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Move... just keep moving...

He was under heavy fire.

Keep moving! Don't stop!

He was barely able to dodge the numerous shots whizzing past.

Just keep moving...

His body ached for rest, but she was relentless.

Don't stop...

He was running out of time.

Sensing an incoming shot, he twisted in midair, narrowly avoiding another hit.

But while occupied with this last shot, he'd seriously miscalculated the trajectory of her next shot.

That one miscalculation was all it took. His opponent took this opening, and aimed.

Still dazed, he was unable to react in time, and the next shot hit him.


Stunned and exhausted, he fell unceremoniously to the ground. And there he lay, absolutely still.

The seconds ticked by.

Finally, he stirred, and opened his eyes.

Get up! Keep moving!

Gathering the last of his remaining strength, he sat up.

Don't stop moving...

His mind reeled as he took in the damage around him.

By all rights and purposes, he should be dead.

And yet, somehow, he wasn't.

Somehow, the shot had just barely missed his head.

He could only think of one or two possible explanations for this.

One. She had come to see the error in her judgment, and had relented.

Or two, he really was dead.

Judging by the amount of pain he was in, he guessed that it was probably the former. Hopefully.

But just going by the look of rage plastered on her face, he was steadily leaning towards the latter.

Then again, he thought, maybe there was some third possibility he hadn't yet considered.

He took in the furious look on her face. Yep, it was definitely possibility number three.

Ignoring the tremendous pain in his side, he scuffled backwards as quickly as he could, putting as much distance between them as possible.

He took one last look at his adversary as she closed the distance between them.

"Val, wait!" Danny pleaded. "You don't want to do this!"

Valerie's expression grew even darker.

"Oh, but I do..."

Danny looked up in horror as she aimed her gun, and then pulled the trigger...

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