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"Be good, or I will get Bella's cookie recipe." I watch as Jasper's face pales and he visibly gulps.

"Sorry, Mom," he whispers as I try to hold in my laughter. I lean over and kiss her as she walks by.

"Love you, Mom."

"Love you too, baby boy."

~Ch 14~


We have a nice lunch that the girls and I have made and all file into the living room for presents. We all open a multitude of gifts ranging from clothes to kitchen gadgets. All of the ladies open little blue boxes for sparkly goodies from Tiffany's. I smack my husband in the arm for buying me more jewelry when I don't need any.

"Alright guys, Jasper and I have presents, but they are couples' presents, so there is one box each. We want you to open them at the same time," Alice informs us.

I crawl into Edward's lap as we open the box. I pull out two pairs of baby booties, one pink, one blue.

"Oh. My. God!" Esme screeches.

"All three of us?" I ask in shock. "What are the odds?" I turn to look at them. "Wait, why are there two pairs?"

"Apparently, we are also having two babies."

The noise in the room gets epicly loud.

"Do you hear that, Carlisle? We are gonna have five grandbabies!"

"Now I feel left out," I tell Edward.

"Why, my love?"

"Because we are the only ones having one." I pout.

"Trust me, one will be enough for now. We can always have more, you know?" Edward turns to Alice. "Has your doctor said anything about you having twins when you are so tiny?"

"He said we will watch as they grow. I just hope I don't end up on bed rest at some point."

"I guess I am going full time at the dojo now," Esme says.

"I think all of us are going to be going from store to store in the next nine months, Esme," Dad answers.

"Jake and I are in to help," Leah offers.

"Me too," Sue adds.

"You all can have free lessons for helping," I reply.

"Would anyone mind if Charlie and I add to the good news this morning?" Sue asks.

"Please say my dad proposed?" I beg.

"Um, well, you know..." Dad stutters out as he runs his fingers through his hair and his face turns pink.

"Look how cute!" I coo. "Dad's blushing and trying to hide behind Sue's back," I tease.

"You are so mean to me, baby girl," Dad whines.

"Hey! You teased me about Edward; now it's my turn."

"I will remember this, Bells. Remember, payback is a bitch."

"Bring it on, old man." I turn to Sue and watch her shoulders shake with laughter. "So?"

"He did." She holds out her hand for us to see her ring. "I know it's not as big as all of yours, but I love it just the same."

"It's perfect, Sue. Don't mind how big ours are; our husbands are obsessed with size mattering," I tease.

"Size does matter," Em shouts out.

"Ewwwww, just ew!" I retort making everyone laugh. "I so don't need to know about your size. You are my brother and that is just gross."

I giggle as I watch Rose smack him upside the head for saying that out loud.

"Now, do you two have a date?" I ask excitedly.

"How would you all feel about Valentine's Day?"

"I will be the size of a small house, but I will do my best," I reply.

"It's gonna be small. Family and close friends only."

"Uh, Bells?"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Would you and Edward mind if we had it here in this great room?"

"Why here?"

"The room is big enough for all of us, and most of the guests are already here today."

I look over to Edward.

"I don't care, if you don't."

"I don't care either. What about food and stuff?" I ask.

"We can do a potluck," Sue suggests.

"Oh no," Alice butts in. "I will be making your dress, Sue, and there will be no potluck."

"We will cater lunch in, it can be a wedding present from us kids," Edward offers.

"Thank you, Edward," Alice replies.

"You want to make me a dress, Alice?"

"Well, Charlie is my dad, so that makes you my mom, so yes, I want to make your dress."

"Can you do it in only two months? Well, less actually."

"I can do it, Sue. Just watch me," Ali says smugly.

"How fast can you make a dress?" Leah inquires.

"About a week if it's simple enough. Why?"

"Aw fuck," Leah mumbles.

"We're getting married on New Year's Eve!" Jake shouts out.

"Would you be surprised if I said I saw this coming and already have it ready, Leah?" Ali asks shyly.

"No way."

"Yep, it's at the house."

"I'd say that you are the best sister in the world!"

"Where are you getting married?"

"We don't know yet," Jake answers.

"What kind of food do you want, and how big of a cake? How many people are you inviting?" I ask.

"Doesn't matter, don't care, and like less than twenty, why?"

"How about Italian, two layers; one chocolate, one vanilla, and have it here like Dad and Sue?" I offer.

"I'm gonna wear my suit from Jasper's wedding, and stuff. You mean it, Bells?"

"You've always been like my brother, Jake. Of course I do. We can have it as a big New Year's party too."

"You are the best sister and brother in the world!" Jake beams at me.

"Do you realize with the next two weddings, it means that this whole room with be related in some way or another?" Edward asks.

"All except Jas and I," Alice says sadly.

"You are my sister in every way that counts, Ali. Who cares if it's by blood or marriage."

"You could be family if your kids marry Bella's one day," Em suggests.

"My baby is never getting married," Edward growls out.

The room erupts into laughter at his statement.

"That's what I thought too, son," Dad says to Edward. "But then she met you, and all that thought went right out the window," Dad teases. "Love is what you want for your child. To be happy."

"Dammit, why do you have to make sense, Charlie?"

"You will learn it as your baby grows up. Just take one day at a time. I did."

"Point well made. Now let's get all this wrapping paper picked up, and then the girls can go deal with wedding stuff. I can see Ali vibrating in her seat to get going on the plans since she only has a week," Edward says.

I lean over into Edward's ear.

"Since you gave Dad the truck and boat. I'm gonna save the house for a wedding present."

"Whatever you want, my love."

He leans over and kisses me as I try to climb off of his lap, which keeps getting harder and harder every day as the baby grows.

The girls and I put on our coats and head for Alice's house to look at the dress for Leah. It fits her to perfection. She looks absolutely stunning in it.

After it is off, Ali hands Rose, me and herself dresses as well. We all try them on, and I am surprised that they fit perfectly over our growing bumps.

We all head home happy with our dresses and plan to get the wedding prep done tomorrow.

The day after Christmas dawns yucky. It's overcast and rainy so we all pile into my house with our phones and a list of places to call for a cake and the food.

I order white roses for the flowers and a two layered cake. The food is easy and will be delivered on time, even though they didn't want to make all the food on New Year's. I offered the restaurant an extra incentive for doing it so everyone is happy. While I am ordering, I ask them to make the same thing for Valentine's Day for Dad's wedding. They are happy to be making so much money from me.

We all sigh in relief as everything is finalized, then head to work for a few classes that are being held, and to train Leah and Sue to help while everyone is having the babies.

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