"…and e-everything was hazy…"

Neji looked.

"…and you were o-out of place…"

Neji squinted.

"…and I-I was trying t-to help you…"

Neji glared.


He gave an exasperated mimick, "Then?"

"You s-suddenly put your hand i-in m-my…"


"…p-panty and…"
Neji fell from his stance. He did what?

"I did what?"

Hinata looked at him from under her lashes and stuttered something like "Well, y-you…uh, I…" and she blushed in the process.

Good grief. Neji felt a throb in his temple. And then a throb down there, too. Yes, there.

So there they were, on his cousin's bed on a confusing morning. He was damn right confused, alright. All he knew was this confusing conversation, not to mention uncomfortable, started when he woke up with a stark naked angel of a cousin he has. It was bad enough that he was naked, too. And that he completely remembered nothing of the incident which was leaving him dumbfounded and freaked out, scratch the part that somewhere in the middle of the conversation with Hinata, she managed to brush her arm skin to skin with his.

Well, if she wasn't the softest thing the confusing world created.

And the confusing parts were being slapped in his face, not to mention.

"If you do not want m-me to… continue, niisan, but t-that was after we went to my room a-and…"

Neji shifted uncomfortably.

He gave a sigh.


They did do something.

Oh brother.

"Why did we go to your room, this time, then? I thought I staggered going back to my room…" he was no way near admitting it was embarrassing him and that he actually needed help from Hinata. No, the fact that he actually needed help is flabbergasting enough.

"You see… I… kind of realized that… I, uh… Neji-niisan's room… I don't really know where…"

Well, he'll be damned.

He shook the throbbing in his head, he was not sure which one was throbbing more, the down or the up but he put no notice.


Hinata gave a soft , "Eh?"

"Go on with the story. I said continue, right?"

"Oh! Well… you see…"

The two teens stumbled over Hinata's room as the door slammed open and hastily been slammed closed.

"H-Hinata-sama… god, you're beautiful…"

Hinata's face grew red as her ears met what could be Neji's drunken retort. She slowly released her grasp on him on her bed. She was careful helping Neji since, well, he may be acting like an insolent fool right now, minus the confession part, but she still loved him.

Neji looked still the same even if he was blushing. Hinata gave an inward giggle when she sat on her bed beside the handsome man and got a better view of Neji's face that was lying down on her bed.

Her bed, for crying out loud! Who would've thought…


"Neji-niisan, I… I am sorry I was not able to bring you to yo—"

A hand grabbed her by the nape and was pulled down only to meet Neji's mouth.

Her eyes grew wide and opening her mouth in the process of being shocked made Neji's tongue slip inside her mouth. Surprised, she tried to pull away by pushing him but his grip on her was tight.

She squinted her eyes as his hot tongue managed to find hers and due to her inexperience, she felt she could not react rightly to the oh so pleasurable movements Neji's tongue did. She tried to follow suit and Neji's body rose, leaning on his one elbow to get a better dip on the kiss.

Hinata felt weak all over and the small struggling she did stopped and she rested her hands on his chest. It felt hard and strong. Such manly chest…

And involuntarily she gave out a moan.

Hot damn.

Neji was now sitting down beside her, mouth never leaving hers and he started to work his way on her blouse.
Hinata felt a different kind of warmth forming in her groin that skimmed down between her legs. She felt hot and good yet she did not know what these feelings are. He was, indeed, her first. Oh how he kissed her. His mouth was so soft and so knowing.

Neji was not entirely drunk. It was just a small amount of alcohol, but since he's one who never drinks, just a drop would be enough to make him rumble around town like that of his teammate Rock Lee. Well, surely enough, at this rate, his state of drunkenness is atleast dimished for he began to move swiftly and he kissed her harder and more domineering.

Hinata could not find a trace of alcohol and that conclusion of a few drops was proven. She tasted him and nothing else.

Neji was half way unbuttoning her blouse when she pulled away and put her arms infront of her to cover herself from the now embarrassing situation. For her, that is.

"N-Neji-niisan I… Don't… I…"

Neji looked at her straight in the eyes. His were exact copies of hers yet hers were scared but nontheless, passion was burning in both. He never knew he wanted her this much. And he could see she wanted it, too. She was scared but he loved her and she felt the same and as long as the feelings were mutual, who the hell cares?

Smiling softly, something that he never did unless in a situation like this which took Hinata by surpirse, he asked, "Do you know what I want to do to you..?"
The girl who was inches away from the man she loves looked up shyly and gave a shake of the head.


"I want to touch you… touch the parts of you that I only dream of touching, caress your cheeks as I place my lips on yours and you'd respond by opening your mouth to let my tongue in… just like how you did awhile ago…"


"As soon as you get hotter, my hands will make their way down your chin, to the neck… to your collar bones." He was already getting a hard on. Yet he continued. "My hand would slide down some more, teasing you. Making you want me to play with you…"

Hinata gave a slight shiver as his words got digested in her brain. Oh god. How he wanted her. She was embarrassed but…

Her hands finally loosened from their tight stance. She moved closer to him. He pulled her in for another kiss and he continued to undo her blouse. He broke only to remove his shirt. She touched his face and made her hands fall on his chest. They felt so strong and firm under her fingertips.

"I love you."

That was all Hinata needed to hear. She felt the earnesty of his voice. She knew it was not because of the liquor or anything outside them that made him say that.

It was for real.

She let him pull her down into her familiar bed, self-conscious she was of the showing skin her unbuttoned blouse displayed.

Neji kissed her again and this time, it was harder and more demanding.

He made his was inside her mouth and she felt her face flush as he moved on top of her.

Then he stopped and a smile made its way to his face. Hinata knew that things were just starting. The excitement made her legs shake and she felt that sensation between them again, something she was unable to keep in place. What in heaven's name…

Neji's hand tugged on her blouse, slipped it off her to reveal luscious curves and god her waist he only dreamed of. Not wasting time, he unhooked her bra and cupped her tits on his hands. The felt perfect. He grinned. Hinata's nipples were erect, telling Neji that they wanted to be pampered, so he lead his lips to her chest, circling his tongue around her nipple while fondling the other with his fingers.

Hinata let out a soft moan, something that turned Neji on even more. He looked up to see her eyes squinted and with bitten lips.

Oh, Neji knew he hit the spot.

He felt her tits with every touch and grope. And he went up back for a kiss from his maiden; all the while, hand worked its way down her waist, to her hips. He felt a sudden shiver coming from Hinata. He started to tease by moving his hand about and around that area. He slowly undid her pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped. Partially open, he slid his hand under her panty to find her wet.

Really wet.

And Hinata shivered at the new kind of feeling her cousin was giving her. This was a good sign for Neji.

He stroked her clit as soon as he found it. Hinata could not utter a sound for she was too intoxicated with that kind of pleasure, for the very first time. She arched her back and bit Neji's lip involuntarily. He gave nothing but a grin.



And he rubbed her clit harsher. She reacted more. She became wetter and wetter and squirming, she managed to grab Neji by the arm and barely manage a whisper, "N-no, en-ou…"

And he felt, after seeing her squirm and struggle with more pants and moans, his heart beating faster and faster, sweat suddenly tricking over his face. God she was beautiful.

He felt it was the right time. He was very much inlove with the woman right there and he wanted to make her his. Only his. Hinata's eyes did not look scared so he knew it was okay. Finally.

God. After all this time…

Hinata's grasp on him tightened. She looked at the man she had only been staring from a far for so many years. This was a dream, she thought. Just a dream. But his skin burned under hers and she knew it was for real. She wanted him.

"N-nii-san… I…" she felt him heave over her and in a position she knew too well what could mean. Oh gosh, how she loved him. He kissed her again and this time, tenderly and she savored it. Her shyness, all of it, vanished and she need not know what else would happen. She doesn't care, she loved him.

"I love you, Hinata."

He went inside her.


"Th-that was what…h-happened, nii-san…"

Again, his head started pounding. Seriously?

"I…" he was lost for words.

"Oh… Y-you…"

Aw, screw it. He does not remember anything.

"I don't remember anything."

"I… I guess, you don't love me really…" Hianata slowly moved away. She wanted to get out of the bed.

"What?" Oh yes, she had mentioned him saying he loves her.

She was hurt. How could he forget? "It's… o-okay, nii-san. I guess… you never really did…"

And she was about to stand up with the sheets around her when she felt a hand jerk her arm and pull her down on the bed for a kiss.

Neji pressed his body to hers.

"Neji-niisan, what are you—?"

"I may not be able to remember much last night…" he said slowly and carefully. This time, staring straight into her eyes. "Well. Make me remember."

And he dove in again for another kiss.


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