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Chapter 1: Much Ado About Mom

Kaoru POV

The flight was the worst part. I always hated flying. I gave Hikaru the window seat, too sick to look anyway. Almost every time I flew, I took a sleeping pill and just passed out until we landed, but that always messed up my jetlag, and I was really tired when I wasn't supposed to be or wide awake when I should be sleepy. I would have done it anyway, but I'd promised Hikaru I wouldn't. I couldn't break a promise I'd made to my twin; he was too good to let down.

Of course, that didn't stop me from almost breaking all his fingers during turbulence. I could see him wince when we went in to land and I made something in his hand crack, but he didn't say anything.

I'd never felt as good as when we set foot outside the airport. We had left at about noon in Japan and we arrived at midnight in Milan, so if I had taken a pill I would be wide awake, instead of tired and ready for bed. I suppose that was why he had made me promise not to take a pill; last time I had a hard time adjusting and ended up sleeping a large amount on the trip.

When we trudged up the stairs to our joined suite, Hikaru and I were ready to collapse. Although not afraid of flying, Hikaru definitely didn't like it much. He hated sitting on a plane with nothing but his music to distract him for hours. If mom hadn't been there however, I daresay we would have had more fun entertaining ourselves.

As we lie on the bed, I look tentatively over at the bathroom on the far side of the room.

"Hikaru?" He grunts with his eyes closed to show he's listening.

"About mom—"

"I don't know." Hikaru answers without opening his eyes. I smile slightly, propping myself on an elbow.

"How did you know what I was going to say?" He opens one eye slightly to look at me through the faint light from the windows. We hadn't bothered to turn on the lights. He taps his temple and points at me knowingly.

"You were going to ask if we should tell mom, weren't you?" He leans back and closes his eyes again.


"And my answer is: I don't know." I guess my silence is indication enough, because he sits up to face me looking apologetic.

"Hey, I said I didn't know. The way she acts, I guess it could be possible that she could be on our side." I look up as he grasps my hand in his.

"I'm just afraid of taking the risk, and perhaps losing you." Hikaru says, I look back down at his hand holding mine.

"I don't think mom would ever separate us." I say doubtfully.

"Even if she knew about us?" I can hear the pleading tone in his voice, as though he's really trying to believe I'm right. I nod my head, knowing he needs reassurance as much as I. He looks at me thoughtfully for a time and then leans close to hold me.

"Let's try something." He says into my hair. "While we're on this trip, we'll try showing mom a little at a time how close we are and judge her reaction and by the end of the week, we'll determine if we should tell her." I think it over for a second, and pull away from him a bit to see his face in the moonlight; shining from the parted curtains. He had never looked so beautiful, or so sad.

"What do you mean show her 'a little at a time?'"

"I mean like: sitting a little closer, being a little more affectionate, holding hands more and that type of thing."

"Do you really think that will work?" I know he hears the hesitance in my voice.

"Do you have a better idea?" It was a genuine question, and I definitely didn't have a better idea. I shake my head.

"For now, don't worry so much. This is supposed to be fun, remember?" He smiles at me, and having fun is always what we've been best at. I grin and tackle him to the bed, feeling him lace his fingers through my hair. He leans up to capture my lips in a slow, tender kiss.

"I may actually be too tired for this tonight." Hikaru tells me, hovering an inch from my lips.

"You kiss me and then tell me you're too tired? You're such a jerk, Hikaru!" I chide playfully, a smile still prevalent on my lips.

"What if I promise I'll be in the mood tomorrow?" Hikaru says slyly, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Oh no, you aren't getting off that easy. You owe me double." I demand, putting on my best guilt trip expression.

"Alright then, you know I can't refuse you." Hikaru groans, rolling his eyes as though he isn't looking forward to it. I punch him lightly on the shoulder, and he gasps as if I hurt him severely, plastering a look of abashed betrayal of his face. I giggle and roll off of him. Sitting up, I remove my shirt and khaki cargo shorts, dropping them unceremoniously to the floor, leaving myself in my boxer shorts. Reaching up to the top of the bed, I start pulling the comforter set down to expose the sheets.

"Wait, you're leaving your underwear on?" Hikaru asks, still sitting on the side of the bed I was trying to pull the sheets down on.

"Well, yeah. Mom could just waltz in here…" I protest, tugging meaningfully on the sheets hoping to get him to move. He doesn't budge.

"But we'll be under the covers." Hikaru says, persuasively biting his lip.

"I thought you said you were tired?" I lean over the bed and lightly push him off the edge. He laughs and regaining his footing, turns to face me.

"I am, but that doesn't mean I don't want to fall asleep with your bare skin up against mine." He says, seductively lifting his shirt above his head and exposing his bare chest. I pull the rest of the covers down and hop into bed, still wearing my undergarments.

"If you want these off, then you come take them off of me." I say, wiggling my hips underneath the thick sheets. His eyes widen as he drops his shorts and his boxers to the floor and slides his way into the bed next to me, reaching around my waist. I push his hands away and we roll around in the bed for a few minutes, wrestling with each other as he tries to undress me. With a zealous squeal, he thrusts his fist in the air victoriously, with my boxers gripped tightly in his fingers.

He chucks the boxers across the room where they flop pathetically in a seat by the window.

"I win." He chuckles as he lies back down next to me, nuzzling my neck.

"What's my prize?" Hikaru whispers into my clavicle, looking up at me.

"A kiss?" I supply. He leans over me and takes his prize, slowly pulling my lower lip down with his teeth and reaching inside with a tentative tongue. I moan into him, reaching with my hands for his chest. Breaking apart he eyes me suspiciously.

"You wouldn't be getting any ideas, would you?" I shake my head innocently, and he grins at my coy attitude.

"You rotten little sex pixie." Leaning back into the pillows, I snuggle up next to him winding my legs in with his.

"I won't do anything bad," I say cutely, "as long as I can kiss you until I fall asleep." He closes his eyes as though he's thinking seriously for a moment.

"Well, okay. I suppose that'll be alright." Hikaru winks at me jokingly and curls his arms around me tight. True to my word, I kiss him until I fall asleep with my head on his bare chest.

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