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I never thought my life would turn out this way. Then again, I was only 17 when all this went down. How sure could I have been about my life when it was just beginning, you know?

I had to be pretty damn unfortunate to meet not one, but two psychopaths before I even graduated high school. To have friends I never thought would betray me. To fall in love with one of the psychopaths and on the last day of my life find out my life was all just a joke to some of them.

Yeah, I know. Not the best life ever, but I can honestly say, aside from that last day, I wouldn't have changed a thing.

You're all probably thinking I've lost my mind. Well, I haven't. Dying gives a kind of perspective you don't have when you know there's going to be a tomorrow.

I suppose by now you're wondering who exactly I am. I'll tell you.

My name is Victoria Christine Vega. Yesterday afternoon, my family and those friends I still have, found out I never have a tomorrow. My life snatched from me by a crazy son of bitch who hated me for no reason other than her own delusions. Yeah, I know who did it, but we'll get to that later on.

This about what I know happened that last day and some things I never wished I found out.

How does all this start?

Well, it was like every other day. I woke up and headed to the shower...

A/N: Here's the prologue. Like I said, more to come. Soon. Until then my ferries.