alright? I think you'll manage."

Allen turned the helm a bit, trying to avoid possible shoals.

"I think there are many shoals to look out."

Lavi had to hold in his laughter.

"Look around you, Allen," he ordered and the boy did, "We are at the high seas. It's nearly impossible to hit any shoals here. I wouldn't let you control the ship if we were near islands,"

Lavi chuckled, patting Allen's shoulder, "You're blushing."

"I am not blushing, stupid Lavi!" Allen complained and hit Lavi's shoulder with his tiny fist.

"Oww, that hurt Allen~" Lavi whined from the 'pain', "Just joking, it didn't hurt one single bit~" he said, flicking Allen's forehead again, "You should respect your Captain, kiddo."

"Why Kanda is an asshole?" Allen asked Lavi out of a blue, "I just tried to introduce myself and he took out his katana and tried to kill me. He isn't very intelligent either. He also said I was a bean sprout."

"Yuu is Yuu. But he doesn't like that I call him Yuu though," Lavi grinned and petted Allen's white locks. They were kind of pretty if you'd ask him, "But why? I think bean sprout suits you, short stack."

"My name is Allen!" he complained again, trying to hit Lavi with his little fists.

'Maybe this is a good change for me after all.'


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