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This next week is going to be the busiest of our lives, the grand opening of our businesses. It also happens to be Father's Day weekend and Edward's birthday is on Monday and I know just what I am going to get him...

~Ch 11~

This weekend is going to be awesome! I can't wait for Father's Day, and my birthday on Monday. Today is Saturday and we are cutting the ribbon on all of our new businesses. We are setting up new gym cards, signing up martial art kids, signing up new patients, and selling some cute, one of a kind clothes to the masses.

We have a BBQ going with food, and clowns making balloon animals and painting kids faces, while we handle all the paperwork for the stores. Mom is helping Rose and Bella with the dojo, while Em and Jas are handling the gym. Dad and I, along with our new nurse, Leah, are filling out the new patient forms and setting up appointments for the next few weeks. Jake and Charlie are going back and forth, depending on who needs the extra help at the time.

As a group, we discussed that we would offer free self defense classes for all of the women and children at the domestic abuse shelters that Bella works with. They need to be able to protect themselves if anything was to go wrong, and we want them to be able to do it. By the end of the day, I have been hit on more than anyone in the group, and if I get winked at, or pinched again, I will resort to violence. I fall into a dead sleep with Bella in my arms.

I wake up the morning of Father's Day in the best way, with my wife on top riding me into oblivion. She slid right on, and has been going to town how she pleases. Not like I am complaining or anything. She collapses onto me after we both have a mind blowing release. I wonder what has gotten into her today?

"Not like I am complaining, my love, but what was that all about?" I pant out.

"It's part of your early birthday present," she squeaks out.

"Part?" I ask cocking my eyebrow at her in question. "Why today?"

"Let me give you the rest of the early part, and you will see." She goes into her nightstand and pulls out a small box and hands it to me. I open it to reveal a small cotton onesie that says, 'My daddy doesn't shoot blanks'. I look at my wife who is beaming at me as I lift the onesie to reveal a positive pregnancy test.

"No way," I whisper.

"Happy Birthday, baby!" she giggles and reaches for something under the bed. "Also, Happy Father's Day!" She hands me a bigger box wrapped.

"Thank you, Bella." I set the boxes and items aside and pull her back into my arms and kiss every inch of her face. "I am so happy! How are you feeling? How did you find out? Have you seen a doctor?"

"Woah, baby, calm down. Open your present from the baby and then we can talk."

"Alright. You sit back and relax." I let her go as she wraps herself back into just the sheet as I reach for my very first Father's Day present. I open it to reveal a tee shirt. 'My little soldiers completed their mission'. I can only laugh at the meaning behind it. My girl sure knows how to tell the world I am hers and we are pregnant.

"So what do you think?"

"I think I am wearing this so people will know I'm going to be a dad."

"I think that's perfect. I got matching tees for Dad and Daddy C about becoming a grandpa."

"So when we meeting up with everyone. I want to tell them," I say excitedly. I see her check the clock and smile.

"Brunch is in two hours. Do you think you can wait that long, baby?" she wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"I think we can repeat our earlier escapades to kill the time."

"I think we can handle that, Dr. Feelgood." We make slow love, with me taking time to kiss every inch of her still flat belly. I whisper to my baby how much I love it and am glad that it will be with us soon. We shower together, washing each other tenderly and get dressed casually and head downstairs and wait for everyone to show up.

Rose, Ali and Mom all show up and help Bella with the cooking an hour later while the men go into the back yard and chill on the back porch around the pool. I just sit back and relax while everyone sits around chatting. I see Em watching me carefully. Glancing every now and then at my shirt. I have to do my damndest to keep the grin and smirk off of my face so I don't give it away.

"No fucking way!" Em shouts out and jumps up.

"What's wrong, Em?" Charlie asks. I see Bella fly out of the french doors from the kitchen.

"What happened, Em? What's wrong?" Bella asks.

"He. You. Shirt." Em stutters out.

"How about we do presents now?" Bella asks the group.

"Sure, baby. Go grab the ones for the Dads." She runs inside and grabs the boxes from the breakfast bar and sets one in front of each dad, smiling.

"Open them, dads." I see Dad and Charlie rip the paper open and pull open the boxes, ending up with their tees in their hands. They turn them around for all to see. 'Proud grandpa to be' on the fronts. The noise level around the table gets overwhelming as Bella climbs into my lap and smiles.

"Really, Bells?" Charlie asks.

"Yep. Edward found out this morning. Hence his tee as his first Father's Day present after I gave him a onesie and the positive test as an early birthday present."

"Best early birthday present ever. This tee is pretty awesome for my first Father's Day present too." I lean over and kiss Bella's cheek.

"I'm gonna be an Uncle!" Em shouts out.

"I'm surprised the big lug figured it out first," Bella laughs out. "I thought one of the women or dads would figure it out."

"I have one better," Esme cuts in. "I'm gonna be a grandma! Finally!" She jumps up and down in place, then come over to us and kisses Bella and I on the cheek. "Thank you! I love you both!"

"We love you too, Mom," Bella and I chime in. Mom turns to Alice, Jasper, Em and Rose.

"Now you four better hurry. I want a bunch of babies to spoil."

"Yes, Mom," they all chorus. I lean over and kiss Bella.

"I love you, baby, and our little peanut," I whisper.

"I love you both too, baby. Would you like brunch now? I'm kinda hungry." I get up and place her on my chair.

"You sit and rest, baby. I will grab all the food and bring it out for everyone." I walk into the kitchen and start go load up the platter and place them all around the patio table. Mom, Rose and Ali come in and help me, as Bella hands out the plates and silverware from the pile on the table.

We all sit and chat while we eat, enjoying each other's company. I just sit with my arm wrapped around my wife's waist in the chair next to me.

"Have you been to the doctor yet, Bella?" Dad asks her.

"I have an appointment tomorrow, actually." I cock my eyebrow at her. "What, Edward? I wanted you to be there since you took your birthday off."

"Best birthday ever!"

"I think you are screwed for his next birthday, Bells," Rose says. "How are you going to top a baby?" The table erupts into laughter at Rose's words.

"I guess we will have to wait and see next year, Rosie. Now let's go swim for a few hours, then BBQ for dinner." We swim and play around all day with our family. Enjoying the closeness of the day. I go to bed hours later still reeling from the news that I am going to be a dad in a short, few months.

I wake up to the smell of coffee under my nose. I open my eyes and smile sleepily at my wife who is only dressed in a silk robe, holding out a cup for me.

"Happy Birthday, baby."

"Ugh, I'm 30 today. Is it really happy?"

"We get to know about our baby today, so I say yes. Now get up and dressed, our appointment is in an hour."

"Well, why didn't you say so earlier?" I tease as I hop out of bed.

"It's your birthday, I wanted you to rest. We've been working so hard on the stores, I didn't want you to wear yourself out."

"I'm old, not dead," I tease. "I can hang with you whipper snappers any day of the week."

"Do I need to show you how not old you are? I seem to recall not too long ago beating our honeymoon record of fourteen Os."

"That was an awesome Friday night, baby."

"Go shower, or no more naked fun for you."

"But it's my birthday," I whine.

"You are 30, not 3, don't whine."

"Yes, Mommy." She places her hands on her stomach and smiles.

"I'm his Mommy, not yours. Although, I can call her if you want me to. Or, I could just go to the doctor alone." I make a mad dash for the bathroom as she walks into the closet.

"Not on either of your lives. I want to be there for this." I take a fast shower and throw on some shorts, grab a tee and socks and head for the bed to put them on.

"Don't put that tee on, open this." She hands me a box and I open it to reveal a tee. I grin as I read it. 'Can you measure up?' with a picture of a yardstick on it. I start to laugh at the innuendo she has done. That's my girl. I look to see her in shorts, flip flops and a tee that says 'All hail the banana king'.

"Thank you, wife."

"You're welcome, husband. Now let's feed you and go." We go down to the kitchen where there is food laid out on the breakfast nook. We both grab food and juice, and eat till we are full, placing the dirty plates in the dishwasher, and out the leftovers away in the fridge.

We take the R8 to the hospital where Bella checks in to see Dr. Banner, OBGYN. We take a seat as Bella fills out the paperwork. We are soon called into a room where her vitals are taken and she's handed a cup to pee in. She does it and hands it back to the nurse. We follow her into a room where Bella's put into a gown and sits on the exam table.

John walks in with her chart and smiles at us. "You are pregnant, Bella. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, Dr. B. It was what we wanted, so we are happy."

"How about you, Edward? You good with this?"

"Yep, I found out yesterday for Father's Day, and today is my birthday, so I'm ecstatic."

"Well Happy Birthday, Edward. Is that why you aren't on duty today?"

"My service knows they can call me today if I'm needed, John. It's all good. I'm just so happy Bella made her appointment today so I can be here. I want to be here for them all. With her every step of the way."

"I know you work as much as I do, so how about I stay open an extra half hour, once a month for you and Bella, so you can be here too?"

"Thank you, John. Let me know if I can ever repay you?"

"No problem, not let's see what we have going on." He lifts Bella's gown and does his thing. Then, brings over an ultrasound machine. "I like to do this myself, so I know it's right." He places the cold gel on her tummy and sets the transducer on her, wiggling it around till he finds what he's looking for. I watch the screen entranced as a peanut shape is revealed.

"Woah," I breathe and take hold of Bella's hand, pointing to the screen. "There's our peanut."

"You are about seven weeks, Bella. That puts your due date about February 4th." He wipes her off after pressing buttons on the machine. I see paper being printed as I help Bella off of the exam table. He writes her a prescription and hands it to her. "Take one of these a day, they are prenatal vitamins. Come see me again in four weeks."

"Thanks, Dr. B," Bella shakes his hand.

"Thank you, John."

"Anytime, Edward. Just tell my receptionist what I said about the late appointment. I will see you guys soon." We make an appointment and leave the hospital with our baby's first pictures.

"Do you mind if we go to the store? We need some stuff, I just figured since we are already out..." she trails off.

"It's fine, baby. Let's go. We need to fill your prescription anyways." We head for her car. I look at it like something is wrong. It is. It's only a two seater. There's no way she can have the baby in here.

"What are you looking at my car like that, husband?"

"Where are you going to put the baby, wife?"

"Eh, we have time, we will figure it out. Maybe you and I will trade, you have an SUV after all."

"If you say so, wife." We climb in and head for the store. We hand over Bella's prescription to the pharmacy and grab the rest of the groceries as they fill it. We run by and grab it so we can pay and head for the registers. I roll my eyes as Mike walks into the line behind us, setting his stuff down on the conveyor belt. I walk up to my wife and wrap my arms around her and place my hands on her still flat belly. I watch Jessica ring out all our stuff.

"Prenatal vitamins, oh please, Bella. Keep dreaming. You know Edward's going to leave you for Lauren or me if you ever get knocked up."

"If I wasn't carrying Edward's child, I would come around this counter and play whack a bitch with you. I will tell you one last time, back the fuck up off of my husband. He doesn't want you! Or Lauren! Get over it! He will NEVER be yours!"

"Calm down, wife. You don't need the stress. You know I love you and only you. Well you, and now our child. I can't wait for peanut to get here. This is the best birthday present ever." I rub her belly lovingly.

"Thanks, husband. I will try to calm down, but I can't promise to not jump this counter if she doesn't back the fuck off of you."

"Let's just pay and go home. I think we have an O record to beat," I say smugly. "I think we need to aim for at least twenty before midnight."

"Twenty?" Mike laughs out. "Bella is so frigid I bet she doesn't even have one." I can't help but bend over laughing.

"Frigid? Oh please, Mike. Within two days of marriage I had given her twenty-seven in about thirty-six hours. My girl can almost cum on command. It's why I will never cheat. I have no reason to. She takes care of my needs. All of them."

"That and I can swallow your yardstick-sized cock," Bella says, winking at me. "Hence our shirts!" she laughs out. "He is the banana king, and needs his yardstick to measure it. What about you, Mike? Can you say that?"

"Um...well..." he stutters.

"Yeah, I thought so. Why would I want a boy, when I can have a man? And let me tell you, Edward is all man." She turns to me. "I know it's your birthday, baby, but I need to take you home right now and ride you till you scream my name."

"Pregnancy hormones are my friends," I say, grinning as I pay for the stuff. I take the bags in one hand, and Bella's hand in the other. "Let's go home and not leave our bedroom till after my birthday is over. I promised you twenty Os, and I plan to deliver. Happy Birthday to me, indeed." We walk out of the door to Jessica and Mike's jaws on the proverbial floor. I just grin smugly on the way out knowing what the rest of my day is going to look like.

I go to work in my new office the next day, exhausted. I was up until the sun was breaking dawn with my naked wife. Not only did we hit our twenty, we far surpassed it. Let me reiterate, I love pregnancy hormones. Her body was even more responsive to my touch and put us well over the twenty mark. I lost count after twenty. I can only guess how many it really was. I just strut around my office, taking care of my new patients remembering my thirtieth birthday with glee.

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