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When the guards came and got me from my cell I was really conflicted. I mean, I wanted to talk to Jade, but how do you explain to the one person who was truly and selflessly there for you that you helped your deranged sister kill her brother and then try and repeatedly kill the love of her life? If you have a way to start that conversation, I'd really like to know, but I knew it was something that I had to do, so I let them lead me into the room.

When I got there, I was shocked to see not only Jade, but Tori. I immediately faltered. I can't believe she's here. I can't even begin to put into words how sorry I am and now she's sitting there holding Jade's hand while they're surrounded by Trina and some girl I've never met. The guard pushed me a little in order to get me to start walking again. I sighed and kept walking until I was sitting across from them.

I opened my mouth, but instantly closed it.

It was then that Jade spoke up, "I'm here. You wanted to talk, so talk."

I took a deep breath and said the first thing I could think of, "I'm so sorry."

They all looked stunned, but Jade looked furious. I've never seen her look at me like that. I've always been the one immune to her hatred, but I suppose now I'm going to be the one receiving the brunt end of it all.

"You're sorry?! Sorry?! You helped kill my brother! You tried to take the one person who matters the most away from me since he died! You knew all along what Tori meant to me and yet you helped that lunatic you call a sister try and kill her and you have the audacity to sit there and say 'You're sorry'?!" Jade shouted as she stood and had the table not been in between us, I'm sure she'd have slapped me.

I didn't get the chance to respond before Tori put her hand on Jade's forearm. Jade's attention shifted from me to Tori and she sighed.

"I know how hard this is for you, baby, but try and calm down, okay? Ask her what you need to know and then let's just go home. Please." Tori said as she stood and cupped Jade's cheek.

Jade closed her eyes and leaned into the touch. After taking a deep breath, she nodded and they both sat back down.

Jade looked at me and said, "I don't really care that you're sorry. Nothing will ever make up for the years of betrayal. All I need you to do is answer my questions honestly and then I'll never have to see you again. Can you do that? Yes or no?"

"Yes, I can." I answered keeping my voice as even as I could. Being overly emotional wouldn't help me with her right now. I'm glad that Tori's effect on her hasn't changed though.

"Good. Now why did you help her kill Jason?" Jade asked as she crossed her arms. Tori wrapped an arm around her waist and the girl who I didn't know put a hand on her shoulder. Jade relaxed under both touches slightly different, but they were clearly welcomed.

"I didn't. I helped her clean up the evidence that it was her. I don't know why she killed him. I never asked because I had a hard enough time looking at you just knowing it was her who'd killed him."

"But why would you do that? Why didn't you ever just go to the police and tell them you knew who it was?"

"Fawn is my sister, Jade. Granted she's bat shit crazy, she's still my twin sister. She called and said she'd gotten into some trouble and needed my help. I didn't know she'd hurt Jason until I showed up and by that point, I knew I had one of two options: Help her clean up or risk her killing me too by trying to leave."

"So you helped because you were afraid for your own life? Okay. Once you helped her clean up, what did you do?"

"I went back to my parent's house and took a really long shower. After that I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Then you called me and told me that the police were there because something happened to Jason and you needed me."

Jade took a deep breath and the girl squeezed her shoulder reassuringly while she leaned further into Tori.

"So when I called you in tears to tell you that my brother had been hurt, you already knew? Did she go back to your parent's house too? Did she threaten you or physically stop you from going to talk to the police once you left her or when you came to my house and they asked if you knew anything?"

"Well, no."

"Then why didn't you go? Why did you lie to me then and every day since then for the past year?"

"How would you have reacted if I'd told you the truth? The police would've locked me away for helping her and you'd have hated me. Jade, I couldn't lose you. After that night, I did everything I could to try and make you okay again. I had guilt for helping her and I had guilt because it was MY sister who'd taken him from you." I answered. I was desperately trying to get to understand.

"I hate you now, Cat. You've lost me and your freedom along with everything else. So what good came from it all? I really want to know."

"You are so not the person you were a year ago, Jade. Yes, I lost everything, but you and I had a year together in which a lot of good happened. A lot of good memories. You had someone there for you when the memories of Jason became too much. You had someone who you could talk to about everything. You came out to me first, you came to when you were freaking out about how to tell your parents, when you were living the lie with Beck, when you finally came to terms with the fact that you loved Tori. I was there for you, Jade. Does it make up for the horrible secret I kept from you? No, but don't dare tell me that no good came from it."

Jade leaned forward and looked me directly in the eye before she spoke, "Do you not realize how much worse all that is now? How much more it hurts? I trusted you, Cat, with everything I had. You were MY little sister. I don't know what kind of sick hold she had on you and frankly, I don't give a damn, but for every situation I turned to you for, you turned to me more and I was there for you. When it was two o'clock in the morning and your brother was having one of his episodes and you were cowering hoping that he'd just hit you and move on. When your parents left you alone for days when you were 11, I was the one who convinced my parents to let you stay with us until we were sure they'd be back. I told you things I'd never told anyone. I trusted you with EVERYTHING and you in turn did everything you could to destroy me.

"You of all people know I would've never recovered if I'd lost Tori. You know just how much I love her and what she means to me. You're the one who finally convinced me to stop treating her the way I was and to finally come out publically so that I could be happy. So tell me why you'd help someone try and take her from me?"

By the time Jade was done, tears were running down her face. Jade West wasn't someone to openly show her emotions so for her to be sitting in a room with 5+ people and not even flinch at the fact that they could see her vulnerability, I wanted to just disappear. But I couldn't. If Jade was going to face this head on, then I'd answer her and try to do it as strongly as I could.

"When Fawn came to me, she told me that Tori had played with her heart like everyone else she ever loved had. I didn't know about her plan to take Tori into that house the day she kidnapped her. She asked me if I could tell her which officer would be taking her and Trina home, so I did. The next day when I found out that Tori was in the hospital, I automatically knew who was responsible and I confronted Fawn about it. She denied any involvement until she was blue in the face. I had no proof it was her, so I decided to stick close to her and make sure nothing else happened. I don't really know how it turned into me telling her things about Tori, but I know that one day I was protecting her from Fawn, the next I hated her for hurting my twin and having Andre keep tabs on her."

"So you enlisted the help of my best friend to help watch me so that you could tell it to your sister who you were already suspicious about because you thought she kidnapped me? Is that what you're saying?" Tori asked.

I'd forgotten that she was even there. She hadn't spoken since Jade's angry outburst.

I looked and Tori and nodded. "Yes, that's what I'm saying. If you knew Fawn like I do, you'd know that she can be very persuasive."

"Oh, I think I know her well enough, thank you." Tori said as she lifted her shirt and exposed the stab wounds.

The girl on the other end gasped. I'm guessing she's a new addition to their group because she seemed shocked by the damage while Jade, Trina and I didn't even blink.

"That's not what I meant, Tori. I just-" I started, but got cut off by Jade.

"No. Don't try and defend her to either of us. You've answered everything I needed to know. So unless there's anything else you need to tell me, tell us, we're leaving."

I just shook my head. I knew nothing I said to her would matter.

Jade and Tori stood then Trina and the other girl. They started to walk towards the door when Jade stopped and turned back to me and said, "I kept up my end of this little deal. You have to talk to whatever detectives come to see you and tell them the truth about whatever you know involving your sister."

"I will." I said just above a whisper.

Jade linked hands with Tori and the four of them walked out without another word or glance at me. I sat with my head in my hands until the guards told me I had to go back to my cell. I didn't protest and kept my head down as I walked the now familiar path to the place I knew would be home for the rest of my life.

Jade POV

After we left the jail, none of us really spoke. I opened the door for Tori and drove us all back to my house. When I pulled into the driveway, I cut off the engine, but made no move to get out the car.

"Baby?" Tori questioned as she reached for one of my hands.

Allowing her to intertwine our fingers, I leaned my head back against the headrest and looked at her.

"I'm okay, love. Just emotionally drained right now. I'm going to fine though." I answered and brought our joined hands up to kiss the back of her hand.

"What can I do?" She asked.

"How about we go inside and relax? Laila will make us all dinner and we could just lie down in the living room and watch the Katy Perry movie. I know how much you love it." I replied with a small smile.

She beamed back at me and I couldn't help, but smile bigger. Making her happy could always cheer me up.

"Do you think we could have mac and cheese? I've wanted it for days now."

I laughed and answered, "She can make whatever you want, love. Come on."

We all got out of the car and made it inside. After introducing the girls to Laila and Christian, we went about getting more comfortable before we met up and ate dinner at the table given Laila's insistence. It was really nice. My mind was off the meeting with Cat and I was just happy to be spending time with my girlfriend and the two women who were quickly becoming my favorite people. I knew that things were going to get kind of rocky when we went back to school and it came time to deal with the older Vegas, but as I laid on my living room floor surrounded by popcorn and the vast variety of candy my three T's picked out, I couldn't help but smile. Sure there'd be obstacles, but with the four of us sticking together, we'd all get through the next chapter and into the futures we all want. I, for one, couldn't wait for my future with Tori to unfold as long as I got to enjoy the ups and conquer the downs with her by my side.


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