Warning: Incest. Need I say more?

Case: I was just browsing through my other fic, "Stamina, Anyone?" and I could not believe I wrote some of the actual lines there. Moreover, the whole story. :O Sigh. And I edited it now. Time flies, I feel old and it's raining outside. And here I am, writing a fic that came bursting in my head again. :P

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Title: One Night Stand

Chapter: Most probably two shots?

Rating: M

"One Night Stand"

He could not believe it.

Fuck everything, he could not believe it.

No way in hell.

Hot damn.

He sat on the bed blinking.

What. The. Fuck.


Where was he? Where the hell was he?

Was this a joke or som –

Oh, his room, he realized.

"Uhhhn... Neji-niisan..."

His mind stopped thinking and he stopped pondering at his brain, too.

W... what was that... just moments ago –?

He looked at the direction where the faint voice came from then...

Right then, he wanted to shriek. Holy shit.

"H... Hinata-sama!" He whispered to himself when he suddenly saw the girl lying naked beside him in his bed. She was sleeping. What was she doing there? Why was she even there in the first fucking place? And did he just notice that Hinata was naked? Naked. Naked!

He started to fret; he tried to jump off of the bed when he noticed that he was damn right naked, too. It made him spring back to the bed, under the covers.

What the fuck happened?

And then he suddenly felt a jolt of pain in his temples that made him stagger back to the soft pillows where he obviously was just snuggled upon on, moments ago, before waking up into reality.

"O...ow, shit..."

Was he having a hung-over? Could be.

Well, he'd be damned!

He slowly tried to massage his throbbing temple when the thought of Hinata, his goddamn cousin, came back into his mind.

What happened...?

This is a dream... a dream...

"N... Neji-niisan...?"

Too clear on his ears to be a dream.

"Ah... Neji-niisan..."

He felt a hand touch him on the shoulder.

Too solid on his skin to be a dream.


He suddenly sat straight up and came face to face with Hinata who was then rested on her elbow, only the thin bed covers covering her body. One of her hand was up on his shoulder.

"Are... are you okay, Neji-niisan?"

Neji could not believe it, seriously.

"Wha... What are we doing here, Hinata-sama? I mean... why..." He demanded. He also tried to ignore the burning that his skin felt at the girl's touch.

Hinata gave a hurt expression. She took her hands away and clutched the sheets that covered her.

"Might it be that...?" Hinata peeked from under her lashes.

Neji irked.


"That you... you forgot everything, N-Neji-niisan?"

Yep. You could almost hear the pain in her voice.

Confused. Oh boy, was Neji confused.

"What? What the fuck did I forget?" Neji, after all, was a stubborn man. And this was becoming so out of his character. To pace like this and all.

Lo and behold. Where the fuck did the scary Neji Hyuuga go? Was he just... worried? Him? HIM!

"You... you... N-Neji-niisan... y-you..." Hinata said on the verge of crying.

And early in the morning, too. Man.

Huge tear drops fell off her cheeks.

Neji panicked.

"What the – Hey, hey, Hinata-sama, don't cry! Dammit, don't cry, I can't..."

Yep, he can't stand it. Not with his huge crush on her, he can't.

"Y-you for...got... everything..." Hinata said in between sobs, her pale face suddenly flushing. "H... how c-could you..."

Neji's eyes bulged. Did he just make his precious Hinata cry?

Holy shit, man.

"W-wait, ah!" Neji was a man who stood with authority and now he was stuttering. "S... stop crying, Hinata-sama, I... I... ah, please, don't cry..."

He never really knew how to deal with girls before.

This must be why he never had a girlfriend before. It's not that he was not attractive, because he was. Very. He knew that, too. It was just that he was too sullen for almost all the girls that wanted to catch his attention. This also could be a reason why he didn't have the guts to confess to Hinata before. And now this.

Hinata's sobbing slowed down as he tried to talk. "Y... Y-you're mean... Neji-niisan... A... after last n-night... you..."

"What happened last night?" Neji was quick to ask.

"Y-you really f...forgot?" Hinata gave a shy look, eyes still streaked with tears.

Neji nodded vigorously, looking fucked-up serious.

Hinata looked like a rabbit. Her pale skin right now plus the reddening eyes.

Hinata seemed to hesitate as she inched farther away from Neji in the bed.


"Tell me."

Hinata knew that this was an order for this came from Neji. It was, after all, Neji Hyuuga.

She gave a silent sigh.

"You see... Last night..."

Neji was all ears.


Hinata looked up at her caller and she felt weak all over.

Yes, it could be out of fear or it could be because it was her cousin whom she thought she fell in love with. Well, it could be described by both since who she saw was Neji Hyuuga, someone you actually need to fear and, for her, to fall in love with.

She was attracted to him, damn she was! It started when her little crush on Naruto wore off. It was, all along, Neji, who had been beside her through all this years. She realized that. Appreciated it, really. And thus her feelings developed.

But then, enough with the mushy details, we just need to know that she loves him because that is just part of everything.


She looked up, most definitely because she was not short but Neji was just too tall.

"Y-Yes?" She replied meekly. She started blushing and she could just have killed herself for easily giving away her feelings.

"There is something I need to discuss with you."

She sighed. His voice was stoic, as usual, and he made it sound like a demand, rather than a request.

"What... what is it about, Neji-niisan?" Hinata asked, half of her wanting it to be an invitation to a date or something...

Nah. Impossible.

"You will be informed of that later."

Neji looked at her with interest of that like she was non-fat yoghurt. Zero percent.

"But... N-Neji-niisan, I might... might have something to—"

"7 o'clock this evening at the Branch house garden."


"I know this is very rude and impolite of me, a member of the Branch family, to inquire you to go meet me at such place but, Hinata-sama, I expect you to be there."

"Ho-Hold on a second, Neji-nii –"

"So long."

And Neji Hyuuga left.

Hinata stood where she was and blinked.

What in heaven's name was that?, she thought.

But before she could have a reflection on what just happened, it was already dark.

Nothing's too quick for someone who does not want a certain time to come.

7:00 P.M. came.

Sneaking around her way to the Branch family garden, Hinata stumbled here and there for she was not exactly used to going there, especially the garden, for Christ's sake. She was asked not to go there. It was a rule that if a family Branch member wants to interact with the member of the Main branch, well, by all means, go there yourself, you poor Branch family members!

It sounded ridiculous for Hinata, since she was unbearably kind (and that she has feelings for one of the members there.) but she was unbearably obedient, too.

You can sigh, I give you permission.

And so she followed a path where her instincts told her that it was the way to the meeting place.

She was right.

She looked around, it was dark but the moon was full that night, coincidentally, and she could see that it was quite a pleasant flower garden. There were bushes of roses, carnations and oh wow, what are those pale bluish-purple flowers? So pretty... and she stretched her hands to touch it.

"Those are lavenders."

Hinata spun around as she heard the husky voice behind her.

"N-Neji-niisan!" she cried, startled. "You... s-surprised me..."

"They're beautiful." Neji said with a hint of grogginess, as he withdrew his eyes away from the girl he was just staring at. "They remind me of you... Hinata-sama."

Like, whoah, wait a freaking minute, what?

"What?" Hinata asked in a surprised manner. Neji just told her indirectly that she was beautiful.

Neji turned to look back at Hinata. "I told you you're beautiful."

Hinata could die just then.

"I... I don't unders-stand... I..." Was Neji drunk or something?

"Ah..." Neji said, with a shake of the head, "Never mind..."

And then he gave a sloppy grin.

Hinata just stared. Why was his grin so...sloppy? It was not evil, or mean, or wicked, like his usual grins were. What the –?

"I like you."

This caught Hinata off-guard.


"I said I like you... In fact I think I l-love you..." Neji repeated as a matter of factly. "And I think I am getting d-dizzy..."

Neji stood like he dragged one of his feet along. And right then he did actually look like he could stumble.

Hinata was purely shocked and was in bliss.

"W-what's wrong with you, N- Neji-niisan, why are you...?" She went beside him and put her arms around him for support. Suspiciously, she moved her face close to his and looked intently. Neji blinked like a drunken man and gave another of those grins that made Hinata think he was indeed drunk. Couldn't be. No fucking way.

But by the looks of it, with a blush on his cheeks, eyes half-lidded and him smiling, he was surely drunk.

Hinata's head whirred.

"This is a lousy confession, you know?" Drawled the Hyuuga prodigy, the alcohol getting the best of him. "Aha, I love you... and... oh. Whatever. Now where did I put my...?"

The man helplessly tried to cram around.

It hit her.

The idea of Neji drinking so he could gather up courage just to confess to her of his feelings was rather up the bridge but that was what made sense of what was happening, if you get what I mean.

That was rather funny, since it was of the man who was never shy and was never unsure of himself.

Hinata found that rather cute. And touching.


"Ah! Why do you have your arms around me, Hinata-sama! You are –"

"I... I... l- love you, too, niisan."

Neji blinked. Maybe he really overdid it with the alcohol. He was not used to liquor but this was a different occasion. He badly wanted to 'fess up and all but why, oh, why it was so hard for him? How could confessing be so... strategically difficult? And so he drank. And got drunk, somehow.

He blinked again. And again.

"H-Hinata-sama, might it be that you are drunk?"

Tsk. A pot calling the kettle black.

"N-No!" Hinata protested, "I... I... I am not... it's just that... I do..." and shyness crept over her like those in her younger days.

Anyways, Neji looked at her cautiously before saying, "Really?"

Hinata had a blush on her face, nodding.

Neji felt embarrassed, for the first time in his life.

And then he suddenly got away from Hinata's gentle grasp of him and he tried to walk away, muttering, "I... I guess I am just too much drunk that I..." and he almost tripped.

Running by his side, Hinata put her arms, once again, around the bull-headed man that just confessed to her. "Neji-niisan..."

"I'm sorry, I guess I need to go back to my room now, dammit..." but he knew he'd be crawling.

"W-wait, Neji-niisan... l-let me... help you..." and she helped the groggy Neji up to his feet, or foot for he seemed limping, and she gave a soft blush at their close contact.



"Then you and I –"

"I said Hinata-sama." And this time, the young man cut her off sternly.


"Are you telling the truth?"

"B...but of course, Neji-niisan! I... I..." she stuttered.

Yes, he knew that was a stupid question. Hinata never lied. Lying was out of her vocabulary. But. What she was flashbacking was so... absurd!


"Oh..." and watery eyes came about the Hyuuga heiress' eyes. Not this again.

Neji's hand came rushing around the petite girl's shoulder. Out of instinct? Maybe. But yeah. Anyway, whatever.

"C-continue, dammit... I believe you... so... what happened... next?" Oh. For the love of.

And he waited for the girl to speak more...