Chapter 5 UB FanFic

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~ Still In Flashback (October) ~

"Betty, you've got to go to bed. I'm serious." Daniel said trying to grab the paper out of her hand. She tried to keep him from being able to grab it but her being exhausted and him being wide awake equaled him taking the paper from her.

"Daniel!" she yelled. "I have to do this. I have to get it done, and you aren't helping at the moment by keeping me from doing it!" she was angry. He was just trying to help she knew that, but she became grouchy when she was tired and Daniel trying to keep Betty from what she wanted to do wasn't easy.

"This is the third night in a row that you haven't let me help you Betty! Sarah has the website ready. Everything has final approval, what else is there to go over? It's ready Betty." He was becoming even angrier. He knew working with Betty under so much stress wasn't going to be easy, but he hadn't expected her to still not let him help even when she finally agreed she needed the help.

Like he said, he didn't let her pull any all-nighters, but it was ridiculous that Betty still wouldn't let him do much to help. He thought working at her apartment would be easier for Betty to do all the work and maybe relax slightly, but he could see now that it didn't help at all.

"No it's not Daniel! What if there are any more lose ends?" she practically lunged for the paper he took from her. He moved his hand out of the way just in time. Even though he was angry, he couldn't help but notice how cute Betty looked when she was cranky. He had made her change into her pajamas so she could relax, and the fact that it was a pajama set nearly made his heart jump out of his chest at the sight of her. He just couldn't get enough of Betty. She was so beautiful, and she didn't even know it, which made her absolutely gorgeous. Betty you'll be the death of me. Daniel thought.

"There can't be. We already checked three times tonight Betty! Or I should say that you checked, because you still haven't really let me do anything! Why won't you let me help you Betty?" Daniel was almost furious now. It was the first time he had said any of it out loud. He had let this build for a couple days now.

Oh crap Betty! What have you done? You went and made Daniel angry! Why have you been so stupid? Is working with Daniel really such a bad thing? He only wants to help! What happened to being a team again? Why can't I just let him help? Because you're afraid, that's why! Face it Betty, you're afraid that if you let him help you with this then he'll get a promotion from being your assistant and you'll lose him again. You gave him up when you came to London, and then he followed you here, (which we're still not sure why he did that). But now you have him back, and you don't want to lose him again. Admit it. She groaned, it was true, but she could never tell Daniel that. At least not right now.

"I…I don't know Daniel. I just, I want this to be perfect." She knew that was a total lie.

"Betty, you know that's not it. It's just an excuse. What are you scared of Betty?" Daniel asked her. He knew that something wasn't right. He had helped her a lot in these past couple of days, but then whatever he helped with she changed or double checked again and again like there was something wrong with it. And it wasn't even the big things, it was all the trivial stuff that mattered, but didn't really do much to change anything. Why was Betty so reluctant to let him help?

She gasped. How did he know she was scared? Wait, how could he know? They were best friends of course, but he didn't know what she was thinking. Although sometimes it seemed like even that could be argued.

"What are you scared of Betty?" Daniel whispered. He had managed to calm himself down. It was more out of pain then actual anger honestly. He wanted to know why Betty refused to let him help. He didn't understand, and he didn't think she understood why either.

"I don't know Daniel." She choked out. "I'm just afraid of… of Mr. Dunne not liking what I've done with all of this. I'm afraid of him not liking how this will turn out." She lied again.

"Come on, you showed him all of the features, you showed him how the site works, you showed him your ideas for more articles for the near future if the public likes it. He knows what you're doing and if he didn't like it he wouldn't let you open up the site, now would he? So what's really bothering you Betty?" Daniel sank back into the couch they were sitting on in her apartment. Sarah had come with them to help put everything together, but left a few moments earlier. That's when Betty tried to look over everything again. It was 11pm, and she was exhausted. Daniel had been the only one drinking coffee to keep awake. Betty had refused it, and Daniel subconsciously knew that was probably a good thing. Rule #1: never let Betty have coffee. Rule #2: never refuse to get Betty coffee. Rule #3: always make sure it's decaf.

"I know! I know! I don't know why I keep doing this Daniel!" she yelled falling over with her back facing Daniel planting her face into the throw pillows. "I know it will be fine, but I'm just so nervous about it. I want to check it at least one more time, Daniel please?" she said muffled. Daniel's heart couldn't take it. He rubbed circles in between her shoulder blades. He couldn't believe how tense she was. She needed to relax. He slowly began to massage the tight muscles in her back. She groaned with relief.

"Fine Betty, you can check it one more time, but this time you'll let me do it okay?" Daniel asked her. He hated seeing Betty upset and cranky, but at the same time he loved it. It was just another side of Betty that he loved.

"No Daniel. I have to do it myself. Mr. Dunne wanted me to do this project." She half whispered.

Daniel's heart dropped. He had finally been calming down, and he thought that she would finally let him help, but instead she was being…selfish. This wasn't his Betty. He knew it wasn't, but it was how his Betty was acting. He knew it was from the stress, he knew that she needed to do it for herself, but he couldn't believe that she would still say no. It hurt. He had come to help her, that was his job, but she wouldn't let him.

He stopped massaging her back and pulled his hand away as if he had just gotten burned. The hurt was evident in his eyes. He looked like he might cry. He knew she didn't mean to hurt him, but she did. That was the worst part.

Betty looked up. Daniel had moved himself as far away from her as he could. The couch was short, but he still seemed to be a mile away. His face held no emotion except for the downturned sides of his mouth and his eyes. He stared blankly at the floral designed rug on the floor beneath the coffee table that sat in front of the couch.

"Daniel?" Betty asked.

"I thought you wanted my help." He said coldly.

"I do Daniel. I really do." Betty said surprised by what he said. What was he feeling?

"No you don't." He still showed no emotion.

"Yes I do!"

"No you don't. You want me to bring you coffee and a bagel. You want me to bring you your messages, but you sure as hell don't want me to help you with your work. Even when we both know it's too much stress for you. You were always there for me Betty, but I let you work. I let you have opportunities to help me. Hell, if you hadn't of saved my ass multiple times, neither of us would be sitting here right now. We both would have lost our jobs." He stood up.

He looked into Betty's eyes. He noticed the hurt and surprise he saw there. He noticed how puffy from tiredness they looked. His heart leaped at the sight of her, but all he could think of was how much this woman he loved had hurt him.

"I'm not you guinea pig Betty. I'm not your slave. If you think that you can do this all by yourself, then go right ahead. I'm not stopping you anymore. You know I can help you Betty. For as many times as you helped me, I did right on my own too. I was after all the Editor in Chief of MODE Betty. I know what I'm doing, and I'll be damned if I sit around and wait for the first chance to bring you a freaking decaf latte just to have something to do!" With that he turned around and walked out the door. His shoes clunking against the dark hardwood floors echoed in the silent room. He slammed the wood door shut and rested his head on the wall just outside of the door. Shit Daniel, what did you just do? He thought.

Betty sat stunned. Shit Betty, what have you done now? She thought. It took her awhile to get her mind wrapped around the project again, but she knew she needed to check it again. In truth, she was only doing it so that she would be able to get her mind off of the (was it a fight?) that she just had with Daniel. She knew she would cry if she thought about it more.

Her phone's screen lit up a little over an hour later.

Daniel Meade 12:35 am: Betty, I need to talk to you tomorrow okay?

Betty stared at her screen. She was shaking. She had seen Daniel angry before, and she had seen him hurt before, but she had never personally made him angry or upset before because of something she did or said to him. What was she going to do?

Betty Suarez 12:36 am: Okay.

She wasn't sure what else she should say. She began to type when she received another text from him. Her hands shook as she opened the message. She hoped he wasn't angry at her.

Daniel Meade 12:37 am: Go to Bed Betty. I still won't let you pull an all-nighter. ~Daniel

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