He looked at the picture on his phone. The screen lit up telling him that he had a new text message, but it wasn't quite the new message he was staring at. He just sat there admiring her picture. Her beautiful smile, her dark chocolate eyes, her beautiful dark hair framing her face was all he needed to see to feel complete. The name Betty Suarez was beneath it.

"Hello Mr. Meade?" a deep voice in a think English accent asked.

"Hmm?" he jumped at the sound of the man's voice, bringing him out of his daze.

"We're here." The man told him.

"So soon?" he couldn't believe how fast he got there. He was so used to walking that he didn't realize how fast the drive to the building he now worked in actually was. "Thank you Ian".

"You're welcome sir." He said opening the door.

Daniel smiled and handed him a tip. Ian smiled back but didn't say anything; he just nodded and walked back to the driver's side door. Daniel still wasn't used to the steering wheel being on the right of the car. It just didn't feel right. He had been in London for about a month now, but it was the little things he just couldn't get used to.

He took Betty to dinner that night after they literally bumped into each other and they caught up on everything. It was like nothing had changed, and they were both happy about that. Daniel was relieved as well. It was like he had been holding his breath, and he could finally breath when he saw her. He had found an apartment relatively close to Betty's in the same neightborhood. After about a week of him being in London and spending time with her, she had actually been serious about her joke that maybe Daniel could be her assistant, and she actually made him submit a resume. He was given the job immediately, and he couldn't be happier to be starting to work with Betty again. In his opinion, they would be a team once more. He didn't start for a couple weeks, but he didn't mind. He was in London with Betty and that was all that mattered to him.

"Are you ready for this?" the text from Betty read. He couldn't help but smile. He knew this was going to be great. They had gone to dinner to celebrate him becoming her assistant a week ago, and since then it was all that Betty could talk about. She grew more excited each day. He could tell she was trying to restrain herself today.

"Definitely :)" he sent back. He looked up at the building. It wasn't as big as the Meade building, but impressive in its own right. It was an old 18th century style building that had been remodeled into an office building. The name on it read "Dunne". Daniel took a deep breath and walked into the building. He walked over to the stairs. He knew that he would need the extra time to compose himself. He was excited for sure, but also very, very nervous.

He just didn't want to screw this up. He had come all the way over to London to get a fresh start, and to be around Betty. He knew that he was in love with her, but he knew that he couldn't tell her yet. He had planned to tell her how he felt so many times when they were at dinner or lunch or even once when he had brought her breakfast one morning after she had a hard day and night before. He knew she needed cheering up after having such a rough night, and she was so thankful that she wrapped him in a hug and kissed him on the cheek, and then rested her head on his shoulder. They just held each other and he almost told her then, but he just couldn't quite bring himself to. He was scared. And that was the truth, he knew it, but for now he couldn't do anything about it.

Once he got the job of being her assistant, he knew that it was not the time to tell her how he felt. He figured that he could wait. Just being around her was enough for him, although he did have to admit he was glad to see that there weren't any romantic interests or any male names he kept hearing about. As far as he could tell, the only few male names he ever heard were Mr. Dunne, or her neighbor Damian who was also her landlord and married, or the coffee shop owner who was gay, and also funnily enough his name was Joe. There was another editor that worked for Mr. Dunne whose name Daniel rarely heard. Sean? He wasn't sure, anyway he knew that he was gay too because Betty always talked about trying to set him up with coffee shop Joe.

He finally made it to the fourth floor where Betty's office was. He found that very amusing. One floor for each year they had known each other. As he opened the glass door leading into the floor, he saw the elevators off to his right. The reception desk was much different from Mode's donut. It was rather normal. A glass countertop, with the receptionist below slightly sitting at his lowered desk. It faced the elevator and had wooden dividing walls behind it hiding the view of employees' desks from the people when they immediately entered the floor.

The building did not look on the inside like you would expect it to from how the outside looked. You would expect something almost in a Versailles style on the inside because it looked so refined but no, the inside was rather a lot like a New York artist's studio. It just happened to be offices instead. It was like an old fashioned newspaper office, but more refined and modern. It had brick walls, and hardwood floors. Comfortable chairs that people actually sat in that looked like they belonged in a museum. It was so mismatched in the office building that it actually worked. Betty's favorite part was that she could have any kind of d├ęcor she wanted in her office. Nothing had to be fashion related, but she did however keep her framed poncho hanging up. She said it was to remind her where she started.

As Daniel walked over to the desk he stopped in his tracks. He looked over to the elevators and saw her step off. She had changed so much since she first started at Mode. She had always been beautiful and granted he hadn't at first seen it, but it was now hard to miss. She always wore a tight fitting dress that showed off her figure, or belted skirt that did just the same. She had found a way to look fashionable but keep her brightness to her style. Today the color was a toned yellow that Daniel thought just showed how confidant she was. It wasn't blindingly yellow; it was actually perfect for her. It wasn't too bright, and it wasn't so dark that it was tan. It was perfect. Just like her. He thought.

"Hi Nathaniel, can I get my messages please?" Betty asked walking up to the reception desk smiling brightly, phone in her hand as always, coffee in the other standing on her tiptoes to see the man behind the desk.

"Betty!" Daniel smiled as he came up next to her resting his elbow on the glass. "I thought I was supposed to get those for you now." He laughed slightly.

"Oh yeah!" Betty laughed the sound ringing through Daniel's ears. "I completely forgot. It's just my routine I guess." She laughed again.

"That's alright. A-hem. Nathaniel, could I please have Miss Suarez's messages please?" Daniel very formally asked and smiled at the man who laughed at Betty and Daniel's silliness.

"Here you are Mr. Meade." Nathaniel smiled.

"Thank you, but you can call me Daniel." He smiled back, and handed the messages to Betty.

"Thank you." She said and began to walk off calling back to Nathaniel to have a great day. Daniel followed her to her office.

"Let me take those for you." He said as she handed him her jacket that matched her dress and black purse that matched her high heels.

"This is just so weird Daniel!" Betty said.

"Yeah kind of, but now I finally get to do something for you for once... aside from being my charming self." Betty couldn't help but laugh. He loved that sound.

"Well what do I have to do today Daniel?" Betty asked.

"Well, there's a features meeting at 11am. Then there's a budget meeting with accounting at 2, and then Mr. Dunne wanted to stop by at around 2:30 or 3 to hear some of that meeting as well. Other than that, and hopefully lunch at 12:30 with me, I don't really think there's much else." Daniel smiled at her.

"Lunch sounds wonderful Daniel."

"I would have brought you coffee this morning but I see you already have some." He said to her as he straightened his desk which she had insisted be put in the front part of her office. It was one of those offices that had two rooms to it. It was kind of like Mode where it was actually glass separating the two rooms, but it was clouded glass, which made Daniel slightly unhappy that he couldn't see her very clearly although he could still see her movements.

One room was the waiting room where Daniel's desk was, and the other was her office which had a giant window with a seat in it which she loved to sit in. Daniel had found her there plenty of times when he would come to visit. Of course then she didn't have an assistant so she always had the door between the rooms open. She found it very handy to have the extra room when she would ask someone to wait for her while she composed herself.

He loved seeing her there in the window with the light shining in on her and biting her bottom lip like she sometimes did when she was concentrating. He didn't mind waiting for her, but he was the only person she didn't have wait in the other room while she got her things together.

"I know. I couldn't resist this morning. It smelled so good and I thought I was going to be late so I was rushing even though I didn't need to. And well, the cookie was calling my name! I couldn't just let it think I was ignoring it!" she said defensively while she giggled and threw away the cookie wrapper she had been hiding in her purse in the trash.

"A cookie for breakfast?" he laughed. "Well then I guess you don't want this bagel I got then huh?" he asked her pulling the little bag bag out of his coat pocket.

"A bagel? Give me!" she practically jumped at him.

"Oh no, you've already had your breakfast!" he smiled holding it up and away from her. This was not the normal Daniel, but he couldn't help himself. "Alright here." he said handing her half. "We'll share."

"That's more like it." She smiled and walked into her office as Daniel's phone rang.

"Hewo, Betty Swahrez's offish" Daniel said with his mouth still full of bagel. He grabbed a napkin and took care of it. "Yes, yes I'll put you through Mr. Dunne, please hold. Betty! Mr. Dunne is on line one!" he called into her office.

"Thank you!" she yelled back. He waited until he heard her pick up to put the phone down. He stared at her yellow jacket and smiled. It was perfectly Betty.

I think I'm going to like this new job. He thought to himself.