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Life's Treasures

Written in Itachi's POV

It was a beautiful Monday morning, the twenty-third of July. I was enjoying the second day of my hard earned vacation. Sasuke was given a two-day vacation from his work because it was his birthday.

'Drat! I am so dead! I can't believe this! How did it happen?' I asked myself the series of questions as I stared at the cards in my hand.

Sasuke and I are at home playing koi-koi. I shuffled the cards and I was the one that dealt the deck. But how in the world did Sasuke end getting the two pairs of special suits? It was supposed to be my game. I was supposed to be the winner.

"You loose nii-san - again." Sasuke chuckled as he placed the cards on the floor so that I can see that he wasn't lying. I can't believe Sasuke's luck today. Was it because it was his birthday? I didn't get any luck during mine.

"Fine..." I murmured in defeat. I gave Sasuke the last bill in my pocket. I have lost all the money I earned from my missions last month. I frowned as I looked at my grinning brother. He was smirking at whatever was running in his mind right now.

"I thought I made it clear that there will be no genjutsus." I mumbled. I heard Sasuke laugh "I wasn't using any, see?" he exclaimed as leaned nearer and looked at me straight in the eye, obviously letting me see that he didn't have his Sharingan activated. I just closed my eyes and huffed.

I thought Sasuke the game two days ago and I can't believe that I am loosing to him now. I picked the cards and shuffled them. I was fuming inside and I knew Sasuke was aware of my feelings.

"Shall we stop?" he asked. I opened an eye and saw that he was counting the bills, one by one. Teasing me for loosing. I gritted my teeth, I didn't have any cash left. Except those in my savings and I will NOT withdraw them for this stupid game.

"No. Let's continue." I said in between gritted teeth. I needed to voice out that I didn't have any more money on me. I took a deep breath to reveal to my brother and ask what he would want as payment if n case I loose again.

"Otouto..." I called out. He looked up, all alert and attentive. The cocky smirk he had earlier was softened down. "Yes nii-san?" he asked.

"I am out of cash. If I loose, what would it be?" I asked. But before he was able to answer my query, mother came in the living room. She was carrying the laundry basked filled with clean and folded clothes. Sasuke jumped up and took the item from her hands.

"Thank you Sasuke. I'm really sorry I can't stay and cook for your birthday. Your father needs me there." she said as she smoothed a wrinkle on her skirt. "That's okay Okaa-san, I won't be having visitors here. Just me and nii-san." came his reply.

I closed my eyes and listened to their conversation as they both went upstairs. Father was on a meeting in Kumogakure. He and the Hokage were checking on the new weapons that the chief blacksmith in the said village designed.

The two villages were negotiating the weapons. Mother was summoned because she also had a vast knowledge on weaponry and I was sure they needed a woman's touch on the weapons. As if Lady Tsunade wasn't woman enough. Father was really full of excuses sometimes just to get mother alone.

"When will you be leaving Okaa-san?" I heard Sasuke ask. I heard zipping and a few rustles. "In a couple of minutes. Kushina will be coming with me." I heard my mother's voice. I decided to disregard their conversation and placed my attention on the cards. I needed to win in our next battle.

I heard both Sasuke and mother going downstairs. They went to the kitchen. I knew Sasuke was closer to mother. They have this special bond, making Sasuke her obvious pet in the family.

I heard the doorbell chiming. I got up and left the cards on the floor. I headed towards the main door. I hoped it wasn't Naruto, my foul mood can't bear the loud voice the blonde had.

"Hello Itachi-san, is Mikoto-san there?" the lively voice of Kushina Uzumaki filled the air. I smiled and bowed. "Yes, please come in. I will call Okaa-san." I said as I opened the door and motioned for her to come in.

I walked towards the kitchen and found that mother was putting things in a bento-like box. "Okaa-san, Kushina-san is here." I said. She nodded and smiled "Thank you Itachi. I'll be right out." she said.

Mother still moved liked a shinobi when she was in a hurry. Who can blame her? She was a jonin before she decided to become a full-pledged housewife. I went back to the living room and explained to Kushina what mother just said. She nodded and smiled. I asked her to sit on the sofa while she waited for my mother.

Soon enough, mother came in the living room with Sasuke. She was dressed for travel. "Let's go Kushina." she said happily. The redhead smiled and got up. "Be good boys, your father and I will be home in a couple of days." she said and both women went out.

I was left with Sasuke. "Shall we go back to the game?" he asked. I nodded and followed him back to the study room where our card game was held. We squatted on the floor, facing each other. The uncut deck was on my hand. He looked at me and smirked.

"What would it be this time?" I asked. I didn't bother to repeat myself. I knew he still remembered my question earlier. He folded his arms over his chest and grinned at me cheekily. I knew that look. My brother was planning something, I just know it. Those eyes, they never can lie to me.

"What do you have to offer?" he asked. His self-confidence on winning the game was overflowing. I had to fight the smile that was growing on my lips. Sasuke never ceased to amuse me with his antics. 18 years old but still scheming like a kid.

"Anything you want... it's your birthday anyway." I blurted without thinking.

Then Sasuke's sly smile caught my eye.

Bad move Itachi... I scolded myself. It was too late though. I noticed Sasuke's dark eyes glinting. What the hell was he planning?

"The only thing I want for my birthday is for you to celebrate my day alone with me... like before..." he mumbled. I eyed him suspiciously. I only had a chance to celebrate Sasuke's birthday once. When he turned 15 and they were both on a mission.

I caught a small animal at that time, I forgot what it was and roasted it for us to feast upon. Aside from that, It was always celebrated with the family.

"Alone? Where to?" I asked him. He looked down and for a moment I think I saw a faint color appear on his cheeks. Was my brother blushing?

"Nowhere in particular. I just want to spend time with you." came the almost innocent reply, except for that blush. I took a deep breath and sighed.

"One more game Sasuke. If I win, I want to get my money back." I informed him as I began dealing the cards.

"Yes, one last game. And if I win... I'll have you for my birthday..." he murmured, his voice turned low and husky. I didn't know why, but I shivered with what he said.

The cards flew and I studied my share seriously. There were a few cards that were easy to fit and I already got a special suit. One wrong move Sasuke and I will win, I thought to myself.

Sasuke looked at his cards and then closed his. He placed them down and looked at me. "Kuttsuki... I win..." he said. I stared at the cards in disbelief. He was right! He had four pairs with matching suits. I'll be darned!

I frowned, cursing my luck in the process. Sasuke got up and offered his hand to me. I looked at him and took his hand. He pulled me up and I almost fell on his chest.

I never noticed it until now, but Sasuke was almost as tall as me. His constant sparring with Naruto did wonders to his frame. Muscles lined his arms, thighs and chest. His raven locks were longer and they framed his face in an attractive disarray.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked as I regained my composure. Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair. "You weren't listening to me earlier..." he mumbled as he turned around and headed towards the main door.

"Wha-? What are you talking about?" I asked, asking innocently. Fuck, I wasn't dumb. No wonder I shivered earlier. His words earlier had a second meaning beneath.

In a blink of an eye, Sasuke locked the main door and was not standing before me in a flash.

I looked at him but he remained silent. I then looked at his eyes and realized that it was screaming at me. My brother's dark eyes were clouded with a massive haze of desire.

It's been approximately three weeks since our first encounter. We never had the chance to talk about 'Us' after that. I was buried with school activities and Sasuke with his missions.

I would be lying if I'd say that I didn't miss him.

I miss him terribly eventhough we stay under the same roof and see each other almost everyday. It was different when he was lying in my arms, writhing and screaming my name in passion.

Now that was a lovely thought. Fuck, I was getting a hard on now... great!

"I said If I'd win, I'll have YOU for my birthday... and I did. You're mine, nii-san..." he murmured against my ear.

I shivered again. Sasuke can be so seductive if he wants to. He teased me a couple of times and I had to fight the great longing in my pants before.

I never gave in. Those three weeks were extremely agonizing.

I didn't know if I can still deny him today... we were alone... and horny...

"Nii-san, I want you in me again. You know how badly I need you." he whispered to me.

"Sasuke..." I whispered back, my dark eyes grazed over his face... then to his neck.

I realized he had too much clothes on. I will have to fix that as soon as possible.

"Don't be so coy with me. I am willing to be claimed again. I need you Itachi-nii..." he whispered as he brushed the tip of his tongue over my lips.

"Sasuke... if we do this again, you know there will be no turning back." I warned him.

"I know. I already decided about us the first time I surrendered myself to you." he answered.

"You sure about us?" I asked. He nodded. I wanted to burst into tears.

I wanted Sasuke as well. I needed him in order to live.

"Yes nii-san. I don't care if we get caught. I will stand up for this love. I can't live without you..." he whispered as he cupped my face and kissed me.

I knew this was the deciding point. I slowly broke the kiss. I needed to make sure.

"Sasuke, this is wrong. You know that. If it's just lust - " whatever I had to say next, I knew he comprehended.

"Listen nii-san. I may not be as smart as you. But I know myself." he explained.

"This is not lust. You know very well that I can always have sex with anyone." he continued.

"But I want to share this intimacy with you. I kept myself untainted to be marked by you. Do not doubt me anymore. Please." he whispered.

I heard the slight quiver in his voice. I knew he was speaking the truth.

I was relieved. From this day on, we were officially a couple.

I cupped his face in my hands and stared into his eyes "I just wanted to make sure Sasuke." I explained myself.

"I would like to tell you that I am a jealous type. I will not share." I said as I kissed the tip of his nose.

Sasuke smiled "Don't worry - I am yours... completely." he said.

I captured his lips. The moment his sweet mouth touched my own, I knew right there and then that I was finally home.

He wrapped his arms around me as I deepened our kiss.

My body went haywire. I exploded and gave in to my one carnal desire - Sasuke.

I grabbed him, molding my hands on his plump ass.

His body crashed against my own. I felt his hardness nudging along my own excitement. It felt beautiful.

I may really have good self control over my senses, but this is one exception.

I started to rip his clothes off. Throwing the uneven shreds away carelessly. Peeling the damn textiles covering his heavenly body away from my eyes.

I wanted to see him naked.

But suddenly, he stopped me.

He grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes.

"Sasuke?" I asked him.

"Take a walk with me, nii-san..." he stated.

Though he may look calm, his eyes said otherwise. It was obvious that he was fighting what he truly wanted.

"Nii-san, let's go outside." he softly said.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Out." came his short reply.

I wondered what he had in mind for the rest of the day.

If I was to be followed, I wanted to stay home and ravish him.

But he had other plans and it was his birthday.

I had no choice but to give in to my lover's request.

I nodded and got a smile from his kissable lips.

We went outside after he locked the house.

I followed him through the winding dust path.

We walked wordlessly for almost an hour.

And then we stopped at a clearing.

He looked at me and smiled.

The kind of smile that made me suddenly thank all the dieties in heaven for giving him to me.

His smile made my heart melt. I still can't believe that he was mine.

"Why are we here Sasuke?" I asked him.

We were on a small pool with a waterfall.

The area was secluded, vines covered the area and shaded the whole scene.

The place was extremely lovely.

"This is the place where I usually spend my time alone.." he said softly.

"This is where I calm my confused mind." he continued as he slowly took his sandals off.

"This is where I stay and daydream of you..." he said as he slowly walked towards the water.

I was touched by his honest revelation.

"This is where I realized that my heart was finally claimed. This is where I fell in love with you Itachi..." he stated with a smile.

"I shared so many things here... alone... but now, I want nothing more than have you here with me." he said as he reached out his hand towards me.

I remove my shoes, stepped into the water and walked towards my brother.

I wrapped my arms around him in a tight embrace.

"I love you Sasuke..." I whispered and gently kissed his eyes.

"And I you..." he smiled as I kissed his eyes.

I wanted to show him how much I loved him.

And how much I appreciated him for showing this special place to me.

I wanted to make him feel special on this day.

My hand found his chin and tilted it a bit up to align his face to me.

I wanted to ravish him... all the senses in my body was screaming for him.

But my mind was telling me to listen.

Listen to his heart and understand.

"Promise me that you'll never leave me..." he whispered.

I nodded. I already promised him everything beforehand.

"You know I won't. I belong to you." I whispered back.

Sasuke smiled and closed his eyes again.

He was ready for my kiss. I can tell by his heartbeat.

We were half-submerged in the water.

I never tried doing the deed outdoors.

And I haven't tried doing it in the water either.

But this wasn't just any sex... it was with Sasuke...

What love can do to normal sex, I can never explain.

I slowly leaned over and claimed his lips, cupping his face with great care.

I will make love to him.

I will show him how much I want him.

I released his lips and started my journey.

The journey through his heavenly physique... the road to eternity.

I kissed his forehead... lazily grazing my lips over the soft skin.

As I planted small kisses, I slowly stripped him off his clothing.

No urgency was needed. He was all mine and I will savor every second of it.

The task was soon done and my eyes were gazing over my own personal angel.

I still wasn't over the fact that my wonderful brother wanted me... needed me like this.

He smiled as he noticed the hunger in my eyes.

He did me a favor and undid my belt for me.

He slowly removed my garments as well.

His hands gently brushed against my skin, giving me hints of what was yet to come.

"Take me Itachi..." he whispered as I stayed unmoving for a couple of seconds.

His pleading voice teased my senses. I realized I didn't need to imagine anymore.

Sasuke was real. He was here in front of me, begging to be claimed.

I didn't need a pinch to wake me up to that reality.

"Sasuke..." I groaned as he licked the exposed skin of my throat.

Sasuke then clung to me as he nuzzled his face on my neck.

He moved, slowly reaching up and pulled me for a kiss.

I kissed him back, biting his lips with just enough pressure to make him moan.

I could kiss my brother forever. His sweet lips were enough to remove any pain in me.

His love is like the air that I breathe in to live.

"Take me... now, nii-san!" he groaned as he pulled me closer.

He didn't seem to care much for more foreplay.

He reached for me and gently stroked me.

His warm hand contrasting the cold water began moving.

Teasing me and I felt my cock twitch with anticipation.

I was so excited that I felt my whole body tremble with his touch.

The coldness of the water could never quench the burning desire that hardened my shaft.

"Nii-san..." Sasuke whispered his words tumbled out in a breathy plea.

So eager, I was so tempted to pound him right away.

But he was tight and un-stretched. I was not sure if the water can help us.

Patience Itachi. Patience is a virtue.

"Patience my love..." I cooed. Sasuke whimpered as he closed his eyes and bit his lower lip.

He looked so delicious that I wanted to devour him.

I gently carried him up, allowing his legs to wrap around my waist.

His arms held on to my neck for dear life.

I heard him gasp as he felt a nudge of my engorged erection against the plumpness of his buttocks.

I was pleased that my size amazed him.

I was dying from the need to already use it and give him pleasure.

I then leaned over and kissed my brother "I love you Sasuke..." I whispered to him.

"Show me..." came his sly reply.

I gently slid two of my fingers in his tight ass. One at a time.

He gave a pained groan but the look in his eyes urged me to continue.

I was one of the many believers of the saying 'Actions speaks louder than words'.

I slowly moved my hand. Smooth rhythmic movements - in... out... and again.

"Nii-san..." Sasuke sighed. He closed his eyes as he flung his arms on my neck, making me lean closer to his face.

The water garden - whatever this place is called, started to get filled with my brother's delightful groans and delicious moans.

I removed my fingers and this time he didn't sound disappointed.

I knew he was glad I did that. I was glad for I know what was coming after that.

Sasuke opened his eyes, murky dark pools filled with desire stared back at me.

I knew I was totally in love. A kind of love that could not be explained even by the greatest scholars in the world.

I positioned myself and gently thrust my shaft in.

I saw Sasuke cringe. He bit his lower lip to keep himself from screaming.

"Let go Sasuke... we are alone." I urged him.

That was probably the greatest idea I ever had that day.

That simple phrase unlocked the hidden passion in my brother.

The effect of that simple line blew my mind.

Do you want to know why? Oh Kami... Sasuke did let go.

He started to converse. Delicious words of demands and needs spilled off his lips.

"Oh, God... that feels so good..." he shuddered out loudly.

I continued to thrust in gently. I can feel his heated muscles clenching my cock deliciously.

"Take me Itachi... show me how much you want me..." he demanded in anguish.

The sound of his throaty voice gave me a triple hard-on.

They were even more better than his delicious moans.

"That's it... please nii-san... hmmmnnn..." he mewled as he licked his lips.

"Itachi... fuck me..." he whimpered as he bounced about along with my thrusts.

I increased my phase and pushed myself harder.

His quivering body made it a bit difficult to maintain my stand.

The rocks below me were slippery and my knees started to tremble.

Not from his weight... but from the excitement.

"Hah!" he screamed, his nails dug on to my back.

I wanted to hear him scream again so I gave another push.

"Haaaahhh!" he screamed as his body arched up..

I knew I hit his sweet spot. I felt the massive tremors exploding from within.

I continued to pound him, loving the delicious shivers of his body against mine.

"Faster Itachi...fuck! That's it! Oh God!" he screamed in ecstasy.

I had to support his back and his hips at the same time to keep him still.

He was screaming and trashing about, I was afraid he would fall off.

But he clung steadily and held on to me tightly.

I felt his teeth on my neck... scraping against my skin like his nails.

Kami, it felt wonderful. I didn't care if I will be covered with scratches and bruises.

I will do everything, give up anything for this moment... for our love.

I was also at the verge of my release. I wasn't dismayed that I was about to cum this fast.

"Itachi... oh... Itachi..." Sasuke repeated my name over and over.

I countinued to impale him and his moans grew louder with every thrust.

He needed to be punished for being too delicious.

"Itachi..." he stated in between gritted teeth.

His own hardness was poking my abdomen.

It was painfully hard and extremely warm, I knew he was coming.

So was I...

A few more pulls and thrust and I knew I was loosing it as well.

I held Sasuke tightly, he was trapped in my massive embrace.

I pushed and pulled faster than earlier, making my brother scream loudly in frenzy.

I was getting delirous from the sensation - I was already trembling and seeing white everywhere.

"Sasuke!" I screamed as I released my load in him.

I wobbled, but was able to regain my balance back.

I will not allow us to fall over into the water.

I looked at Sasuke who was still clinging on my neck, breathing heavily.

He had his own release as well.

He looked up and smiled "I love you, nii-san." he whispered.

He slowly unlocked his legs and tried to stand up.

He wobbled and I caught him, smiling as he started to chuckle.

"I never knew the forest had a place like this." I commented.

"It didn't before..." he smiled.

"It didn't?" I asked as I looked at him.

"Yes, until I built it..." he grinned, showing me his perfect teeth.

"You built this?" I asked. It was not impossible... jutsus can do magic.

He nodded his head and threw his arms around me "Yes, for us... no one knows this place but us." he said.

I leaned over. "Thank you Sasuke... Happy birthday..." I murmured against his lips.

"I am very happy on my birthday indeed.." he assured me as he kissed me back.

"I didn't get you anything yet..." I confessed but he just chuckled.

"You already gave me the greatest gift one could ever have." he stated as he got a handful of water and poured it on my shoulders.

"And that is...?" I asked, wanting to understand clearer what he meant.

"You." he smiled as he reached for my hair and released it from it's binds.

My hair fell loose on my shoulders.

The feel of the cold running water over my naked torso was kind of relaxing.

I think I should do this therapy more often... with Sasuke of course.

I looked at him and found him smiling at me, his wonderful eyes gleaming with love.

"This is my best birthday ever. Imagine? I have you... what else can I ask for?" he stated happily as he hugged me.

I chuckled. My mind was having wonderful little thoughts on other things Sasuke would want. "I can think of a few things you won't mind having..." I grinned.

As if he read my thoughts, he started to blush.

My darling was indeed the sweetest creation to ever grace the world.

"Thank you for everything..." he whispered as he planted a soft kiss on my lips.

I mirrored his action and whispered back "You are welcome, my everything..." in between busy lips.

We decided to take a quick dip and swam towards the waterfall.

We then decided that we were in the water for far too long.

We got out of the water, dressed up and leisurely made our way home.

"I love my day..." Sasuke said as we walked hand in hand.

"Oh, you will indeed..." I whispered huskily as I pulled him to me.

I could feel my body burning with desire again.

Just being close to Sasuke was enough to ignite desires to unreachable heights.

Sasuke started to laugh, delicious blush powdered his cheeks and nose.

I am not sure if I was too transparent to my brother.

But like I said earlier, I will rather show him my love.

I may be a man of few words, but I am generous with my actions.

I looked up and realized that it was not noon yet.

We still had long hours - er, correct that... We had days to spend with each other's company.

And we have our leaves... no mission of any sort to bother us.

And we have the house all to ourselves.

I have Sasuke all to myself until the parents returned.

"Let's go Sasuke... I need to show you something..." I stated as I gently tugged him to follow.

"Lead the way, lover-boy..." Sasuke chuckled as we skipped our way back home.

Home... to the place where all of this wonderful love first took place.

I know that there will be bumps along the way.

But as long as we both believe in the same things...

... dream the same dreams...

... and our hearts play the same song...

... I know we will overcome any obstacle along the way...

... nothing will be stronger than this...

... our purpose in life...

... our destiny...

... our Love!


Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun!

Hope you enjoyed my mindless concoction.

Take care you guys 3