Chapter 7 UB Fanfic

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~ Still in Flashback (October) ~

He just couldn't make himself move. No matter how many times his mind told his body to move, his heart kept saying no wait a minute, we need to take her in for just a little bit longer. Then, she did the one thing that he can never ever resist, and he knew right then and there that he was not angry like he thought he was. He was not in fact upset over the fact that she had treated him that way. It took until now for him to realize why he had been so upset lately. She did the one thing that he had been missing so much…she smiled at him. It was the classic Betty smile that lifted him straight out of his misery and into utter joy and happiness. When he saw that smile, he felt complete. He finally realized that that was why he had been so upset lately, and why he felt like he wasn't complete, because ever since she had been working on this website, she had not smiled. At least not a true Betty smile anyway. How could one single expression cause so much pain and grief and frustration? Well, that was because it wasn't just any smile. It wasn't even because it was Betty's smile. It was because this one expression came from the woman that this man, this charming and handsome and amazing man utterly and completely loved. "Love" isn't even the correct word; there aren't enough words to explain how much this woman meant to him. She was his reason for living.

. . .

Once his eyes met hers, she knew that he wasn't angry. She knew that he wasn't that upset anymore. And she couldn't help herself. The relief she felt just crept its way onto her face. She couldn't help but smile. How could this man, standing there looking so gorgeous with his barely combed hair and "five" o' clock shadow, be staring straight at her? How did she deserve such an amazing man as her best friend? How was she ever going to be able to tell him how utterly she was in love with him? What if she said something and she lost him? What if went back to New York and she would never be able to see him again? She couldn't risk it. As he walked towards her, she couldn't help but notice how tired he looked, which of course just made him look even sexier than he already was.

She saw Abbi walk towards him and she was sad because he had to take his eyes off of hers for a moment as she handed him Betty's coffee along with something for him and whisper into his ear. His eyes grew wide for a moment, then he looked down at the floor and she thought she could detect a slight hint of a blush, but it was gone with him looking back up at Betty and finally sitting down on the other side of the booth. He cleared his throat, but she couldn't let him say anything. She had to say it first.


"Yeah Betty?" he looked down as he scooted her coffee across the table to her.

"I'm so sorry. For everything. For the way I've been treating you. There really isn't an excuse, but you need to know that I'm so sorry." But that was all she was able to get out before her throat began to swell and she wasn't able to say another word.

He looked up at her and saw the shine of tears forming on the bottom lids of her beautiful chocolate eyes. "Betty…it's…it's alright." He sighed. "I know that you've been under a lot of stress, but you really hurt me too. I'm sorry for being such a grouch, but I just couldn't stand the idea of losing the team that we have always been. I felt like I was being replaced." He heard a slight whimper come from her and he looked into her eyes. "Betty, I just can't stand the idea of being here and not working with you. Do you remember before you left New York I came up to you and told you that I couldn't live without you? And I offered that raise and promotion. I would've given up being Editor in Chief if it would have meant that you would have stayed with me. I was so lost when you left. I literally didn't know what to do anymore. I second guessed myself. I finally decided that I honestly couldn't live without you. It wasn't a lie Betty. I meant what I said. I just didn't realize how much those words related to everything in my life. And now that I'm here, it hurts that I gave up all of that, just to be doing nothing except getting you coffee. I gave up everything that I had done over in New York, I gave up my family's company, so that I could come here to work with my best friend, who I can't live without." He had been scooting the cup between his hands until now. He sat back and crossed his arms and looked into her eyes. "I miss working with you Betty. I understand that I'm your assistant, and I'm happy to be it because it means that I get to work close to you, and technically for you. But I still can't sit by and watch you work yourself to death, whether that's me being your assistant or your friend I'm not sure, but I do know that it kills me when you won't let me help you. That's kind of the definition of my job isn't it?"

"Daniel. I can't say enough how sorry I am. I wish I could give you a reasonable answer as to why I've been acting this way. I honestly am not sure what's come over me. I think it might be because I feel like if I let you do too much, then other's will start to notice how amazing you are and I'll be forced to give you a promotion. I don't want to lose our team either."

"What makes you think that I would accept a promotion if it means that I can't work with you anymore?" he almost chuckled at the idea. It was a crazy notion to him.

"I guess I never thought of that. I think I've been acting this way because it was my way of preventing losing you. Does that make sense? I'm so sorry that I made you feel that way Daniel. I hope you can forgive me, because I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself." She had to take a sip of her coffee now.

"Wait Betty, before you drink that, what exactly did you order?"

She blushed. "Umm. I don't want to say or you won't let me drink it."

"Betty. I'll only be able to forgive you if you tell me what you're about to drink." He leaned on the table ready to grab the drink from her at any moment. "Betty tell me right now."

"Fine. It's a triple shot espresso. Hey!" Before she had even finished it he had grabbed the cup and was walking towards the counter.

"Abbi, what were you thinking? This is Betty! What did I tell you about the three rules?"

"Sorry Daniel. Anyway, I see the problem has been fixed eh?" she laughed, and both Daniel and Betty blushed.

"I guess so." he said as he rubbed his neck. "Betty we should go, we need to get back to your apartment to get all the stuff then head to the office."

She rubbed her eyes trying to get rid of the tears that had threatened to form earlier. "Okay. Let me grab my purse."

. . .

"I'm not going to change my clothes. I'll just wear this to the office. We're already late as it is." Betty said as they climbed the stairs to her apartment. She loved the view from her apartment. It was right across from a small English garden that the apartments shared, but it was generally never inhabited because most of the tenants were just like her, young workaholics who never had time to go outside.

"Hey, when was this put here?" Daniel asked.

"When was what put where?" she asked as she unlocked the wooden door that had a sign saying her name hanging on it. It was a wooden carving of her name where the artist had formed a butterfly into the B of her name and the rest of it was made to look like vines and flowers. It was very intricate, and totally Betty. Of course, Daniel had had it made for Betty when he saw the artist making them in the shop as he walked to work one morning. He used his lunch break that day to go and order it.

"This "for rent" sign on this apartment right across from you? It wasn't here last night I don't think." He said, an idea already forming in his mind.

"Maybe it was just put up this morning while we were at Lawson's?"

"Maybe, I think I'm going to go ask someone about it later."

"Why?" she asked as they walked in to see the mess that they had left. They both groaned at the idea of having to pick all the papers up and organizing it.

"Because Betty, I just can't seem to be able to stay away from you. And I don't think that I want to either." He smiled at her, and he had no idea how much that made her heart race. She had no idea how much meaning was behind those words.

~ End of flashback ~

. . .

~ Back to November/normal timeline/Daniel sitting on couch ~

He sighed as he sat watching TV. As soon as he asked about the apartment that same day, it was immediately his. The landlord was surprised to see someone so soon, and once Daniel had explained that he wanted to live closer to Betty, the man was so understanding he immediately handed him the key telling him it was move in ready. Of course it took Daniel a little while to get all his stuff in and all of that other stuff out. He waited a couple weeks to fully move in, so he could settle things with his other landlord. As soon as he was fully moved in, he and Betty celebrated by having a Thanksgiving celebration with Christina and Stewart and the baby who was actually a toddler now. It made him feel better about not being in New York for the Holidays, but it still wasn't quite the same. At least it wasn't spent alone like so many had been in his past. Once he moved in to the apartment across from her, he couldn't help but giggle at all the things he heard her doing over there. Every time she fell and would yell about it, he giggled, but of course ran right over to make sure she was okay. Same old Betty, and he knew things would be better from here on out. And maybe, just maybe, he could tell her how he felt on Friday.

Little did he know that Betty was across the hall sitting up in bed even though she was exhausted, thinking the exact same thing. She just wasn't quite sure how she would be able to say it if she was able to say anything at all.

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